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Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas

Farmhouse decor focuses on creating a welcoming, cozy atmosphere that's light and breezy with plenty of rustic touches. You'll see lots of white and neutrals in pale hues warmed with weathered wood and country motifs. Tables may be old farmhouse tables, and touches of vintage style fabrics are frequently used. Our farmhouse dining room ideas focus on decor that isn't matchy-matchy or formal. Add charming details from a previous era and pieces that may not match, but work well together for a relaxed farmhouse dining room.

Farmhouse Simplicity  - Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas

Neutral Territory

Layer a variety of pale neutrals for a restful atmosphere. In this room, beige linen curtains are light and airy. A beautiful rug with shades of gray, cream, and beige adds interest and anchors the dining area. Use farmhouse dining room decor like this oversized planter basket to reinforce the rustic feel while bringing a touch of color in with an oversized plant.

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Farmhouse Simplicity

A farmhouse dining room isn't cluttered. If you're limited on space, open shelving can make the room appear larger. When using older pieces, like this farm table, refinishing isn't necessary. The worn patina and imperfections add to the rustic beauty. With limited space, a farmhouse sink can become a focal point that clearly defines your style. Add beams to the ceiling to create a farmhouse look without having to do major renovations.

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Neutral Territory - Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas
A Modern Spin on Farmhouse - Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas

A Modern Spin on Farmhouse

If your home is contemporary or modern, consider combining the current features with a few farmhouse touches for an eclectic effect. While the concrete is definitely modern, the addition of a textured rug and a wood ceiling and accent wall pull in a farmhouse touch. Choose a table with clean lines and no ornamentation and stick with warm neutrals throughout the space.

Lose the Formality

Place favorite objects in asymmetric groupings to give the impression you set each piece down casually, as on the low bench/table here. Furniture from different eras using a variety of woods and finishes keeps the room from feeling too formal. Plants with foliage in diverse shapes are an easy way to add a rural, farmhouse mood to any room.

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Whitewashed Beauty - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas
Blending Styles Simply-  Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

Blending Styles Simply

Use farmhouse dining room ideas like this rough-hewn table in combination with contemporary pieces when you can't settle on one style. A thick, neutral rug can add warmth and create a comforting oasis on hardwood floors. This room also defines the dining area from the side rooms. Simple accessories like the turned wood and metal bowls add another layer of cozy country in an otherwise contemporary space.

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Upscale Farmhouse

Use wrought iron in a farmhouse dining room for fixtures and accents. The light fixture here is stunning in its spareness. The exposed, vintage style lightbulbs increase the farmhouse feel. Upholstered chairs can work when they have metal trim and are pulled up to a sturdy table. Add a rug that looks like it's been handed down through generations to add muted color and tie the wall color to the furnishings.

Upscale Farmhouse - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas
Material Considerations - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas
Design by Diana S.

Material Considerations

Use natural materials when decorating a farmhouse dining room. Leather chairs, a two-tone wood table, wicker basket, and an iron lantern-style light create a farmhouse style that balances sophisticated colors with country charm. If you like the idea of mismatched chairs but love symmetry, try using matched chairs along both sides, then use another style for either end of the table, such as these simple, black chairs.

Sage Dining Options - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas
Diana S.

Softening the Abstract

Don't hesitate to use a thoroughly modern piece of art in a farmhouse dining room. This room's color scheme is pulled from the abstract painting, then transformed with farmhouse furnishings. By keeping the palette soft and understated, you can create the weathered atmosphere that's a large part of farmhouse appeal. To define the dining area, a circular rug highlights the weathered table and chairs. Beadboard walls painted white are the perfect canvas, evoking the style of many turn-of-the-century country homes.

Sage Dining Options

When you love the farmhouse style but want a bit of color, keep the color muted and balance it with white and cream. This room's soft sage walls are balanced with white trim. The sophisticated lines of this dining set become farmhouse chic when the wood is pickled and the buffet is distressed. Art should evoke nature and stick with a limited palette, as with this lovely bird and branch painting.

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Softening the Abstract - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

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All the Colors of Wood - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

Coordinating with Caramel

This oversized pinewood table would feel right at home in any farmhouse, but you can coordinate it with a more contemporary living space by surrounding it with unexpected chairs like these caramel leather and metal seats. Define the loft dining area with a rug that's subdued and restful to the eyes. A floor lamp mixing wood and metal can be a finishing touch when it's unusual and vintage looking.

All the Colors of Wood

When you aren't sure which wood is right, go ahead and mix it up. A farmhouse dining room should look like it was effortlessly put together with furniture from various times and places. These black chairs coordinate with the fabrics and rug but provide stylistic and color contrast with the end chair. Handmade pottery with imperfections add charm and authenticity to the space. To create a harmonious whole, the rug blends together the various colors found throughout the room.

Coordinating with Caramel - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas
Farmhouse Dining in the City - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

Caged Lighting Accent

You don't have to go all in on a farmhouse dining room. In this restrained room, a caged light with vintage style bulbs is the perfect farmhouse accent in a restrained dining room defined by cool shades throughout and warmed with rich red tones in the rug. If you want to dip you toe into farmhouse dining room ideas, start with one or two elements, as they've done here.

Farmhouse Dining in the City

Choose a rustic esthetic for your small kitchen. This room looks spacious because the individual elements are on a simple, petite scale. Use open, wood shelving instead of cabinets with doors to push the walls back. Choose a rustic table mixed with cane chairs for a relaxed atmosphere. When your small space has high ceilings, highlight them with beams, drawing the eye upward. A tonal rug with a subtle print can define the farmhouse dining room without boxing things in.

Caged Lighting Accent - Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

A successful farmhouse dining room will combine lots of whites and lights with wood finishes. You don't have to steer away from imperfect pieces, as small imperfections are part of the charming. Our farmhouse dining rooms ideas give you ample ways to customize the look without destroying your budget. Keep in mind that clean lines and simple materials are the focus.


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