Falling Into Autumn: Autumn Decor

Falling into Autumn
CREDIT + LINK: Mikko Ryhänen

Fall is just about my favorite season to change things up in the home. Cooler weather and shorter days equal cozy, comfortable, and layered which luckily translates over very well when it comes to switching things up indoors. First up are those layers, and by layers I mean mixing textures. A shaggy rug there, a knit throw or pillow over there, and a few wood and metal accessories way over there, and you’re onto something.
Falling into Autumn 2
CREDIT + LINK: Skona Hem
Heavy cotton canvas can add a light and smooth touch, while hides add an organic touch to your floors that’s unmatched. Change up the curtains to something a bit heavier that helps keep out the chill. Think long, late nights spent in front of the fireplace fire with a snifter and your honey — you want to be building an environment that begs to be hunkered down in for many lost hours.

Falling into Autumn 3

Layering up a few rugs — hides included — immediately takes the chill out of a room. I swear by it! This trick is especially fitting for bedrooms, so that when your toes hit the floor each morning they turn toasty instead of frozen. Go with a few contrasting patterns or textures, but keep things the same color to avoid too much busyness.

Falling into Autumn 4

Go dark! Yes, this one is admittedly a bit strange, but there’s something about colder days (and nights) that almost welcomes the darkness. Bring in a navy throw or add a new piece of art featuring a moody palette for an instant lift.
Falling into Autumn 5
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