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How To Enhance Your Dorm Room: Rugs Edition

Entering college can sometimes be daunting, whether it's finding your classes on the first day or getting to know your fellow students. Often times, your dorm room is the once place where you can get a taste of solace. It's important to build a space that fits your personality and unique style. Dorm rooms can differ in shapes depending on the layout of the building and so it's important to determine what size rug works for you before you look at designs and color palettes.

  1. Learn About Common rug Sizes for Dorm Rooms

  2. 3x5 Rugs
  3. 4x6 Rugs
  4. 5x8 Rugs
  5. 6x9 Rugs

College Bedroom - Dorm Sizing Guide

What is the Standard Size Rug for a Dorm Room?

To decide on the right size rug for your dorm room, it’s key to look at the size of your room, the layout, and how you plan on layering your rug with the rest of the furniture. Common shapes for dorm rooms include rectangular, circle, or square, but there are other options too if you want to make a bold statement. As for size, you’ll often use sizes like 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, or 6x9 rugs.

6x9 Dorm Rug- Dorm Rug Guide

Choose A style That suits your personality

There’s a huge variety of color palettes and designs out there to choose from as well, so you can go bold and quirky with geometric shapes and bold colors or you can create a relaxing dorm with subdued colors and traditional prints. No matter which style you lean towards, you can personalize your dorm room to make it feel like home.

Single Bed - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide

How To Size a Rug for a Dorm Room?

Each college has dorm rooms that are different sizes, contain different furniture, and house different numbers of students. When you’re looking to dress up your dorm room, you may want to see if the school has a floor plan posted anywhere with dimensions and furniture layouts; that way, if it’s a set layout or a more flexible one, you at least know your options for what areas to use a rug in.

What is the Best Size Rug for a Dorm Room?

There is no “best” size for dorm room rugs, but there are the common ones like 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, or 6x9 rugs. Whenever you choose a rug for your dorm room, it’s key to look at the size of the room itself and the furniture so that everything looks visually balanced. These sizes and layout ideas below will help guide you towards the best size for you.

Dorm Rugs - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide

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Dorm Bedroom Rugs- Dorm Rug Sizing Guide


When to Use a 4’ x 6’ Rug for a Dorm:

You have a few more options with 4x6 rugs. This can be a great size for dressing up your part of the dorm and leaving room for your roommate to style their side of the room with their own personal style. Center it in the middle of your space or have it partly beneath your bed to add comfort and style to those spaces.


When to Use a 3’ x 5’ Rug for a Dorm:

This size is definitely best for a smaller dorm room. Perhaps you’ll place it right along the side of your bed or at the foot of the bed if that part extends further out into the room. If you have a bathroom attached to your room, then you can also use a 3x5 rug in front of a vanity.

Dorm Bedroom - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide
College Rugs - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide


When to Use a 6’ x 9’ Rug for a Dorm:

You just read the potential for 5x8 dorm room rugs, and that just extends further with 6x9 dorm rugs. You can still use it to fill in the large floor space in the middle of the room, but now you’ll be more likely to have it layered with the bed and extend closer to the walls. If that’s the look you prefer, then you’ll probably be happy with a 6x9 rug.


When to Use a 5’ x 8’ Rug for a Dorm:

If you’re looking to dress up a larger space, then a 5x8 rug may be the right size for you. It can fill a larger portion of the room and cover the areas where you’ll commonly walk between your bed, desk, sitting area, and door. You may also have some overlap with the side/end of your bed a bit depending on the room’s size; whether that’s the case for you or not, that size rug is the most common for dorm rooms and will look great in either layout.

Cozy Dorm - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide
Loft Bedroom Rug - Dorm Rug Sizing Guide


What Size Rug is Best For a Dorm Room with Two Beds?

In a dorm with two beds, you’ll likely have the two beds along the same wall. If that’s the case, then fit a rug between the two beds to establish a central focal point and provide comfort for both of you as you roll out of bed in the morning. The size of your rug can range from 4x6, 5x7, or even 6x9 if your room is big enough. If you have a relatively small space between beds, look at runner rugs to bridge the gap.


Which College Dorm Rug Size Fits Under a Loft Bed?

There are several ways to style the area beneath your loft bed; if you want to establish it as a separate area for sitting in a comfy chair and reading your assignments, define the space with a 3x5 or 3x6 rug. If you have a desk set up beneath your loft bed, you can center a rug with the desk or with the bed itself. It often looks most natural to have the length of the rug similar to whichever piece it’s centered with (desk or bed), so look at your layout and sift through options like 4x6 and 5x7 rugs.

Twin Beds- Dorm Rug Sizing Guide

3 Bed Runners - Dorm Rug Guide

How Do You Choose a Rug Size for a Dorm Room with Three Beds?

If your three beds are scattered along different walls of the room, then you may choose a large area rug to fill the entire room and make it feel cohesive. Otherwise, if your beds are along the same wall, you can use a runner rug between each bed like you would in a 2 bed dorm. You can also follow the guidelines for 2 beds if your room has one bunk bed and one single bed; using a larger area rug between the two sets of beds can tie the space together thematically and balance the room.

Want More Rug Size Info?

What sizes do rugs come in? How do I know what size and shape would look best? Check out our guide to rug sizes for help answering these questions. There, you'll find a rug size comparison chart for each room to help you decorate.


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