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Rugs and Carpet Placement: Everything you needed to know

Although rugs are commonly used on wood floors or kitchen tile, they are actually perfectly suited for carpets as well. Carpet itself is becoming more popular as a comfortable, plush surface and its style, but combining that carpet with a throw rug is an ideal way to have the surrounding comfort of the carpet and the style of a rug. No matter what interior design style is your favorite, you can easily find ways to add a stylish rug to a carpeted room.

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Can You Put a Rug on Carpet?

You can absolutely put a rug on carpet. Not only can a well placed rug cover any stains on top of the carpet, but it actually can protect the carpet from further damage. When you add a rug on top of carpet, it serves as a unique opportunity to add pattern, color, and texture to that area. You may choose to pair rugs and carpet in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or offices to have the consistent comfort of carpet with the added style of your favorite rug.

How to Style Rugs on Carpet


  • Flat weave rugs are commonly used on carpets, since they do not present a high tripping hazard or take away from the carpet’s natural plushness. Shag rugs may be added to carpeted spaces if it is a low, firm carpet and you want to add extra texture. In these cases, be sure to carefully position and secure your shag rug to prevent tripping. 


  • The colors in your rug should tie into the room’s overarching color scheme and pair well with the carpet, since they are so closely connected to one another. When looking at rugs, be sure your rug’s color palette conveys the same tone and style as the other colors in the room to create a cohesive space. 


  • The size of your rug connects to the size of the room itself and whatever furniture is nearby. In general, you do not want a rug pressed up against the walls of the room itself. Leaving at least six inches of carpet visible between the rug and wall will help strike the proper balance and scale. 


  • Your rug’s patterns can be as boisterous or as subtle as you choose. When selecting a pattern, look at your nearby decor and accents for shapes, imagery, or patterns that can connect back to the rug’s design. Those simple connections will help reinforce the room’s theming and aesthetic. 
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Rugs on Carpet FAQ

Can you put a rug on carpet in the bedroom?

Rugs are perfectly suited to sit on bedroom carpets. Adding a rug to a carpeted bedroom will allow you to bring in a different texture, pattern, and point of visual interest to the room’s overarching design. Rugs can be placed under the bed, in a nearby sitting area, or in the center of the room to accentuate your style. 

Is it weird to put a rug over carpet?

It is actually quite common to put a rug over carpet, especially as carpet reemerges as an ideal way to add color, comfort, and texture to a room. Rugs and carpets naturally pair well because of their incorporation of fabrics and plushness, but rugs take the room to the next level through their unique patterns and focused colors. 

What type of rug is best for carpet?

If you have a short-pile or looped carpet, you can add a thicker rug or a shag rug on top of it to add that extra comfort and dimension. If you already have a plush style carpet, you will be better served by low-profile or flat-weave area rugs. 

Rugs on Carpet FAQ (Continued)

Can you put a large area rug on carpet?

Large area rugs can work well on carpets as long as they are balanced with the size of the room and neighboring furniture. When you use a large area rug in any room, be sure to leave at least six inches between the walls and the rug to ensure the carpet still has a chance to shine as an intentional part of the room’s design. 

Can you put a rubber backed rug on carpet?

We do not recommend using a rubber backed area rug on carpet because the backing will adhere too well to the carpet and rip out its fibers. If you are looking for a way to safely have your rug grip the carpet, we recommend reading our full article on how to keep a rug in place on carpet.

Using rugs and carpets in tandem is an increasingly popular choice from a practical standpoint and from a style perspective. Rugs on carpets have the ability to protect the carpet from wear and tear, but they also add impeccable style and help create a room that you will love being in. With all this in mind, you may now confidently add a rug to any carpeted room of your home.


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