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Geometric Area Rugs

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Geometric Rug Facts & Buying Guide

Looking for a jolt of energy? A geometric rug could be just the thing!

All About Geometric Rugs

In the 16th century, Anatolia was known for creating carpets with stylized animal and geometric designs. Through new cultural contacts across the continent, rugs designed around a central medallion came into vogue and the style of these Ottoman court rugs spread to other weaving centers. However they never fully overtook the regional carpet traditions, and since that very time Caucasian and Armenian carpets have retained their customary geometric patterns and kilims (or flat-weaves) remain popular.

Materials Matter

Rugs with a geometric pattern are most commonly hand-tufted from wool, viscose, or polyester. There are many handwoven options that tend to be made of synthetics, as well as flat-woven choices that can be made from any singular or combination of the above materials. The pile height of our geometric rugs generally runs between 1/4-inch and under up to 1-inch.

Room by Room

  • A geometric rug is a piece of art in whichever you room you place it.
  • Place a geometric rug in your living room to add energy to the decor.
  • Make your kid's room a place of playful joy with the addition of a geometric rug.
  • A geometric rug can add a bit of lighthearted fun to your bathroom.
  • Turn a long hallway into more than a transitional space with a geometric runner.

Color and Pattern Geometric rugs are available in a spectrum of colors and variety of styles. Choose from a myriad of shapes and sizes to find the perfect option for your own unique needs. Geometric patterns are bold and beautiful, but take care in pairing them with other bold patterns on walls or furniture. The majority of our selection of geometric rugs lie within the black, grey, blue, and brown range with some other hues available as well. Our geometric rug shapes are mainly rectangular and round but we have other shapes like square, octagon, and oval available as well.

Caring For and Cleaning Your Geometric Rug

  • Vacuum your area rugs just as often as you vacuum wall-to-wall carpet to eliminate excess dirt.
  • If you have a fringed rug be careful not to vacuum the area, as this could be damaging.
  • If your vacuum has a rug setting (which stops the rollers from spinning and just uses suction) use this option.
  • Brush up any loose hair on the bathroom rug or pet hair on area rugs before vacuuming by going in the same direction as the nap.
  • Rotate your area rugs a couple of times a year to avoid wear and fading from traffic and sunlight.
  • Give smaller rugs a good shake outside to remove dirt and grime.

Finding Your Perfect Geometric Rug

  • Geometric shapes go well in energetic, fun, playful areas as well as spaces with a modern aesthetic.
  • Choose neutral colors if you don't want your geometric rug to be the center of attention, and brighter hues if you do.
  • There are a variety sizes available when it comes to geometric patterns – smaller ones tend to feel more classy while larger ones feel bold.
  • Popular geometric shapes include chevron, herringbone, diamond, and honeycomb.

Geometric rugs are available in a wide array of variations, so you may want to use some filters while searching out the best fit. If you're at a loss, here are some shortcuts to get started:

  • Begin with an idea of where you'll be using your geometric rug, that will help determine which material is the best fit
  • Decide what size area rug will best fit the space and narrow your search down further
  • Which shape will amplify the room – rectangular or round?
  • On a budget? Price options can also be filtered beginning with $200 and under
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