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Floral Area Rugs

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Floral Area Rugs Facts & Buying Guide

Ever dreamed of having a garden inside your home? Floral rugs are the (very practical) answer!

All About Floral Rugs

The history of floral rug designs varies upon world region, time period, and actual floral designs that were popular at the time. Characteristics of Egyptian design was a simple repetition of a particular pattern. A typical design consisted of a single flower with a single bud or leaf on either side, repeated. Greek and Roman times brought crowns, garlands, baskets, and cornucopias into the picture. During the Byzantine era, floral designs became highly stylized and used neighboring hues from the color wheel for a more dynamic look. The Renaissance period saw a continuance of some of the characteristics of Greek and Roman styles, natural designs that became more ornate during the later Renaissance. All of these styles and more culminate in the floral styles of today that we see on floor rugs, as well as many other home furnishings.

Materials Matter

Rugs with a floral pattern are generally machine-made, hand-tufted, or loop-hooked from synthetics, wool, polyester, or viscose to ensure a long life of wear and tear in your space. The pile height of the majority of our floral rugs is between 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch.

Room By Room

  • Make your cozy living room feel more shabby chic with the use of a traditional floral rug.
  • Your modern dining room will feel more welcoming with the addition of a modern floral rug that's bold and energetic.
  • Hang an appropriately sized floral rug on the bedroom wall in place of a headboard.
  • Floral rugs instantly give off a fresh and inviting feeling, consider this as your home's first impression to guests and place one in your entryway.
  • If a floral rug feels intimidating, eliminate some of the risks with a black and white pattern.

Color And Pattern

It can be difficult to talk about florals as a single category because, like flowers themselves, each pattern has its own style and personality. Floral rugs are available in a spectrum of colors and variety of styles, so you can choose from a myriad of shapes and sizes to find the perfect option for your own needs. The majority of our selection of floral rugs lie within the blue, tan, and black and grey range with plenty of other natural-hued options available as well. Our floral rug shapes are mainly rectangular and round with some others also available.

Caring For And Cleaning Your Floral Area Rug

  • Vacuum your floral rug just as often as you vacuum wall-to-wall carpet to eliminate excess dirt.
  • If you have a fringed rug be careful not to vacuum the area, as this could be damaging.
  • If your vacuum has a rug setting (which stops the rollers from spinning and just uses suction) use this option.
  • Brush up any loose hair on the bathroom rug or pet hair on area rugs before vacuuming by going in the same direction as the nap.
  • Rotate your area rugs a couple of times a year to avoid wear and fading from traffic and sunlight.
  • Give smaller rugs a good shake outside to remove dirt and grime.

Finding Your Perfect Floral Area Rug

  • Florals mix great with stripes, so consider using both elements together in your space.
  • Large floral prints look modern, while smaller patterns have a more vintage feel about them.
  • Consider mixing floral pattern with floral pattern, the key is sticking with a unifying background color and differently scaled patterns.
  • If you're worried about the floral trend disappearing, stick with bright and bold options that are more statement than bandwagon.

Floral rugs are available in a variety of styles, shapes, color options, and sizes, so you may want to use some filters while searching out the best fit. If you're at a loss, here are some shortcuts to get started:

  • Begin with an idea of where you'll be using your floral rug, that will help determine which material is the best fit
  • Decide what size area rug will best fit the space and narrow your search down further
  • Which shape will amplify the room – rectangular or round?
  • Price options can also be filtered beginning with $200 and under
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