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Capel Rugs

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Capel Rugs

The Capel Rugs Story

With 100 years of heritage in every rug, Capel Rugs’ designs are unsurpassed and uncompromised in quality. Started in 1917 by A. Leon Capel, a 17-year old from North Carolina, Capel created the very first reversible braided rug, calling it “New Departure”. Capel has since manufactured rugs that have been sold in stores like JC Penny, Sears and LL Bean. They even designed rugs for President Franklin Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home. More than 100 years later, Capel and their weaving partners worldwide continue to enhance their reputation as the leader in braided and handwoven rugs.

Fun Facts from Capel Rugs

Capel’s design partners infuse the company’s offerings with unique inspiration- through color, pattern and texture. Genevieve Gorder, award-winning interior designer and television host offers Capel Rugs colorful and trend-setting designs inspired by indigenous patterns where old meets new and masculine meets feminine. Anthony Baratta, one of the most celebrated and respected interior designers of today, offers his bold use of color and scale that honors tradition while defying predictability. As a testament to their quality and outstanding design, Capel’s rugs appeared in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic, E.T. and in Netflix’s original series, Grace and Frankie, truly making a name for themselves among designers and entertainers alike.

Noteworthy Area Rugs from Capel

  • The Manchester collection mixes neutrals with dark tones for eye-pleasing dimension. Inspired by the earthy palette of the countryside, the wool and synthetic blend offers the best in durability and comfort.
  • The Sea Pottery collection can bring a lasting charm to any room. The collection features multi-colored jewel tones fused with monochromatic blends and is made with all-weather polypropylene, making it a wonderful choice for indoor and outdoor spaces for years to come.

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