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Coastal Area Rugs

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Nautical Area Rugs Facts & Buying Guide

Coastal style is all about easy living. Think of flip flops kicked off by the door, white curtains lifted by an ocean breeze, sun-dappled surfaces, and casual spaces that invite relaxation. Bring that carefree beach vibe to your home with our wide range of nautical style rugs, including classic stripes, sophisticated neutrals, and fun beach-inspired prints.

Coastal Rugs: Inspired by Sand and Sea Nautical rugs take their inspiration from coastal communities like the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Key West. The color palette of nautical rugs reflects the coast itself — aqua and turquoise surf, navy blue ships, puffy white clouds, sparkling sea glass, and beige sand. Pops of color come from bright red lobsters and crabs, and vibrant coral.

Nautical Symbols and Designs to Know Choosing a rug with a nautically-inspired motif is a good way to anchor a coastal look. Why not learn the meaning behind some of the most popular designs?

  • Shells: Whether displayed as a single shell or repeating pattern, shells are a naturally beautiful symbol of the coast. Shells can also symbolize a prosperous journey.
  • Anchor: A symbol of safety in harbor and protection.
  • Rope: One of the most useful and common tools in seafaring, rope has become a popular motif in nautical design.
  • Knot: The sailor’s knot is a symbol of friendship, harmony, and love.
  • Flags: Nautical flags are used to display messages at sea. Nautical flags make a strong graphic design element with bold colors and geometric shapes.
  • Stars: The nautical star resembles the points of the compass rose used on nautical charts, and is used as a symbol of protection at sea.
  • Stripes: Originally used by the French Navy, horizontal blue and white stripes have become a classic design motif evoking simplicity and the sea.

Material Matters Coastal style rugs come in a range of materials and textures, from nubby natural fibers to soft hand hooked rugs. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular materials.

  • Jute: This natural fiber comes from the stalk of the same plant used to make burlap. Very soft underfoot.
  • Sisal: Made from the agave plant, this natural fiber rug is very durable, but not as soft as jute.
  • Seagrass: Seagrass fibers come from coastal marshes, making durable rugs.
  • Hooked: These soft rugs are made by pushing yarns into a fabric base, creating a rounded, looped appearance and springy texture.
  • Indoor-Outdoor: Made from synthetic materials designed to withstand sun, sand, and weather, indoor-outdoor rugs make a natural choice for coastal style rugs because they are so low-maintenance.

Room by Room Wondering which rug material works for the room you need to furnish? Pick just the right rug for each room in the house with this quick checklist.

  • Entry: Durability is key, so go with sisal, a hooked rug in a synthetic material, or an indoor-outdoor rug.
  • Living Room: Get a soft feel underfoot without sacrificing durability with a hooked or tufted rug in synthetic fibers or natural wool. Have a really busy household? Go with an indoor-outdoor rug for maximum durability.
  • Bedrooms and Home Office: Go for something soft like jute, or a hooked or tufted rug.
  • Dining Room: Opt for a stain-resistant indoor-outdoor rug, or wool which is naturally stain-resistant.

Roots of the Nautical Theme in Home Decor With roots in the seafaring culture of New England and other coastal communities, nautical home decor sprang to life as captains brought treasures from life at sea onto shore. Earliest examples include scrimshaw artwork on shells, brass spyglasses, and rope mats. Materials commonly used in sailing boats, lighthouses, and fishing wharves started to make their way into homes.

Shiplap wall paneling, jute rugs, driftwood, and floors painted white like a ship’s deck are just a few of the design trends we have seen migrate from life by the sea into home decor over the years. In the modern era, industrial design elements including caged lights and metal dining chairs were also adapted for home use from naval ships. With such a long history, nautical style has earned its status as a timeless classic.

Are Beach House Area Rugs Right for You? Between sand, damp bathing suits, and a revolving door of renters, beach houses have to put up with a lot of wear-and-tear, and look good doing it! Jute is ideal in a beach house because it is durable, budget-friendly, and the natural color fits in well with a beach-inspired color palette. Indoor-outdoor area rugs are another great option because they can resist mildew, fading, and can be used on patios, in mudrooms, and even by the pool.

And remember, beach house area rugs can work in any home — not just a beach house! If you have a busy household, or simply love fresh coastal style, beach style area rugs can bring that classic nautical look to life in your home.

Beach House Styling Tips Add just a touch of nautical style to the bathroom with a framed nautical map and a big seashell as soap dish, or go all out with a completely beach-themed home. Bring it all together with these go-to styling tips to get that beach house vibe, no matter where you live.

  • Paint color palette: Bright white, sandy beige, aqua blue.
  • Furniture: Natural wood tones, painted white furniture, rattan.
  • Upholstery: Blue and white stripes, white canvas, natural linen, solid navy.
  • Window coverings: White curtains, outdoor canvas curtains, bamboo blinds, wooden shades, striped roman shades.
  • Accessories: Driftwood, rope accents, seaside artwork, framed nautical maps, shell collections.

Find Your Perfect Coastal Area Rug Once you’ve decided on the style rug you want, it’s time to determine the right size and shape for your space. Use these shortcuts to narrow down your search results and find just the right rug for you.

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