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Best Deals On Area Rugs

Rugs Direct is the nation's leading source for area rugs. In addition to our huge selection of top-quality, name-brand area rugs, we also provide attractive discounts that cannot be beat. We represent all of the country's leading manufacturers and importers and offer their products to you at the guaranteed lowest online price. Take a look at our current Best Deals and we think you'll be impressed. Don't forget on many products you can also get a rebate of up to $200 back on your purchase.

Couristan - Save Up to 30%!


Up to 30% off

Kaleen - Save up to 35% + Rebate!


Up to 35% off + Rebate

Oriental Weavers - Save Up to 50%!

Oriental Weavers

Up to 50% Off

Louis De Poortere

Up to 36% Off


Up to 40% Off + Rebate

KAS - Save Up To 49% + Rebate!


Up to 49% off + Rebate

AMER Rugs - Save Up to 40%!


Up to 40% Off

Capel Rugs - Save up to 30% + Rebate!

Capel Rugs

Up to 30% Off + Rebate

Tayse Rugs

Up to 36% Off

Liora Manne

Up to 30% Off

Dalyn Rugs - Save Up To 30% + Rebate!

Dalyn Rugs

Up to 30% Off + Rebate

Surya Rugs - Save Up to 41% + Rebate!


Up to 41% Off + Rebate

Kindred Abode

60% Off


Up to 20% Off + Rebate

Jaipur Living - Save Up To 30%!

Jaipur Living

Up to 30% Off

Vibe by Jaipur Living - Save Up To 52%!

Vibe by Jaipur Living

Up to 52% Off

Weave and Wander

Up To 30% Off


Up to 30% Off

Spruce Digs

60% Off


Up to 40% Off + Rebate


Up to 30% Off + Rebate

Dynamic Rugs

Up to 33% Off + Rebate


Up to 20% Off + Rebate

Concord Global

Up to 32% Off


Up to 40% Off

Palmetto Living

Up to 30% Off

Rugs America

Up to 30% Off

Rugs Direct

Up to 50% Off


Up to 20% Off

Autumn Flash Sale - Save Up To 75% On Area Rugs!

Autumn Flash Sale

Up to 75% Off



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