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Kitchen Decor Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It brings family and friends together to enjoy great food and make lasting memories. These kitchen decor ideas will help you create a design you love. With our tips and tricks on how to decorate this oh-so-important room, you'll be ready to create your dream design in no time. Keep reading to get inspired.

Elegant Galley Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bright and Energetic

This bright, airy kitchen design works with what it has, using a vinyl floor cloth to add color and excitement to the design. The placement of the rug is centered and close to the worksurfaces, creating symmetry while protecting the floor. A 5x7 or 6x9 rug usually works well for this placement, depending on your square footage.

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Elegant Galley

Galley-style kitchens like this one are long and narrow, but that doesn't mean you can't have an amazing kitchen design! This space uses every inch, down to the corner dining nook that'd be a perfect hangout spot for chitchat while dinner cooks. Look for ways to use extra space in narrow kitchens, and don't forget to add personality with wall decor. The galley kitchen ideas in this space feature a mini gallery wall that blends in seamlessly with the open floating shelves. And the runner down the center brings the design together, padding the floor with a bold medallion and dark tones.

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Bright and Energetic Kitchen Decor Ideas
Blissful Blues Kitchen Decor Ideas

Blissful Blues

Pastel blue cabinets and a white tile backsplash keep this kitchen cheerful and calm at the same time. Adding blue kitchen decor like this light blue runner adds a saturated, sophisticated appeal while padding the walkway and providing traction for the stools at the island. If you have colored cabinetry, try matching the color of your rug to the color of the paint for a cohesive style. And if you're looking for kitchen island decor ideas, consider framing it with long runners.

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Extra-Long and Extra-Large

This high-contrast kitchen uses black and white to create visual excitement throughout the extra-large room. It features two workstations, perfect for preparing meals for large gatherings, so everyone has room to work. And how do you decorate an extra-large kitchen? With extra-long runners, of course! Here we see a runner featuring a fun and fanciful interpretation of traditional Persian design. And best of all, it’s made from durable synthetic fibers to give you incredible comfort for years to come.

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Extra-Long and Extra-Large Kitchen Decor Ideas
Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas

Artistic Vibes

Many kitchens neglect wall decor, leaving out artwork and sacrificing character. Here, we see beautiful botanical paintings of common kitchen herbs from Steller Villa. Displayed together, they make a stylish and fun gallery wall that sets the tone for the kitchen. Try thrifting for a set of paintings, buying some artwork or wall hangings you’ve had your eye on, or making a DIY project from home to get a similar look.

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Keep it Simple

With high-contrast cabinets and gorgeous marble on the countertops, backsplash, and shelves, this modern kitchen benefits from a simple runner in front of the sink. Placing a rug in front of the sink relieves stress on your joints while protecting the floor, catching water, and reducing the risk of slipping. Standard runner sizes for the kitchen include 3x5 and, 3x10, and 3x12, depending on your floorplan. Pick a quality material and a color that brings your space to life for the best results.

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Artistic Vibes Kitchen Decor Ideas
Steller Villa

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Farmhouse Vibes Kitchen Decor Vibes
mStarr Design Studio

Functional Beauty

Here we see the farmhouse-style kitchen from mStarr Design Studio again, just from a different angle. Notice the functional layout that leaves plenty of space to cook, prepare holiday dinners, and enjoy a nice morning with loved ones. The vinyl floor cloth by the console is centered in the open space to the back of the kitchen, grounding the furniture and adding visual excitement. Don’t be afraid to play with multiple patterns when creating your look, especially if you’re going for farmhouse vibes!

Farmhouse Vibes

If you’re going for a farmhouse kitchen, a thin plaid rug like this one is a great place to start. This kitchen from mStarr Design Studio features several hallmarks of a farmhouse kitchen. Note the wood countertops, kitchen island with storage, antique accessories, natural textures, and open shelving, all of which can help you recreate the look. And if you’re looking for kitchen island decor ideas, don’t forget to display a few stylized accents to give the space character.

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Functional Beauty Kitchen Decor Ideas
mStarr Design Studio

Bright and Cheerful Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bright and Cheerful

This cheerful kitchen from PayUOC comes alive with two of the most common accent colors for this space. It uses pops of both colors to create a bright atmosphere while maintaining a primarily neutral design. The yellow ceiling and table give the room a sunny disposition. At the same time, the antique blue draws attention to the accent piece stove. If you'd like to recreate this look in a kitchen that's primarily neutral, add between two and four pops of color anywhere you'd like, from the curtains to the chairs to the table.

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Pet Friendly Kitchen Decor Ideas

Traditional Vibes

A vinyl floor cloth can add serious traditional vibes to almost any kitchen. And the best part? It'll also be durable enough to stand up to any number of messes and spills. In addition, vinyl floor cloths are water-resistant, easy to clean, and available in a range of beautiful patterns. Best of all, they’re also low-profile, which reduces tripping risk and improves accessibility.

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Pet Friendly

This gorgeous rug is an instant focal point in this bright and airy kitchen from @cameronproffitt, and it’s pet-friendly! Kitchens are happier places with pets and children, but they’re also messier, which means you'll want a durable rug. Printed styles like this allow you to capture a traditional look while taking advantage of easy-care modern fibers. They're kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and (best of all) accident-prone-adult-friendly, perfect for today's homes.

Traditional Vibes Kitchen Decor Ideas
Beautiful Blues Kitchen Decor Ideas

Vintage Tile

Want that classic black and white tile without redoing the floors? This vinyl floorcloth effortlessly creates a vintage look while providing durable, easy-clean protection in the kitchen. With an eye-catching harlequin pattern and antique styling, this floor cloth is sure to get noticed in your home. Here, it creates contrast while helping to define the center island. And the weathered texture around the edges almost blends it into the warm-toned flooring across the rest of the kitchen.

Beautiful Blues

This striped, blue runner matches the beauty and elegance of this kitchen while providing practical padding for the floors. A rug in front of the sink and workstations helps protect your joints while you’re preparing food or cleaning up after meals. Using a striped design against the chevron floor subtly mixes patterns while adding a full palette of color to your space.

Vintage Tile Kitchen Decor Ideas
Treasured Antique Kitchen Decor Ideas

Eclectic Relaxation

What’s not to love about this kitchen? High contrast, high cabinets, and higher ceilings set the bar high for this space. And with a weathered look for the floorboards, this vintage medallion runner fits in perfectly. The rug is impeccably distressed with a gently muted design so as not to overwhelm the design. It pads the main workstations and helps define the flow of traffic through the space while protecting the floor.

Everyday Elegance

This lovely Persian-inspired area rug is printed on a durable, flat polyester base so that it can stand up to high traffic, messes, pets, and children. It’s easy to clean and adds a lovely dose of elegant color to this off-white kitchen space. And the traditional pattern helps soften the high-contrast look created by the back countertops around the outside of the kitchen.

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Everyday Elegance Kitchen Decor Ideas
Undeniable Charm Kitchen Decor Ideas

Elegant Florals

If you are looking for elegant kitchen decor ideas, try adding floral patterns to your kitchen to create a welcoming vibe that’ll bring the heart of your home to life. Here, this viscose area rug adds a subtle sheen to the floors as it catches the light from the elegant pendant lights over the center island. In addition, this larger rug runner provides padding from counter to counter for full coverage, perfect if you want to protect (or hide) your current kitchen flooring.

More Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas

Undeniable Charm

With updated shaker-style cabinets, floating shelves for open storage, and high-contrast colors, this kitchen boasts undeniable charm. And this printed rug runner features a traditional oriental pattern in a sandy color palette, adding warmth and timeless style to this beautiful kitchen. Vintage-style rugs work well to soften the contrast created by black cabinets, especially with tile flooring.

Elegant Florals Kitchen Decor Ideas
Transitional Beauty Kitchen Decor Ideas

Timeless Elegance

This beautiful, open kitchen features a stunning marble island, eye-catching open shelving, and charming wood floors. The wood tones on the flooring, shelving, chairs, and the brass inside the pendant light, help add warmth to the space. But this vintage-style medallion runner brings it all together with subdued red and blue hues the come to life with intricate detailing. And best of all, the runner’s flat polyester base and printed design mean that it’ll offer years of durability and easy cleaning no matter how busy your household is.

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Transitional Beauty

The use of warm woods and black granite countertops creates a stunning transitional look in this beautiful kitchen. And the handsome taupe and brick tones from the understated rug add visual interest without overwhelming the space. In addition, it features a charming, fringed border and slight sheen that balances out the bolder colors in this kitchen, adding character and class.

Timeless Elegance Kitchen Decor Ideas
Vintage Styling Kitchen Decor Ideas

Vintage Styling

Here’s another one for those looking for kitchen island decor ideas. This beautiful kitchen from Farahpro is bright and open, with farmhouse-style countertops and industrial white brick walls. The vintage styling of this low and long runner brings the decor together, adding warmth and color while protecting the floors.

Organizing Tips From A Pro

1. Use Decorative Baskets. I suggest using decorative baskets on the counter for storing fruit and vegetables. This is a great way to add texture to your counter, while also serving a purpose.

2. Hang art in your kitchen. This adds color and sophistication to an otherwise utilitarian space.

3. Use wooden cutting boards as decor. I like to lean cutting boards up against my backsplash. You can even add different sized boards together to create a layered look.

4. Add greenery. Putting plants in your kitchen makes the space come alive. (Literally!) You can have live plants like basil and cilantro potted by a window for quick access to fresh herbs, or a vase full of eucalyptus. You will never regret having plants in your kitchen.

5. Mix and match metals to compliment your hardware finishes. For instance, I have oil-rubbed bronze cabinet and drawer pulls, and a copper oven hood. I have placed accents of copper throughout my kitchen to compliment my cabinet and drawer pulls."

- Katrina Teeple, Founder & CEO of Operation Organization

Organizing Kitchen Ideas

Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Cool and Contemporary

With an open floorplan and an eye-catching backsplash, this contemporary kitchen calls for a modern rug. And this checkered black wool rug is an excellent choice. The color is dark, which will hide stains if and when they happen, and it creates a striking contrast against the floor. With the statement piece lighting and open window, the kitchen is bright enough to balance out the moody colors, creating a clean and upbeat appeal.

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Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Secondary Accents

If your kitchen is defined by a large work of art like this one, consider how that art can help you define the rest of the kitchen's color scheme. In this case, the rest of the room is a contemporary white to keep the wall art as the main pop of color. However, the rug very intentionally takes the secondary color of orange and makes it the most prominent color in the rug. Using secondary colors as the main draw of the rug is a great way to round out the entire room's color scheme and tone.

Transitional Beauty Kitchen Decor Ideas

Extra Comfort

Kitchen runner rugs are common for many reasons, but one of the most popular uses for these rugs is to add comfort in front of counters. Rugs with high shag piles can be highly comfortable with their extra plushness and soft fibers, but any rug can be extra comfortable with a premium rug pad beneath them.

Maximizing Style

No two kitchens are identical with sizing, layout, and style. This fact gives you great freedom in how you create your kitchen's layout and how you use runner rugs to establish key pathways. Using runners on one or multiple sides of the island is a great way to frame that surface as an important accent and create comfortable walkways.

Timeless Elegance Kitchen Decor Ideas

Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Contemporary Cottage Kitchens

Cottage style is quickly becoming popular thanks to its use of warm cream tones, natural woods, and charming country colors. When you are creating a cottage or country kitchen, look for traditional accents like vases, ceramics, kitchenware, and fresh fruits. These pieces are mainstays of country kitchen decor and cottage styles.

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Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Essential Accents

Kitchens are primarily defined by the cabinets and fixtures that are permanently in place. These fixtures have their own aesthetics with areas like the backsplash, countertop, cabinets, and elegant/modern molding. One way to accent these pieces is to intentionally use decor throughout the rest of the room. Rugs, lights, plants, plates, and cutting boards are just a few of the most popular ideas for kitchen island decor and countertop decor.

Transitional Beauty Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bridging the Gap

Many of today's homes have open concept spaces or kitchens open to the dining room. In situations like these, a rug can be used to bridge the gap between the two rooms. Not only will it serve as a physical piece of decor that leads from one space to another, but it can also unify the designs of the kitchen and dining spaces.


Kitchens should be both beautiful and practical with their layout and design. By incorporating custom cabinets, you can make the most of your room's unique footprint and organize your pantry, pots and pans, silverware, and other kitchen utensils in your ideal system. The system shown here displays how custom cabinets are both practical and beautiful with different finishes, handles, and detailing.

Timeless Elegance Kitchen Decor Ideas

Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas


In open concept spaces or kitchens connected to nearby dining rooms, the rugs can serve as a perfect thematic and stylish tie between the spaces. While it's not necessary to use identical rugs in both spaces like this room does, it can be an effective way to create a cohesive style. Otherwise, rugs with inverted color palettes, complementary color schemes, or similar styles can also tie the two spaces together.

Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Tasteful Textures

Coastal style as a whole uses various textures and materials to create visual interest. Woven rugs such as the one displayed here are perfect for coastal styles thanks to their color variation, simple design, and simple texture. However, other interior design styles can also benefit from these rugs. A rug like this can quickly become an essential piece of country kitchen decor or a contemporary accent thanks to its versatility and many color options.

Cool and Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

Square Spaces

Small kitchens can be accented by a small 2x3 or 3x5 rug to define key workstations like the sink or stove. Another option is to use a square kitchen rug to frame the entire space and provide comfort for the whole room. There are many options for different designs, color palettes, and materials in square rugs, so you can find one that perfectly suits your aesthetic.

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A little goes a long way in the kitchen, especially if you’re working with limited space. Pick your favorite kitchen decor ideas from our list and use them to inspire your own beautiful kitchen design. The right kitchen decor ideas will help you effortlessly create a space that brings your loved ones together. Look for a balance of form and function that suits your style and your floorplan.


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