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Round Area Rugs

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Round Area Rugs Facts & Buying Guide

Round area rugs can help carve out cozy nooks, highlight architectural details, and can even make a small space feel larger. Get all the need-to-know details on round rugs ahead.

About Round Area Rugs Sometimes, a standard rectangular rug just won’t do. If your room is circular, small, or has a curved window feature, a round rug might be just what the design doctor ordered. Available in the full range of colors and designs, there’s sure to be a round rug that’s right for your space.

When to consider a circular area rug:

  • Define a small reading nook.
  • Complement a round dining or breakfast table.
  • Add a playful touch to a child’s room.
  • Accent a curved bank of windows.
  • Pair with a round light fixture.
  • Layer atop wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Make a small space feel bigger.

Can’t decide between a round or square rug? These two rug shapes can both work in some cases, but there are times one is clearly the better choice. For example:

  • Round rugs tend to be better in small spaces.
  • To create conversation groupings in a long room, using multiple square rugs would be a better choice than round.
  • Typically, a round table looks best with a round rug, and a square table looks best with a square rug.
  • Have an oval table? Opt for an oval or rectangular rug instead of round to better complement the shape.

Another way to narrow down your rug choice is by considering the patterns you are drawn to. Curving and naturalistic designs — think of botanical prints, florals, and medallions — tend to look best on round rugs. Other designs, such as geometric prints, stripes, and boxy patterns don’t work as well with a round shape. And of course, solid colors work well with any rug shape.

Common materials and accents of round area rugs:

  • Braided: Braided rugs were common in early Colonial American homes. Because of their unique braided construction, most braided area rugs are reversible.
  • Fringe: Fringed rugs feature an ornamental border of threads, which can then either be left loose or gathered into twists or tassels.
  • High pile: The length of pile produced once a rug has been woven is determined by how long the yarns are cut. Round rugs with a high pile have yarns that have been cut long for a soft, fluffy feel.

Design variations to know:

  • Soft and fluffy round shag rugs are ideal in the bedroom.
  • Round rugs in shades of blue and gray look fresh and current.
  • Round braided rugs have a warm, casual appeal.
  • Moroccan style round area rugs look cool and eclectic.

Decorating with Circular Area Rugs Round rugs have been used in homes since the first braided rag rugs were crafted in early Colonial America, or perhaps even earlier. Today, in addition to braided rugs, you can find round rugs in all sorts of colors and styles. Popular for use in nurseries, kitchens, and small dining rooms, round rugs bring softness and warmth to a space, and encourage the gentle flow of foot traffic throughout.

Where to use round area rugs:

  • In the kitchen breakfast nook.
  • Paired with a sectional sofa in the living room.
  • Under a round dining table.
  • Beneath an armchair in a cozy reading corner.

Furniture placement tips with round rugs:

  • If using under a dining table, the entire table and chairs should comfortably fit on the rug.
  • With a sectional, place the rug under the front feet of all furniture, or alternatively just beneath the coffee table.
  • In a corner reading nook, the armchair, side table, and lamp should all fit atop the rug.
  • In the nursery, place the rug in the center of the room with no furniture on top.

Find Your Perfect Round Area Rug Use these shortcuts to narrow down your search results and find the perfect round rug for you.

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