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Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Country kitchens are a popular go-to for many people because they evoke a sense of home and comfort. However, country style is versatile enough that it can be combined with many other styles so that you can still create a space that feels like home, but you can make it feel like it's truly yours by melding in your favorite style. For tips, tricks, and ideas, look at some of our favorite country kitchens.

Modern Country - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Rustic Country

The key to making your country kitchen feel more rustic is to incorporate natural elements and textures through plants and wood. This kitchen ceiling takes it to the next level, but whether you have wooden beams or not, you can design a kitchen that uses wood on the surfaces of counters and islands as well as in other furnishings and accessories. To keep it feeling country, be sure to use light wood tones to evoke the light and airy vibes associated with country kitchens.

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Modern Country

Country style is so flexible that it can easily be combined with other styles--even modern! This kitchen displays that perfectly by using a popular country color of blue as the primary color of the cabinets, island, and rug. Even the brass used for the handles, pendant light, and other fixtures can be considered older, but they actually add in the modern style by using very simple, sleek designs. You can do the same to combine the two styles in your kitchen.

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Rustic Country - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design By Mstarr
Vintage Vibes - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Image by PayUOC

Modern Elegance

Modern style may highlight new, cleancut materials, but that doesn't mean you can't shake things up a bit and add in some unexpected flair. Keep the structure of the kitchen itself modern with straight lines and simplicity, and then add in accents that fit into a different design family. In this case, you can see how incorporating two antiqued, more elegant picture frames and artwork can create a distinct focal point in the kitchen area. The elegant details of the frames and rug contrast against the simple modern style and will create clear focal points in your kitchen.

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Wooded Traditions

Country kitchens often incorporate wood into the scheme, and that applies to traditional country kitchens as well. Traditional interior design styles tend to use darker stained woods, but to lean into country style, the woods can still have deep tones, but they should help make the room feel lighter and brighter than most traditional spaces. To still define that the space is traditional, though, look at what chairs you incorporate at an island, what lighting fixtures you use, and what other traditional kitchen decor you use around the space.

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Wooded Traditions - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Jacklyn Graniczny via Jacklyn Graniczny Designs
Making a Statement - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Making a Statement

Whether you're leaning traditional, modern, vintage, or some other direction with your country kitchen, the rug that you choose is instrumental in setting the tone, especially when you go basic with your cabinets, counters, and walls. This rug definitely is a blast from the past with its mustard yellow and starry pattern, and when paired with the simple room, it leaves a big impact. You can follow this principle with whatever style you're blending into your country kitchen.

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Accessorizing - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas


It's true that the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash all play a key role in defining the room's style, but the accessories you use around the kitchen are the unsung heroes of the room. This kitchen definitely brings in that country style with the distressed cabinets and wood countertop, but the wire baskets full of eggs and vegetables really sell the theme. When you're designing and decorating your kitchen, don't underestimate the impact of those subtle decorations.

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Mirroring Architecture

To make your country kitchen feel truly cohesive and intentionally designed, look at any architectural features you have in the room. This kitchen has the vaulted ceiling with the decorative beams along with the straight lines on the walls and backsplash. This is further carried through the room with the cabinet doors and is similarly used with straight lines on the island tops and floorboards. When you do look at the architecture for inspiration, feel free to break the mold in several areas so that the room doesn't feel artificial. You can follow this room's example by incorporating different light fixtures, different shaped stools, abstract artwork, or other decorative elements that add unique flair.

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Mirroring Architecture - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Farah Prochaska

Light and Airy - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Light and Airy

A big reason why so many people like country kitchens is because they feel light, airy, and homey. In an ideal kitchen, natural light can pour in through windows and doors. Even with multiple windows in the room, you should still consider what other light sources you include in the design. The recessed ceiling lights above the counter of this kitchen are practical, and the pendant lights above the island are both practical and stylish. Remember, your country kitchen should be both functional and beautiful, and designing with light sources in mind will help you accomplish just that.

Open Shelving & Country Kitchens - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Patricia Brown

Establishing a Path

In galley kitchens and kitchens with islands, it's popular to add a runner rug into the mix. Runners are available in a variety of different sizes, patterns, and color palettes, so whether you're going with a vintage country vibe or something more traditional like this kitchen, you certainly have your choice of runner rugs. When you're placing a rug, don't forget about the practicality of having a rug in front of an area you're often stationary, like in front of a sink or stovetop. Centering a rug with these fixtures can really help establish that spot!

Open Shelving & Country Kitchens

Open shelving units are popular in many modern styles, but that doesn't mean you can't include it in your country kitchen. The key is that the shelves themselves fit into the country mold (likely by being wood toned) and not consume the entire kitchen. Plus, depending on which branch of country you're into, be sure to dress up your floating shelves accordingly. Old fashioned country kitchens tend to use a wide assortment of mismatching knick-knacks to fill the space, while modern spaces are more uniform in their decorating.

Establishing a Path - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@highlandbuildersomaha - Instagram
Country Windows - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@angelamgarr - Instagram

Country Windows

Since country kitchens are devoted to be light and bright, many windows are adorned with very simple, white curtains that don't block out much light. However, an alternative idea is to not use curtains at all! You can dress up a kitchen window by using a unique garland above and around it. This one in particular uses lemons, and both the lemons and the color yellow are popular in terms of country living. You don't have to use a garland exactly like this, but you can certainly see how similar garlands can bring in that country theming in a classy way.

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Pattern Mixing - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
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Country Cottage

Cottages are often associated with wood and brick as their main building components, so if you really want to add in that style, use either a brick or wood wall as an accent wall. There are plenty of backsplashes that appear like wood and brick, and depending on what color grout you use, you can match your cabinets to tie the whole scheme together.

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Pattern Mixing

Look carefully at this kitchen and see how the rug is placed upon a diamond floor tile. You may be in a similar spot with a patterned floor and a desire to place a rug on it, but perhaps you're afraid of the rug being too busy in comparison to the flooring. That's certainly a valid point that you should consider, but aside from that, look for connecting factors between the rug and the flooring. In this case, both fit into a vintage style because of their shapes and distressing, and the diamond shapes of the floor match subtle diamonds in the rug. It's through these simple connections that you can take your design to the next level.

Country Cottage - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@deeplysouthernhome - Instagram
Beauty in Simplicity: Pattern - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Beauty in Simplicity: Pattern

Color plays a big part in defining a kitchen, but so do patterns. This kitchen utilizes two primary patterns: the herringbone tilework and the tiled rug. Both of these patterns are very similar to each other since they have four sides and four corners each, and both are consistent and simple. You could choose a busier rug to go with the tilework, but that would affect the calming and homey tone of the room. This just goes to show that when the simplest patterns are paired with similar elements, it allows both of them to shine!

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Strong Theming

The beautiful thing about country style is that you can go as bold or as subtle as you want. This kitchen clearly shows the full power of leaning into the cottage style by using the round wood slices in the walls' design and including wood for the cabinets, island, and open shelf. When you design with so many wood elements, be sure to bring in even a small change in color like the wreaths on the windows of these kitchens. This subtle addition gives your eye a momentary break before it goes back to the stunning country walls and cabinets.

Strong Theming - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@kaitratchenski - Instagram

Naturally Neutral - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@Farahpro - Instagram

Naturally Neutral

Designing a kitchen with mainly neutral colors can help create a country feel in your kitchen by creating a simple space. This room obviously uses white as its main color to maintain a light and bright feeling, but the greys and blacks of the other furnishings and appliances provide a nice break from the white. Plus, the wood tones of the counters and shelves add in some much needed warmth. When you design with neutral colors, be sure to find opportunities to add in warming elements like natural wood or flowers.

Beauty in Simplicity: Color - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas


Limiting your color palette to just a few key colors can actually bring out stunning results in your country kitchen. This room uses white as the main color and then adds in touches of bronze, wood, and reds as accentuating colors. Allowing one color to be the main focus of the room doesn't have to make the space boring; designing this way can create a space that is very calming and soothing, since it doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Simplicity and Complexity - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas
@sarahhill920 - Instagram

Simplicity and Complexity

Whenever you design anything, it's always a balancing act to make sure the room has visual interest but isn't overwhelming. In this kitchen, notice the minimal decorations and accessories as well as the very basic cabinets and counters. On their own, they would be almost too simple, but with the addition of a detailed rug and textured backsplash, the space transforms to be perfectly balanced. Whether you do the same with adding in visual interest with a rug and backsplash or you try some other approach, remember to maintain that balance so you can fully appreciate your kitchen.

Kitchens are often called the heart of the home because of the community that is formed over food and the memories of cooking/baking. By putting the extra effort in to make your kitchen reflect your personality and style, you can take the space to the next level and enjoy not only the memories you make in the space, but also the space itself.


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