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Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas

Working with neutral tones is nothing new, but there are always new and innovative ways to work with them. Going with grey in your kitchen doesn't mean that you're stuck to one design style or one specific set of rules. There are so many creative ways to work with a grey scheme and to mold it to your particular style and space. Keep reading for our tips and tricks to create your dream grey kitchen!

Daring Colors And Patterns - White Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Jacklyn Graniczny Designs


When you're going for a grey kitchen, don't forget to add in elements to make the space feel warm. In this case, the white cabinets and light fixtures add in warmth, as does the dining room set on display in front of the kitchen. To stick with that grey scheme, don't limit it to the backsplash; add in a grey rug and maybe some grey accessories to accent the scheme.

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Not all the greys need to be identical to one another to create a cohesive style. In fact, it's better to have some variance of tone, so that it doesn't look overly "matchy." In this kitchen, the cabinets, doors, and window trim are all darker, but the grey seats at the island are a nice reprieve from that darkness. You can incorporate this design in your kitchen by keeping the cabinets/wood the same shades of grey, but using lighter grey tones for chairs and other accents. As for metals, going with steel in a grey kitchen is another nice way to add in another shade of grey to add another color variant.

Warming Up - Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas
Marble Backsplash - Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas

Marble Backsplash

Going with a solid slab of grey marble backsplash is a smart move for so many reasons. Going with a large backsplash like this creates a clear picture of uninterrupted design as the veins of marble aren't broken up by anything. Since it is perfectly smooth, it's also great at reflecting light and creating a brighter space. If you enjoy a backsplash like this one, add it in along with an open shelving unit so that you can appreciate the wall in all it's beauty! Go with natural wood shelves as well for a pop of warmth on what is otherwise a cooler color for a beautiful contrast.

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Daring Colors

Because grey is a neutral color, it goes well with almost any color out there. If you really want a vibrant kitchen, dare to go for a bold color on the walls like the red shown here. In this case, you can see the kitchen works well with darker grey cabinets as opposed to a light shade of grey. This complements the darker shade on the walls, but it also acts as a grounding element in the kitchen. With those darker tones in the cabinets and the wall color, paint your upper cabinets a light color so the room doesn't feel confined. Plus, incorporate all the room's colors into a curtain valance to tie the look together! It's a small part of the room, but it unifies the entire space.

Daring Colors - Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors
Make Your Statement - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design Via Patricia Davis Brown Designs


Light grey is a great backdrop in white kitchens. Even though the grey tile backsplash is very light compared to other greys, it is different enough from the white that your eye is naturally drawn towards it. If you want a subtle accent in your kitchen, go with a light shade of grey in a bright kitchen. Then, incorporate grey in other subtle ways, like the rug shown here. Adding in just a little bit of grey in your white kitchen is a nice way to break up the monotony and create a subtle focal point.

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Using a tile backsplash that has several shades of grey is an excellent way to draw your eye towards something. Tile like this one not only serves to add several shades of color into the kitchen, but it also acts as a clear focal point against the plain grey cabinets. If you use a more complex tile like this one, let it shine by making that the dominant focal point of the kitchen. Going too complex with cabinetry and other accessories will make your kitchen feel cluttered. Also, having solid upper cabinets is good with a busy backsplash; too much of a complex backsplash can be overwhelming on the eyes. Besides that, who doesn't love taking advantage of extra storage??

Classic Combo - Grey Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Fantastic Flow - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design Via Vantage Design Studio

Fantastic Flow

Having matte grey cabinets against white is a classy way to dress up your kitchen. However, the grey doesn't have to end with the cabinetry. This kitchen has grey in its floor panels, but it also uses it in the netting on the shelves. In your kitchen, spread out the shades of grey so that your eye is visually drawn from one thing to the next.

Traditional Grey

If you enjoy having rich, traditional cabinetry, consider having ultra light grey walls and a line of lower cabinets in the same color. Instead of going pure white or darker grey, going with a light shade of this one makes the kitchen look more lived in--a nice compliment to the traditional wood tones and design. Then, add in some steel elements to further cement the grey/wood tone in the kitchen through the light fixtures, appliances, and the handles/knobs.

Traditional Gray - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Cool & Warm Tones - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design Via Andrea Design


Grey and white are a winning combination, but it's not the only winning combo! Both colors play well with others--in this case, periwinkle blue, natural wood tones, bronzed metals, and even the multicolored rug on the floor. Since grey and white are both neutral colors, liven up your kitchen by adding in spritzes of color and warm tones. The lower tones of the cabinets, floor, and the distressed rug are all cooler tones, but then you're hit with warmer tones in the wood pantry doors and the metal. Spread out your warmer and cooler elements so that there's a natural flow in the kitchen's design.

Small Space, No Worries - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Cohesion and Unity

If your kitchen already has notable architecture, let it shine! Going with grey cabinets and the grey on that left hand pillar lets the natural beauty of the room shine. In this case, the windows are the star of the room, but they still connect to the cabinets because of the borders around each. Going with shaker cabinets with the framing around the doors is an excellent way to harken back to the window frames. So, if you have large windows you want to accentuate, try going with simple grey, shaker cabinets to both let the windows have their moment and subtly tie back to them at the same time.

Small Space, No Worries

Having light grey cabinets & overall color scheme is a smart move if your kitchen is smaller or placed at an interesting angle. Light color tones always make a space look larger than it is, and if you go with a semi-gloss paint job on the cabinets, that will also act to reflect light throughout the space and have the same effect. However, don't forget task lighting and decorative lighting! You can see decorative lighting above the island and by the dining table, but there is also functional lighting in the recessed ceiling lights and below the upper cabinets. When you're working with your small kitchen, work with light tones like this and include multiple light solutions to make the most of your space and make it look bigger.

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Cohesion and Unity - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design Via Andrea Design

Simple Statement - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips

Simple Statement

You can add texture to your grey kitchen by having a concrete or marbled grey backsplash. Using a simply textured wall like this one is a great contrast if if you prefer more simple, sleek kitchen counters and countertops. If you keep the rest of your kitchen simple, your eye is naturally drawn to the first thing that's different--in this case, the textured grey wall. The wall in and of itself is a simple touch, so if you enjoy a more minimalist kitchen, adding a wall like this will give your kitchen life without overwhelming the senses. Add a warm textured runner to complete the look!

Basic Base, Amazing Accents - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips

Basic Base, Amazing Accents

Using grey as the base color in your kitchen is a fantastic way to let other design elements shine. Incorporate natural warmth through woods and metals--like having wood floating shelves and bronze handles and light fixtures. However, don't feel like that's the limit! If you go with a light grey base, incorporate bolder, darker tones to make a statement. Dare to go with a marble island to highlight the natural stone and add to the natural element theme. Then, incorporate the colors of the marble into your lower cabinets, like this kitchen does. Suddenly a kitchen that starts with a very basic base becomes stunning when its accents are allowed to be the stars of the space.

Grey and Silver

These grey/green cabinets are brought to life with the grey accents throughout the space. If you have colored cabinets but love a grey kitchen, choose a color that leans into the grey family, and then highlight the grey tones with silver handles and pulls. Not only will those bring out the greys, but incorporating silver into the appliances and other furniture will highlight the greys as well. The pop of blue in the runner is the icing on the cake and makes for a lovely focal point and cushy place for your feet to land as you cook.

Gray and Silver - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Natural Warmth - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Natural Warmth

One of the best ways to have a grey kitchen that still feels warm is to incorporate a lot of natural textures. Sandwich the grey between warm textures so that your eye is naturally drawn from one texture to the next. In this kitchen, your eye is naturally drawn to the warmest tone in the room--the wood ceiling. As you lower your gaze, the next texture you see is the grey backsplash and countertops. Finally, your eyes rest on the floor and the black panelling in the island. Incorporating natural wood textures and other elements throughout the room helps guide your eye throughout the entire space so that you can appreciate the beauty of the entire room.

Mix It Up

If you like to mix styles, working with a grey kitchen is a great place to start. In this example, you can see a traditional farmhouse design at its base--greys, whites, and pale blue serve as the foundational colors. Then, touches of modern design are added in with the geometric light pendants, simple bar stools, and dark black countertops. To effectively mold farmhouse and modern in your kitchen, start with one style as the base and then add in accents of the other style. Having one style more prominent than the other will prevent the two from competing against one another for dominating the space.

Natural Warmth - Grey Kitchen Decor Design Tips

As you can see, there are so many different ways to interpret a grey kitchen. Whether you use grey as a base, as accents, or as both, you can make your grey kitchen fit into your favorite design style and be personal to you. As you go on to create your dream kitchen, don't forget that you can have it both aesthetically pleasing and functional! Include your colors, your tones, and your practical lighting, storage and accents to create your perfect kitchen.


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