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Spicher and Company Vinyl Floor Cloths

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Spicher And Company

The Spicher And Company Story

Spicher and Company was founded in 1992 and has since become a leading manufacturer of framed artwork and Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths. It is Spicher's goal to provide the most current design options at affordable prices.

Fun Facts About Spicher

  • All Spicher and Company products are manufactured in the USA.
  • Our in-house creative team pursues ideas from initial brainstorming to finished product.
  • Spicher and Company products have been featured in many notable films and tv shows such as Grace & Frankie, Vampire Diaries, Conan, and Nurse Jackie. Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths will also be used in Creed 2 and American Soul.

Noteworthy Area Rugs From Spicher And Company

Vintage Vinyl is durable and certified non-slip with tough tactile surface, notable designs, and signature vintage character. Each pattern has a distinct feel inspired by the past. Vintage Vinyl is a phthalate-free perfect match for high traffic areas. The vinyl surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth and water. With proper care, Vintage Vinyl can be used in outdoor settings exposed to rain, such as a covered porch. Most noteworthy rugs include:

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