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White Kitchen Decor Ideas

White kitchens are extremely popular, and for good reason. Keeping a kitchen in a clean, white color palette is a timeless way to design your kitchen, and from a practical standpoint, it helps with brightness and utility. However, there are SO many ways to style white kitchens to make it feel personal and fit into your design style. Whether you like bold, subtle, fun, or some combination of the three, here are some tips and tricks to designing your perfect white kitchen.

Daring Colors And Patterns - White Kitchen Decor Ideas


White kitchens are classic. One easy way that you can add to that classic feel is to add a black and white checkered rug to your kitchen! In this case, the rug acts as an inviting pathway from the other side of the room into the open kitchen. Just like this picture, you can add in that rug, but also consider incorporating shaker kitchen cabinets like these; the simple rectangular borders around the edges act as a nice compliment to the diamonds of the rug.

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The nice part about working with a white kitchen is that it gives you a lot of freedom to add in other colors, even if they're colors you wouldn't normally use. Adding a mustard yellow starburst rug like this one is a really fun way to incorporate a bold accent color and add in a design that works perfectly as an accent in a neutral kitchen. For your kitchen, don't be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns that you'd be scared to use in large doses; using them in an accent like this is a natural way to bring in a burst of energy.

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Classic Kitchen - White Kitchen Decor Ideas
It's In The Details - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

It's In The Details

The draw knobs, pulls, and miscellaneous dials around the kitchen may not be your first thought when it comes to a designed kitchen, but it's those small details that can drastically define the tone of the kitchen. For example, these bronze handles and pulls are very simple and classic, though the rectangular shape does lean more towards a modern feel. You can stylize your cabinets and drawers by picking knobs and handles within a certain design style to help set the tone of your kitchen.

Island on Wheels

Aside from having a rug as an inviting pathway, it also serves as a nice bridge between the kitchen sink and the island. Kitchen islands are really desirable with their extra space for food prep and storage, but many kitchens don't have room for one. One of the best, easiest solutions is to invest in a small island/shelving unit on wheels. When the time comes, you'll have space for your prep and storage, but when you need a bigger walkway or need to extend your dining room table, having an island that rolls away gives you the benefits of an island without the obvious drawback of it taking up a space permanently.

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Island on Wheels - White Kitchen Decor Ideas
Limited Glass Cabinets - White Kitchen Decor Ideas


Just because it's a kitchen doesn't mean that it can't have a theme. You can easily follow this kitchen's nature theme by incorporating natural materials, such as wood on the ceiling, natural stone backsplash, and highlighting any wooden floors that you have. If you have an island like this one, you can also incorporate shiplap in that to add to the woodsy feel. This island utilizes black, but if you love a good pop of color, consider doing yours with a pop of green, or teal, or even a blue. The possibilities are unlimited!

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If going with all glass cabinet doors seems daunting to you but you enjoy the look of the glass doors, an easy solution is to have some cabinets solid and others glass. Like this kitchen, you can take full advantage of the light and bright feel of the white kitchen by adding in some cabinetry with glass doors to expose what's inside. This soft white kitchen may have chosen to use white and glass kitchenware in those cabinets, but if you are looking for some color in your kitchen, incorporated colored kitchenware in your glass cabinets is nice way to add that color. Plus, you can add in splashes of that color elsewhere throughout the kitchen, like in a utensil holder, dish towels, rugs, etc.

Nature Theme - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Accent Tilework - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Accent Tilework

When working with a clean, white kitchen, consider creating an accent wall with fun tilework. This kitchen decided to use gray tiles in a herringbone pattern to compliment the natural wood countertops and open shelving units. Subway tiles like the ones in the backsplash come in a variety of sizes and colors, and there are also numerous ways to lay them out to create a unique pattern. If you're worried about your kitchen looking dated in a few years, rest assured that subway tiles are a simple, classic look that is bound to stay that way for the long run.

Sleek, Not Bleak

Black and white is such a sleek color combination that it's no wonder it's a go to in many white kitchens. That being said, putting together a kitchen isn't a simple "black and white" decision. Strike a balance with the black and white, or the room's tone will change from sleek to bleak. Incorporate it in the furniture, handles, fixtures, rugs, etc and let white be the primary focus of the room. To keep it from feeling too stark, you can add in natural elements like the wood board, shelving, and trim around the range hood.

Off-White and Black - Black and White Living Room Decor Tips
Design by Andrea Design
Bold Opportunity - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design by Andrea Design

Bold Opportunity

In a big, open kitchen like this one, it's a perfect opportunity to be bold with your walls. Since it is open to the rest of the home, it has less walls to cover with that tiling, and so the tile won't be overwhelming with its presence of make you feel like you're sealed in. When you add a fun tile like this to your kitchen walls, be sure you incorporate the tile's colors elsewhere, like this kitchen does with navy blue underneath the island and on the kitchen hood. This is one way you can make your kitchen feel much more cohesive.

Bright Ideas - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips

Pattern Mixing

Just like any other room in the house, the kitchen can also be a fun area to incorporate pattern mixing. This traditional kitchen has its vibe partly because of its classic cabinets, but it also has the patterned backsplash and rug. In your kitchen, you can pattern mix by making sure that your patterns have something in common with one another: potentially the shapes, or the colors, or both. If the colors don't match perfectly, you at least one them to compliment each other, like this rug's few brown/yellow tones compliment the backsplash on the counter.

Bright Ideas

The lights you use in your kitchen add to both the kitchen's ambiance and its usefulness. This kitchen, since it has a pretty small window, utilizes task lighting underneath each of the upper cabinets and under the hood. Then, it has an additional pendant above the sink and two above the kitchen island. If you're considering a white kitchen because it'll make the room brighter, you've found half the solution, but don't forget the other half--task lighting and decorative lighting both go a long way in fixing a dark space and creating the room's mood!

Pattern Mixing - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design by Andrea Design
Industrial Space - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips


Not only do runners add to the mood of the kitchen, but from a practical standpoint, you can't go wrong adding one. This runner is centralized by the sink, ovens, and wine fridge--three very utilized areas in the kitchen. Just be sure that your runner has a mat underneath it so that you don't go sliding across your kitchen floor. As for colors, going neutral like this one is a nice paring with the soft white cabinets and will keep your kitchen feeling bright and natural.

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Some apartments and homes just don't have a lot of room for a big kitchen work area. In those situations, white is a great idea for the main color because the brighter an area, the bigger it appears to be. However, to make the most of your small kitchen space, you don't need to stick with pure white. To add an industrial feel to your space, add in some metal cabinet doors. Not only will the metal add an industrial feel to your kitchen, but because of how reflective it is, it also serves to brighten up your small space. Add a colorful rug to complete the look!

Practical Design - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Bold Backsplashes - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips

Bold Backsplashes

Who says a kitchen can only have one backsplash? Using tile like this kitchen does is a bold way to add drama to your black and white kitchen. Notice that the accent tile work is done behind the stove, and the rest is simple subway tile that doesn't detract from the beautiful pattern. Be sure that when you pattern mix with backsplash, they do have the same color scheme and tone, and that they don't compete for attention. If you want a pop of color outside of the black and white, try adding in some flowers, a runner rug or even using a colors for the knobs on your range.

Only Natural

Mixing white with natural wood is a classy way to add definition to your kitchen. If you do incorporate wood in your kitchen cabinets, one way to keep them from feeling too dense is to give them glass doors. This way, you can add to the light feeling of the white kitchen while still bringing in a pop of color and nature. If you really want to emphasize that natural feel, add in a backsplash that's imperfect by using natural, unique looking tiles. If you have those tiles in the light white color, the color combination and their natural imperfections act as a nice bridge between the manufactured white cabinets and the wood of the upper cabinets.

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Only Natural - White Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Practically Beautiful - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Dare to Go Dark (But Not Too Dark)

White kitchens don't have to be limited to white cabinetry. Dare to follow this kitchen's example by using dark cabinets and white counter tops to create that deep, dark contrast. In order to ensure it's not overwhelmingly dark though, make sure that you incorporate plenty of lighting, like this kitchen does with its recessed lighting, island pendant light, and lights by the windows. One other smart technique you can do is to have a wall without upper cabinets and have your white backsplash consume the whole wall. It'll work wonders in brightening your space and serving as visually stunning. Add a bright and patterned runner for the icing on the cake!

Practically Beautiful

You don't have to sacrifice practicality for beauty. It's a very simple addition in this kitchen, but you too can incorporate hanging towels in a way that's both cute and practical. If you do decide to hang your hand towels like this on a metal pole, try to match the other metals in your kitchen. Notice that this kitchen's metals all match--the appliances, the handles, and the bar are all unified with one another and tie together the kitchen. Just having small connections like that will go a long way in making your kitchen feel unified.

Black and White Kitchen Ideas
Bright and Colorful - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Perfect Backdrop

As sleek and sophisticated as a white kitchen can be, they can also be FUN! Even if you don't incorporate much other color in the white kitchen, you can add in pops of color and style in the dining area right outside of it. One benefit of keeping your kitchen a clean white palette like this one is that it serves as a great backdrop for your more bold design decisions, like the textured barstools and natural wood table and pendant light.

Mixing Wood Tones

This dog is having a ruff time taking in the beauty of this all white kitchen. One small element that makes this kitchen so stunning is its use of dark and light woods. The floor is obviously quite dark, while the wood decor on the countertop leans into more of a natural feel. Don't be afraid to mix woods in your kitchen to add more vibrance. One other small tip is to use dark grout with your subway backsplash; since there is so much white in this kitchen, the dark grout serves as a good visual catch and connects back to the darker floors and patterned rug.

Perfect Backdrop - White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Go Big and Go Home - White Kitchen Decor Ideas
Jacklyn Graniczny via Jacklyn Graniczny Designs


If you have the space for it, don't be afraid to go BIG with your kitchen. Having a huge island is handy for seating and food prep all in one. You can also see with this example that once again, you don't have to sacrifice practicality for style. If you enjoy cooking for big groups and want gigantic appliances to help you out, go for it! Add in that big fridge so that you can do all your big events. Just be sure that it's not the only large item in the space, or else everything else will look disproportionately small. This kitchen with its large fridge works because of it being in a large space having large cabinets, and the large, central island. Consider the scale of all your kitchen cabinets and features when you want to go big, and don't forget that using white makes your space look larger than other colors would.


Your use of lighting fixtures and natural light plays a large role in decorating your room. Natural light is warm with its sunny rays, while lighting fixtures can emit warm or cool tones. The tone of your lights will determine if your white kitchen feels sleek and modern or warm and classic.

Blue and White

Blue and white is a classic color combination that works well in many types of kitchens. This transitional kitchen features blue tones in the chairs and the tile backsplash. These soft tones reinforce the overall aesthetic of the room and add points of interest throughout the space.

Matching Metals

Purely traditional white kitchens often use perfectly matching metals and hardware throughout the entire room. However, more modern and contemporary white kitchens may use two or three different metals to create a different tone. This modern space has gold tones in the chair legs, hood vent, pantry handles, and faucets, but black is also prominent in the lights and drawer hardware. This mixture of metals makes the room feel more organic, since mixed metals feel more attainable than a completely matching set.

Unconventional Design

White kitchens serve as a great backdrop to unique designs and accessories. This kitchen uses a dangling riser to accommodate pots, pans, and a plethora of potted plants. This unique setup allows this kitchen to be highly functional and comforting for all who enter it. When it comes to white kitchen design, you have great freedom in creating your own unique space.

All White Kitchens

All white kitchens may sound dull, but in reality, they can be extremely stylish and visually appealing. When designing a contemporary white kitchen, consider using white in different ways. Glossy cabinets, marble white countertops, white chairs, and white tile floors help define different areas of this kitchen and show one way to design an all white kitchen.

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Subtle Coastal

Coastal kitchens often use a lot of white in the color palette. In addition to that, these kitchens may include bold or subtle motifs to harken back to the coast. This kitchen is extremely subtle at first glance, but as your eye wanders the room, you'll see a clown fish statue, Snoopy laying on the beach, and another painting of a figure on a beach. This kitchen shows just how much or how little you can incorporate beach imagery/art into your coastal kitchen.

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Favorite Decorations

When kitchens do include extra accessories and decorations, they are typically unique to that room. Cutting boards, bowls of fruit, vases, jars, serving utensils, and charcuterie boards are just a few options that you can use to accent your white kitchen's island, counters, or buffet. If you don't want to clutter your counters, a runner rug can serve as a beautiful accent and help define the room's overarching aesthetic.

Pure Simplicity

Whether you're designing a white kitchen for a beach house or a home in the middle of nowhere, consider what views lay outside your kitchen windows. If you have a great view of the ocean, a sprawling backyard, or the woods, allow those elements to shine as the main focal points of the room. By leaving the rest of the room simply designed and decorated, you can draw attention to the natural beauty outside your windows.

Softer Schemes

In general, round and circular shapes convey a softer tone than rigid rectangles and linear lines. If your kitchen has modern shaker cabinets or a lot of clean lines, your kitchen accessories can break up any rigidity with their shapes. Rounded cutting boards, imperfect wood bowls, vases, and pitchers are all common accents that can help you create a softer tone.

A Warm Welcome

Warm natural materials can transform the tone and aesthetic of any kitchen. This space uses light wood floating shelves alongside a wood kitchen island to bring in a new texture and color that reinforces the airy tone of the cabinets. In addition to that, the chairs feature another natural texture and material that connects to the wood and rounds out the room's grand design.

Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalist kitchens will rarely use extra accents to decorate the room. Minimalist spaces are focused on using accents that are practical and will not include many pieces that just serve as art. While you may think that makes for a boring kitchen, this space proves just how effective streamlined cabinetry is at creating a point of visual interest. Let this room serve as inspiration on how minimalist kitchens are simple yet stunning.


Many white kitchens share a common space with a dining room or breakfast nook. Kitchens like these can be accented with matching lighting fixtures to create a cohesive style throughout the entire room. While the lights don't have to be a perfect match, using lights with similar structures, metals, and imagery can help define your room's overarching theme.

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Dark and Light

White kitchens often have contrasting darker elements like dark wood floors or black furniture. Like this kitchen, you may even have a dark wood paneled ceiling. When you have dark elements already used in the room's floors and ceiling, highlighting light cabinetry and countertops is a simple and effective way to balance all the room's tones.

A Different Shade

White comes in many different shades to give you more options with decorating your kitchen. Off-white and cream-white tones are frequently used in traditional and transitional kitchens to create a welcoming tone. Consider how you can use varying shades of white in different mediums and textures to create a dynamic, masterfully designed white kitchen.

Pops of Color

When you have a plain white kitchen, you have greater freedom in how you incorporate different colors and patterns into the room. While this kitchen takes a fairly-restrained approach with a multi-colored backsplash, you can fill out your white kitchen with bright kitchen rugs, vibrant fruits, and colorful artwork.

Focal Points

When designing any room of the home, it's vital to consider what the main focal point will be. The focal point of a kitchen is often the sink, stove, or an accent wall. This white designer kitchen uses a contrasting hood vent to stand out against all the white accents and act as that main focal point. Whatever you decide to highlight in your kitchen, allow it to clearly stand out as a unique, beautiful decoration.

Illustrious Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their utility and beauty. This white kitchen has an extra large island that easily accommodates three seats. Unlike other islands, this one has a pure solid surface instead of having a sink in that space. This allows this island to act primarily as an eat-in island, a serving area, or an extra space for preparing food. Consider what utility you'd like your island to have when adding one to a white kitchen.

Bare Walls

It's common to fill walls with wall decor or floating shelves. However, it's sometimes more beneficial to simply leave the wall bare of those extra accents. This kitchen shows that potential by leaving the tile wall as is and complementing it with a few accents on the counter. The lack of extraneous accessories makes this kitchen feel even more open and light.

As you can see, there are so many different avenues to take when it comes to creating white kitchens. Uses of accent pieces, wall textures, rugs, handles--there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to designing a kitchen. Don't take that as a daunting factor though; take it as a comfort! White kitchens can truly be a personal haven that fit your specific design style and taste. All it takes is a little bit of vision, work, and a dreamer's heart, and you can have the white kitchen you've always hoped for.


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