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Dining Room Decor Ideas

The dining area is among the most underrated spaces in the home. Today’s average home size is decreasing, and most small spaces don’t have the square footage to dedicate an entire room to dining. But it doesn’t matter how much space you have—anyone can use these dining room decor ideas to create a zone dedicated to mouth-watering food. And if you’re going to build a dedicated dining area, we want you to have the best dining room ideas to base it on. Keep reading to get inspired.

Painter’s Palette Dining Room Decor Ideas

Natural Neutrals

This dining area soothes the senses with its soothing earthy neutral color palette of tan, brown, white, black, and green. The sheer curtains create a luminous glow in the space, and the large houseplant in the corner adds a natural dose of color. This four-person dining table setup fits nicely on the rug, which is positioned so that none of the chair legs will fall off the edge when occupied. In a pinch, chairs could be added at either head of the table, though the six-person dining spacing would put back legs off the rug, and the chairs may not be as comfortable.

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Antique Charm

This beautiful minimalist dining room pulls colors from the artwork to create a soothing scene. Taking color inspiration from a lovely painting or photograph helps simplify the process of picking a color palette for your space. Ideally, a palette includes four to five colors—including neutrals like white, black, and tan—that the rest of the room is based around. Here, the pale blue, beige, and sky blue tones from the painting are reflected in the eye-catching area rug beneath the dining chairs and table.

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Natural Neutrals Dining Room Decor Ideas
Geometric Vibes Dining Room Decor Ideas

Small Space Love

We promised dining room ideas for small spaces, too, and here’s one of our favorites. Nestled in a narrow, tiled room, this tiny dining room focuses on a white and bright aesthetic to make the most of the window. This helps it feel more spacious, as does the long and narrow rug. In small rooms like this, keeping the chairs on the rug isn’t always possible, so just keep the table on the rug for stability and grounding! The extra stool provides seating versatility, and the mix of dining chairs gives the space a whimsical appeal.

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Geometric Vibes

This beautiful contemporary dining space looks inviting and relaxing with a thick and durable area rug featuring a geometric pattern to anchor the furniture. The high and wide charcoal curtains add contrast while making the windows appear more prominent, and the pendant lights continue with the eye-catching geometric theme. The modern high-contrast style continues throughout the room. Still, it’s softened by the greenery on the table, artwork in the corner, and cream-colored rug.

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Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Ideas
Exciting Lighting Dining Room Decor Ideas

Exciting Lighting

This dining room features an updated traditional rug with a high-contrast furniture arrangement and eye-catching lighting. The basket, tree, and faux fur throw on the bench help soften the contrast in the space, as does the warm colorway on the rug. But the hanging light is the star of the show, with a gold, black, and white theme and an asymmetrical design. Picking an inspiring chandelier of pendant light can help you decorate your space because it gives you something to style things around.

Antique Appeal

With a traditional-inspired dining area rug made from durable modern materials, this dining room boasts serious antique appeal. It features a smaller dining table and chair setup ideal for today’s tight spaces, adding classic charm with the furniture styling throughout. The display cabinet furthers the antique appeal, harkening back to the days when China cabinets were a must in any formal dining space.

Antique Appeal Dining Room Decor Ideas
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Rustic Charm Dining Room Decor Ideas

Lovely Nook

This dining nook has just enough room for two people to enjoy a meal together, and sometimes that’s all you need. It features an accent table to hold trays or pitchers that don’t comfortably fit on this small table. Round rugs like this one work well with round tables, creating a cohesive appeal. And this rug's traditional design provides a beautiful contrast with the white and gold aesthetic of the space. If you have room for a small table and two chairs, you can carve out a dining nook just like this one in your home.

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Rustic Charm

A charming Persian rug pattern printed on a stain-resistant flat polyester base provides beauty and functionality as the foundation for this dining area. The black dining chairs match the chandelier hanging over the warm wood table, creating drama and contrast. And the centerpiece is mirrored with botanical artwork on the walls to create a cohesive design. Again, with this six-person dining spacing, you may want to give the side chairs to guests because the end chairs will fall off the edge of the rug, creating a tilting sensation. This is a common issue in rooms with larger dining tables.

Lovely Nook Dining Room Decor Ideas
Picture Perfect Dining Room Decor Ideas

Tropical Fun

Tropical dining rooms are fun, colorful, and unique. They’re an excellent option for anyone who wants to break the norm and, of course, for any coastal or tropical style home. Here we see a wonderful mixing of dining chairs, ranging from a long bench to a cushioned tropical print chair, with simple dining chairs on the other side. The tan color palette continues with the hanging light above and the abstract area rug below. And as the table’s centerpiece, we see a colorful display of tropical bounty, perfect for any casual or formal meal.

Picture Perfect

Dramatic and inviting, this beautiful dining space from @urbanologydesigns features high-contrast colors and an eye-catching photo ledge. If your dining area features a mantle, shelf, or ledge, don’t leave it empty! Instead, fill it with beautiful artwork or photographs to grab the eye. Here, the picture frames mirror the tones found in the different colored chairs, creating subtle cohesion. In addition, picking different colored chairs for the head of the table helps create contrast and gives the space more personality.

Tropical Fun Dining Room Decor Ideas
Formal Mid-Centry Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas

Eye-Catching Decor

Open concept dining areas like this one create a sense of seamless flow, from the kitchen to the table and beyond. The large windows and glass doors visually open the space to the outdoors and further enhance the roomy aesthetic. The area rug creates contrast against both the floor and the table set with an exciting array of texture and color. And the distinctive woven pattern and hints of sand tones seamlessly blend in with the earthy tones all around.

Formal Mid-Centry Modern

Mid-century modern style is among the trends that we hope will stay with us forever. In this room, the dining furniture features a classic MCM style and palette, including the storage table against the wall. Still, the textured rug beneath the ding table is the room's focal point with its green and blue palette and decorative fringe.

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Eye-Catching Dining Room Ideas
Modern Country Dining Room Decor Ideas

Modern Country

This dining area boasts traditional country charm with a warm color palette, farmhouse-style shelving, and a traditional area rug. The beautiful two-toned walls, elegant window treatment, eye-catching lighting fixture, and dark-toned chairs modernize the look, giving it character and contrast. Many interior designers say that every room needs a touch of black, and we love how these chairs sneak it in without overwhelming the space’s palette.

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Traditional Dining

If you love traditional styling, don’t be shy. This stunning dining room makes use of a chandelier, wall sconces, and upholstered dining chairs to bring a vision of the past to life. The oriental dining room rug beneath the table mirrors the colorway found on the upholstered chairs, bringing the look to life. The arched window and wall nook definitely help the aesthetic, but you can create a similar look in almost any home. Finally, note how the glass table modernizes and completes the room.

Traditional Dining Room Decor Ideas

Global Dining Room Decor Ideas

Global Decor

If you love boho and tribal-style decor, try bringing them to life in a global-themed dining room. The wall hangings bring the room to life by adding visual interest, texture, and warm tones to the walls. And the layered rugs create an aesthetic appeal that gives the room depth. The simple table and chair setup features mixed and matched dining chairs for a more casual appeal, and the large plants make the wall hangings look more at home, finishing the design. Textured wall hangings like the framed textile here can make your dining room feel welcoming and expertly styled.

Minimalist Focus Dining Room Decor Ideas

Eclectic Glam

Nothing adds drama to the dining area like a black or charcoal accent wall, but it doesn’t have to be dreary. This beautiful dining nook balances the bold color with a glam-style table and natural-toned set of chairs atop a vibrant geometric-style area rug. The warm tones continue up the wall with the artwork and wall hangings. Finally, the addition of houseplants on either side of the wall decorations gives the space an almost global appeal, putting the finishing touch on this eclectic space.

Minimalist Focus

The minimalist approach to decorating this dining room invites you to focus on your meal and company. It features a sleek table and chair setup, exciting lighting, and artwork that could have inspired the color palette throughout the space. And everything sits atop a beautiful vintage-style area rug that anchors the space, making it warm and welcoming. By leaving windows open and unobscured, you can make a room appear larger and brighter, especially with white walls to reflect the light back.

Eclectic Glam Dining Room Decor Ideas
Warm Welcome Dining Room Decor Ideas

Colorful Minimalist

Minimalist and asymmetric, this dining area is as much part of the decor as it is practical. It relies on the beautiful boho rug to add the primary dose of color to the space, and the red chairs coordinate with its colorway. The vases on the table are an example of how to decorate your dining space when it isn’t in use, and they could easily be moved to the side to accommodate a quick meal. For holidays, you would likely replace this neutral centerpiece with something more festive.

Warm Welcome

With a modern open layout and bright lighting throughout, this country dining arrangement is welcoming and relaxing. If you love country and farmhouse looks—or you’re on a budget—putting together a dining table and chair set from thrifting can help you capture a look similar to this one. This mismatched seating arrangement includes chairs, a bench, and a stool, making it versatile for a varied number of guests. The vintage area rug underneath features a silver and charcoal palette that goes with the grey tile backsplash in the kitchen while anchoring the dining space as its own zone.

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Colorful Minimalist Dining Room Decor Ideas
Brushstroke Beauty Dining Room Decor Ideas

Brushstroke Beauty

This dining area seems to carve space out of nowhere to make room for this large table that could seat up to eight guests when needed. But with four modest chairs, it keeps from overwhelming the area and allows the eye to appreciate the expert styling. The three hanging lights look beautiful against the wall art behind, and the colorway of the rug mirrors that in the artwork to complete the look.

Gallery Wall Dining Room Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Comfort

If you can’t get enough of the mid-century modern look, you’re not alone. It’s a timeless style that works well in the dining room, thanks to its minimalist inspiration. Here, we see a beautiful chair and table combination positioned on a sleek and chic area rug. The rug features a high-low pile that adds texture to the space. The stool and blanket to the side improve accessibility and accommodation, and the artwork on the wall enhances the earthy neutral aesthetic. We love how the window lights up the whole room in this one, allowing the sunlight to reflect off the table and area rug.

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Gallery Wall

From the stunning gallery wall to the bookshelf beside it, this dining room has personality. It features a small traditional table and chair set on a large, versatile rug that goes well with the blue walls. In addition, the range of artwork on the walls features tones taken from the room's color palette, including blue, white, browns, and tans, as well as black for grounding and contrast. Try creating a gallery wall of artwork that goes with your space's color scheme or flipping the script and basing your room's color scheme on the tones found in your gallery wall.

Mid-Century Comfort Dining Room Decor Ideas
Casual Luxe Dining Room Decor Ideas

Casual Luxe

Open floorplans make dining spaces feel much more inviting, and they increase the chances that you’ll actually use your dining setup regularly. Here, the open space feels simultaneously luxe and casual, with a soft viscose area rug adding soothing color to the earthy neutral palette. Otherwise, the color scheme mirrors that shown in the kitchen behind the area, keeping the home's styling cohesive.

Funky Seating

Who said dining seating needs to be traditional? This funky dining space features a marriage of timeless mid-century modern and minimalist decor with stools and a bench instead of typical dining chairs. The chunky stool covers add color, texture, and comfort, and the bench features pillows with fun prints to do the same. The low-hanging pendant light adds to the exploration of texture, making this space eye-catching and fun to spend time in. And the half-wall behind the table can be used as an impromptu table for pitchers and platters.

Funky Seating Dining Room Decor Ideas

Image via Grain And Frame

On-The-Go Rustic

Here is a dining room that checks multiple boxes: it uses rustic elements and reclaimed wood to bring out its own style while keeping an open, on-the-go layout with simple bike accessibility. The dining room isn't just for dining - often its the last room you see before leaving the home. Don't be afraid to make it work for you.

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Casually Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Casually Formal

This large and open dining area can comfortably seat eight guests, and the rug easily accommodates the seating, anchoring the space. The furniture and lighting rely on an earthy colorway that makes the set look unified despite the different types of seating. The pouf seating here adds a fun and casual touch to the otherwise formal dining room setup. Try changing up your seating options to lighten the mood in your dining area.

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Six-Person Simplicity

Long tables allow for a larger number of guests to comfortably dine together. Here, we’re working with limited open space, but the dining arrangement still allows for six people comfortably. And you could accommodate two additional guests at either end of the table when needed. The petite runner atop the table mirrors the rug beneath it, tying the design together. And the neutral color palette creates contrast and drama without straying from the style we see in the surrounding spaces.

Natural Beauty

A modern open layout makes this large dining table seem right at home in this space. The table could easily seat six guests or even eight in a pinch, but it uses four chairs for the day-to-day. Keeping fewer chairs at the table than it can accommodate helps prevent a cramped aesthetic. And positioning this exposed-grain table in front of an open view of nature makes it more inviting. Notice how the chairs and rug rely on a grey-blue that hints at the ocean waters glimpsed through the glass.

Six-Person Simplicity Dining Room Decor Ideas

Architectural Delight Dining Room Decor Ideas

Architectural Delight

This modern home easily accommodates a roomy dining area while maintaining an open floorplan that encourages the eye to flow through the space. The elegant contemporary area rug features a coral-toned design that matches the seating arrangement to the side. It contrasts with the all-white dining table and chair setup, making the area stand out while still matching the surrounding decor. A bold area rug with a contrasting table could be the perfect solution if you're working with concrete flooring.

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Walls That Wow

"Dining rooms are one of the most important gathering places in a home. While tables, chairs, dishware, and table decorations are typically the centerpieces of dining room decor, the one thing that is usually forgotten is the wallpaper. Here's an example of how a pale green floral pattern can act as a subtle backdrop that won’t distract from dinnertime conversation."

- Kelly Dall Antonia, WallsByMe

Neutral Dining Room Decor Ideas

Bringing It All Together

"Here is a dining room in which we used an antique rug and paired it with modern furnishings including a live edge dining table. By choosing a lighter color table and using the underside of the rug for its muted colors, we were able to create an integrated color scheme that pulled the whole room together."

- Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design

Neutral Dining Room Decor Ideas


Luxurious dining rooms frequently use grand, expensive materials and elevated design. Classic chandeliers with an exorbitant amount of crystals or glass beads are mainstays of the style and are ideal for conveying an elegant tone. These materials can shine elsewhere in the room through the table decor, glassware on the credenza, and other accents to help you create your ideal tone.

Cool Contemporary

Contemporary homes often come across as highly artistic thanks to their use of unconventional shapes and abstract artwork. In order to create a contemporary dining room, consider what accents you have and how they can be placed in either conventional or unconventional ways. This contemporary dining space chooses to have the wall art off-center with the lighting fixture, which automatically distinguishes the two from one another and allows each to shine as unique works of art.


Repeating colors, images, and motifs throughout the dining room's design is monumental for creating a cohesive room. Whether it is a recurring floral pattern, use of plants, or candles in lights, you can see how this room subtly uses those details to create a well defined room. These elements may be simple and not noticeable at first, but their intentional inclusion and organic theming helps create a relaxed, masterfully designed dining space.

Cohesive Colors

The rug you choose for your dining room can inspire the color palette of the rest of the room. In this case, the distressed vintage rug highlights various shades of blue, teal, and cream. The former two colors are used in the curtains and wall art to create a well rounded color palette, while the latter is the main paint color. If you are creating a similar style in your dining room, you can use even more blue accents through the table decor, plates, and decor in the room's hutch.

Breaking the Mold

Sleek, modern dining rooms are often defined by their use of clean-cut lines, rectangles, and squares. These shapes are heavily utilized in this room through the table, chairs, rug, and artwork. Even the wallpaper uses squares in its design. However, one simple element breaks the mold and adds a new design element to the room: the dining room table decor. By featuring a different shape and unique texture, this room becomes less rigid and feels more freeing. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed accent!

Outstanding Accents

This dining room perfectly captures a mid century modern style with the room's furniture. Between the funky chairs, classic MCM credenza, and artistic table, this room leans heavily into the signature aesthetic. However, this room would feel incomplete without the complementary accents elsewhere in the room. The decorative light, round mirrors, artistic vases, and curved bowl all serve as important accessories to cement the room's overarching style.

Purposeful Patterns

Although this dining room has plenty of textures and details that make the room attractive, no pattern is more noticeable than the backs of the chairs. With these patterns at the forefront, the room has naturally created a primary design and allowed all the other accents to be complementary and secondary. The incorporation of one bold pattern with many textures in the curtains, plants, artwork, and rug makes this room highly dynamic yet focused in its design.

Establishing the Space

Oftentimes, round dining room tables are placed on round rugs. As this room shows, you can also use a square dining room rug to accent the table. There is still equal spacing for each chair, so the balance is maintained with the table firmly stationed in the middle of the rug. Plus, the rug displays a pattern with swirls and rounded edges to tie back to the circular table above it.

It's in the Details

Warm metallic accents can brighten any room and balance out cooler color palettes. Through the use of a large gold chandelier, a golden curtain rod, and gold candles, this room incorporates the warm tones in very simple, approachable ways to create a welcoming dining space. There are other warm metals to choose from as well to create contemporary, vintage, or rustic aesthetics, so look at your favorite dining rooms for inspiration and guidance in choosing finishes that convey your desired tone.

Simple Dining Room Decor Ideas >

Coastal Vibes

Coastal style is defined by its color palette as much as its use of natural materials and various textures. This small breakfast nook features plenty of beige, cream tones in different materials to make an appealing dining space. Between the curtains, lighting fixtures, chairs, and rug, this room presents many warm natural textures that capture a cozy coastal style.

Open Concept Options

Open concept rooms that have the living room and dining room in the same space can be difficult to design. One option for unifying these spaces is to use the primary color of one room and highlight it as a secondary accent in the other space. This mid century modern home features many orange hues in the living room, but these colors are only a secondary accent in the dining room's artwork and table decor. Even so, the subtle use of orange is a great unifying factor across the entire room's design.


Stunning symmetry defines this elegant dining room as highly traditional and classy. Having perfectly balanced built-ins, balanced tables and chairs, and mirrored decor all help create a very balanced space. Traditional styles often use symmetry to create a neat and tidy appearance, so if you want to add class to a dining room, consider how you can use symmetry or imperfect symmetry to infuse that classic aesthetic into your room.

Rugs and Carpets

Dining room spaces are often defined by the rugs placed under the table. While we generally recommend having between one and two feet of rug past the table's edges, you can choose an extra large area rug to create a larger dining space and elevate the room's style. Large rugs or carpets are ideally suited to accent your dining room table and define that area as the place to be.

Grand Dining Rooms

Luxurious dining rooms are often defined by their furniture, accents, and architecture. Even if the room is not particularly large, it may still feature some stunning natural features that can be emphasized. Vaulted ceilings, ceilings with insets, wainscotting, glass walls, and other features can all be highlighted within your dining room's design to convey your personal aesthetic.

Illuminated Ideas

The room's lighting scheme plays a large role in establishing its tone and aesthetic. This elevated contemporary dining room makes the most of its natural light by using light filtering curtains instead of blackout curtains. Then, there are additional lights placed over the dining room table and on the nearby credenza. The careful inclusion of light can define your dining room as a warm, inviting space or a moody social space.

Now that you’ve browsed dozens of dining room decor ideas, you should have a good idea of how to create one of these beautiful spaces in your home. Even if you don’t have room for a formal dining table setup, we hope you’ll use our tips to carve out a dining spot. And if you’re still looking for dining room decor ideas, check out our full selection of dining room rugs for more inspiration.


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