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Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Rustic style is a popular go-to for anywho who loves the great outdoors. This style is known for its love of wood tones, incorporation of texture, and rich color palette. However, rustic style is often blended with other popular styles such as rustic farmhouse, modern rustic, boho rustic, and so many more. It's a very forgiving, flexible style that focuses on making a space feel like home. For ideas on how to bring this rustic style into your bedroom, continue on to see purely rustic rooms and blended styles.

Modern Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Rustic

When you're looking to bring your rustic aesthetic into the modern day, there are a few ways you can go about it. First, follow this room's example by using lighter wood tones and a neutral color palette elsewhere. Then, if you include wood in the bed frame, bench, nightstands, etc, use furniture that uses simple, clean-cut lines. This simplicity in design matches modern sensibilities while still giving you the perfect blend of rustic style.

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Fur-ever Rustic

While rustic style does tend to highlight wood tones in particular, animal skins and hides are other pieces you can include, since they call back to the great outdoors. This bedroom masterfully incorporates two hides/rugs as part of the decor, and they work because they fit into the rustic theme and match the rest of the room's color palette. Using two hides of different styles, sizes, and heights allows each to add a new layer to the room and elevate that style.

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Fur-ever Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Marvel - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Marvel

Mid Century modern is yet another design that blends well with rustic style. When you're looking to create a midcentury modern rustic bedroom, focus on incorporating geometric shapes in multiples areas of the room and balancing those shapes. For example, this room uses sharp lines with the bed's headboard and side table, but then the rounded arches are used in the doorway, the chair, side tables, and even the artwork above the bed. Where you incorporate wood into those areas is up to you, but you can find wood furnishings and decor in many different shapes that blend well with that midcentury design, so have fun exploring those options!

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Traditional Tastes - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas


If you want to truly lean into the woodsy side of rustic style in your bedroom, use wood that actually looks like trees or has an unrefined finish. The most obvious statement piece of this bedroom is the canopy wood bed frame, but outside of that, you can see more of that rough rustic look in the room's ceiling. This room limits the unrefined wood and incorporates more finished woods in windows, doors, and dresser, which helps keep the room from feeling too woodsy. This intentionality and blending of styles brings the room from purely rustic to an elegant cabin.


To make a rustic bedroom that blends well with traditional style, use dark stained woods as the main furnishings in the room. However, be sure that you incorporate plenty of lighter elements throughout the room, whether that be in the wall color, flooring, curtains, or rug--without a proper balance of the darker woods and lighter elements, your bedroom may wind up feeling dark and drab.

Elegant Cabin - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Lofty Aspirations - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Lofty Aspirations

What's not to love about a loft bedroom? Whether it's a guest space or your master bedroom, the architecture of a loft bed gives you a unique opportunity to feature the room's finish as the primary design element. In this case, the vaulted ceiling and wood beams definitely bring in those wood tones and define the space. If you have architecture like this in your bedroom, allow it to be the focal point by using simple furnishings and decor in other places, such as a solid comforter, simple patterns, and a limited color palette.

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Green Thumb - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Earth Tones

Since rustic style celebrates the great outdoors, it makes sense to focus on an earthy color palette in rustic bedrooms. This bedroom perfectly showcases the power of deep emerald and forest greens on the bed, but it also incorporates green in the plants and the rug. When you're creating a rustic color palette, definitely bring in those shades of green and if you want to make a bold statement, allow those hues to work in a very limited color palette.

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Green Thumb

Rustic bedrooms often focus on highlighting those wood tones, but another way you can reinforce the style is to include plantlife in the decor. This bedroom captures that perfectly with the overflowing eucalyptus leaves on the bed and the smaller plant on the nightstand. Aside of the actual incorporation of greens, you can add in artwork that shows off the great outdoors to really nail the theme.

Earth Tones - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Industrial Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas


Rustic style in and of itself isn't geared towards one gender or another, but it can easily be designed to tailor to a specific gender. Once again, focus on those wood tones to really set the rustic style, and then add in more outdoor elements like flowers and greens in your other wall art, pillows, poufs, or rugs.


Industrial and "rustic" may seem like two styles that wouldn't meld well together, but there are many ways to blend the two to create a stunning bedroom! The key is to incorporate rustic wood tones with metal. This bedroom showcases that perfectly with a headboard that is predominantly wood with a metal frame. The bookshelf and nightstands to the sides of the bed definitely bring in more of that industrial style to balance out the wood bed and wood floor, so when you balance the two styles, you can easily blend them to create your perfect industrial rustic bedroom.

Feminine Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Rustic Farmhouse - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Beautifully Boho

Boho style naturally lends itself to rustic design, although it does it in a way that's different from combining rustic with farmhouse or traditional homes. The first aspect to consider is the earthy color palette that often uses terracotta reds, burnt oranges, and rosey pinks. Any wood tones you incorporate into rustic boho should be warm and inviting to bounce off of those earth tones you use elsewhere in the room.

Rustic Farmhouse

Farmhouse style often tends to lean into rustic design, since both of them have an appreciation for the outdoors and for simple living. To fully blend rustic and farmhouse style, use the light and bright tones associated with farmhouse and incorporate different wood and natural elements into the design. This bedroom captures that with the light wood tones on each item of the bedroom set, but it also adds in the wood through the flooring and shiplap walls.

Beautifully Boho - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Subtly Southwestern - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas - Instagram

Tie It Together

This dog's gonna have a ruff time leaving this rustic bedroom. Part of what makes this room so effective is that it does highlight those wood tones and plants, but it also elevates the style by incorporating an oriental rug under the bed. When you're looking to create a rustic bedroom, you can truly set the tone by finding a rug pattern that is classy, timeless, modern, or whatever style you want it to be.

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Subtly Southwestern

Rustic style is often associated with very woodsy areas full of huge trees and falling leaves. However, if you want to spin your rustic style to fit in with something more southwestern, change out the traditional forest imagery for other plant life like cacti and wheat. This is a unique way to still harken back to the outdoors, but to reference another unique landscape.

Elevated Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Antiques - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas


Two elements that rustic style really thrives off of are color and texture. Texture is often incorporated in any wood furnishings and decor you have in the room, but if you prefer to have simple, clean-cut furniture, you can still add in texture through a rug. Woven or braided rugs add a lot of dimension to any bedroom and can be the perfect addition to any rustic bedroom.


Another thematic component of many rustic bedrooms is to use items that show off good craftsmanship or simply look like furniture from past eras. This room encapsulates that perfectly by using the traditional iron bed frame, and old wicker chair, and a dated desk. Rustic decor can be a good style for those that want to include family heirlooms or salvaged pieces, so if that describes you, you may want to use a rustic design for your bedroom!

Color and Texture - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious Leather - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious Leather

Similar to how animal skins and fur can evoke a sense of rustic design, leather can accomplish the same goal. The warm earthy tones of leather and it's obvious nature connection make it a perfect addition for rustic homes. Like this room, you can incorporate it into a unique leather headboard, but you do have other options like using it in pillows, poufs, or other miscellaneous decor.

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There's a reason why so many people are falling in love with rustic bedrooms; they are a perfect opportunity to show off your personal style--no matter what that style may be! Whether you're looking to blend different interior design models or you're leaning into the full woodsiness of rustic decor, you have plenty of options and freedom for creating your own personal look.


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