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Kitchen Rug Size Guide: For every Style

Kitchens are often a busy place where the family comes together whether it's the morning rush or getting ready for the evening meal, building your kitchen to your personal style can help make this busy place an enjoyable and welcoming respite. Each kitchen can have a different layout and choosing the right size rug is imperative to completing your decor. We've taken the time to break down what works and what doesn't so you can start making the kitchen a warm and inviting place.

  1. Learn About Common rug Sizes for Kitchens

    Small Kitchens
  2. Medium Kitchens
  3. Large Kitchens
  4. Long Kitchens

  5. Kitchen Rug FAQ

  6. What Size Rug Do I Use With A Kitchen Island
  7. What Size Rug Is Best In Front Of A Kitchen Sink
  8. What Kitchen Rug Size Is Best In Front Of A Stove

Modern Kitchen -  Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

What Are The Standard Kitchen Rug Sizes?

Standard kitchen rug sizes vary depending on what function you want the rug to serve. For example, 2x3 and 3x5 rugs are standard options in front of sinks and stoves, but when it comes to filling up the entire room, you’ll likely look at large area rugs like 5x7, 6x9, or even 8x10 rugs. Runners are yet another option for kitchens that are narrow because of being in a galley style or having an island. Whatever your scenario, it’s key to look at your specific kitchen, the size of the room, and layout to decide what standard rug size/shape you should go with.

Rustic Kitchen - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

How To Choose a Kitchen Rug?

Aside from the size of the rug, there are other key aspects to consider like shape, material, colors, and patterns. The shape of your rug will work in tandem with the size, so you’ll likely decide if you want a rectangular, round, square, runner, or other shape at the same time you finalize the size. As for colors and patterns, you have a wide array of options to choose from, including styles that range from vintage to modern and anywhere in between. Finally, washable rugs and easy to clean materials like wool or vinyl are great for the kitchen, since that room can see a lot of traffic and messes.

Pink Kitchen - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

Where To Put A Kitchen Rug?

There are a few places people tend to put kitchen rugs. Some will use a large kitchen area rug to fill the entire room or at least have it centered in the middle of the space. Others will go minimal and include just small rugs by a stove or sink. However, there’s also a middle-ground to be had with using runner rugs along those same areas where you tend to stand still.

How To Choose the Best Kitchen Rug Size for a Kitchen

It’s easy to decide on 2x3 and 3x5 rugs, since they have pretty standard positions in the kitchen. When it comes to choosing runner rugs or larger area rugs, it can be harder to know the balance. For larger area rugs and runner rugs, you should never choose a size that is longer than the kitchen itself, and you should have some breathing room between the sides of the rug and the cabinetry. Keep reading for some specific guidelines and size recommendations.

Industrial Kitchen - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

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Modern Kitchen - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide


What Is The Best Kitchen Rug Size for a Medium Kitchen?

In medium kitchens, the best rug size to fill the room will likely be a 6x9, 8x10, or some round/square rug with similar dimensions. Like what’s listed above, you can also use a rug in the main corner of the kitchen or use a runner rug if you have a narrow kitchen. In this case, look at runners that are a bit longer, such as 6 foot and 7 foot long runners.

Best Rug Sizes:

  • Rectangular/Oval: 6x9, 8x10.
  • Runners: 6-7 ft.


What Is The Best Kitchen Rug Size for a Small Kitchen?

Aside from those 2x3 and 3x5 kitchen rugs, you can also use a short runner rug in your kitchen. 4 foot and 5 foot long runner rugs are great for establishing short pathways and providing comfort to those spots where you stand still. Alternatively, if your small kitchen is in an “L’” shape, then you can use a small area rug like a 4x6 or 5x7, or a similarly sized square rug in that corner.

  • Best rug sizes for small kitchens: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6 and 5x7.
Medium Kitchen- Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide
Functional Beauty - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide
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What Is The Correct Kitchen Rug Size for a Long Kitchen?

When it comes to long kitchens, you’ll likely use a more narrow runner rug like a 10 foot one to fit along one side of the cabinets or fill out a narrow pathway. Runners come in many lengths and widths, so it’s important to look at your specific room and find a rug that doesn’t extend past the kitchen’s length and balances well with the flooring beneath it.

Ideal Long Kitchen Rugs:

  • Runner: 10 ft


What Is The Best Kitchen Rug Size for a Large Kitchen?

The best kitchen rug size to fill a large kitchen will likely be an 8x10 rug, a 9x12, or a square/round rug that fills the room but leaves some space between the rug and cabinetry. If you want to accent your sink or stove more, you can go up a size to 3x5 or 4x6 rugs and forgo a large area rug. Another option is to use a longer runner rug that is 8 or 9 feet long along a main stretch of counters, appliances, sink, and/or stove top.

Best Large Kitchen Rug Sizes:

  • Grounded: 8x10, 9x12.
  • Sink/Stoves: 3x5 or 4x6.
  • Runner: 8-9 ft
Long Kitchen -Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

Kitchen Islands - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide

What Size Rug Do I Use With a Kitchen Island?

With kitchen islands, you should look at using a runner rug that leaves at least six inches of bare floor between the sides of the rug and the cabinetry. Lengthwise, you should look at using a runner that extends past the length of the island towards the other cabinetry. Popular sizes for runner rugs used with kitchen islands are 6’, 7’, and 8’, but look at your specific situation to choose your best size. To give an example, if your kitchen island is four feet long, then use a runner rug that is at least six feet in length so some of it reaches past the island and ties to the other counters/cabinets. Center the rug with your island itself and in front of spots where you tend to stand still (typically a sink or stove).

  • Runners: 6-7 ft and 8-9 ft .
Kitchen Sink Rug - Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide
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What Kitchen Rug Size Is Best In Front of a Stove?

If you’re working in a kitchen with an island, then you can potentially center a runner rug with the island and cover the space in front of the stove too. If that’s not the case, then look at smaller rugs like 2x3 and 3x5. Aside from those two standard sizes, you have options as to whether you use a rectangular, oval, or square rug. Then, you have plenty of variety with rug colors, patterns, and other aspects to make it your own.

  • Best rug sizes for kitchen stoves: 2x3 and 3x5.
  • Shapes: Rectangular, Square and Oval


What Kitchen Rug Size Is Best In Front of a Kitchen Sink?

If you have your sink centered in the middle of the room along with the island, then you can naturally use a runner rug in that space and measure according to the guidelines above. However, if you don’t want to use a runner, then consider 2x3 and 3x5 rugs. That will give you plenty of comfort in front of the sink, add style to the space, and really define it as a focal point.

  • Best rug sizes for kitchen sinks: 2x3 and 3x5.
Kitchen Stove Rug- Kitchen Rug Sizing Guide
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