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Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas 

Rustic dining rooms are great for creating a cozy, welcoming space for everyone to gather around the table and eat. Rustic design alone is a stunning style, but what's especially nice about rustic style is that it plays well with other design families. Whether you're into mid-century modern or farmhouse, there are so many ways to mold rustic decor & design into your personal style.

Classy Contemporary  - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Light and Dark, Round and Clean Cut

Rustic style thrives on natural elements and tones. If you have dark wood floors in your dining area, choose to go with lighter pieces to sit on it. Choosing a natural tan, textured rug is a good way to establish the dining area and set it apart from the dark wood floor. If you go with a rounded rug like this one, choose a table and chairs with clean cut lines so that they don't compete with the unique shape of the rug or overwhelm what's established as a small dining space.

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Classy Contemporary

It's true that dark colors make a space feel smaller, but in this case, it's the dark walls that establish the tone of this dining area. If you love dramatic spaces, start off with a dark wall color, and then incorporate lighter, neutral colors. The lighter accents will make the space feel bigger, and if you choose furniture that has a glossy or metallic finish like this table does, those surfaces also help reflect light and bring more definition to the space.

Circular Circumstances - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas
Lofty Ideas - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Lofty Ideas

Have a loft area that you're not sure what to do with? Filling it with a long dining room table may be your best solution! If you have any metals nearby in the architecture (such as in the stairway & loft rails), harken back to that with your dining room set. There are numerous ways to do that, but in this case, you can see how to do it with these modern dining room chairs and their geometric legs. Not only do the legs serve as a nice connection to the rails, but the shape of them also creates a style for the space.

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The Focal Point

Don't be afraid to mix wood tones to create a rustic dining space! In this case, there are several different woods: the floors, the chair legs, the table, and even a small plant stand on the other side of the dining table. You can add in different woods in these same areas, but you can also include other wood elements, such as wood-framed artwork, window sills, table decor, etc. One thing to note when it comes to effectively combining wood tones is to have one that stands out as different than the others; in this case, the table is a class of its own, since it is a darker, richer wood than all of the other light tones. This helps create a clear focal point in the room.

The Focal Point - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas
Mid-Century Rustic - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Speaking of statement walls, it can be tough to get them right. When creating an art collage in your dining area, make sure your art has a few things in common, like these ones do. For example, most of the artwork is in a white frame or has white matting to it. If it isn't in a white frame, it is in a light wood frame or has some natural tans to it. Speaking, all these portraits and the horns on the wall have a vintage feel to them, so aside from common framing, they all have similar content and coloring. Finally, when you work on your collage, dare to take it high up the wall! When your eye is drawn upwards to a higher ceiling, it makes your small dining space feel bigger.

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Mid-Century Rustic

Statement walls, when done correctly, make the right sort of statement. Pair that with a small dining area, and you've got your own little world off to the side. If you have an old brick wall like this, consider keeping it worn and loved, but update it with a small modern table and chairs. Marble is a nice modern twist, but at the same time, it's another natural material against a natural wall. Finally, the chairs have a modern shape to them, but the velvet fabric is a nice blast from the past and a perfect way to connect the shades of the wall into the dining area.

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Rustic Modern Farmhouse - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

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Cool Contrasting - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Cool Contrasting

To create a modern rustic dining space, choose furniture that has lighter wood tones as opposed to going too dark. Modern style thrives on light, neutral tones, and rustic is best shown in wood, so combining these two aspects is a natural way to blend the styles. That doesn't mean you can't incorporate darker aspects to the area, though! In fact, we recommend it. Choose a light wood table and chairs that have tans/neutral colors in them, but incorporate some drama with the outlines of the chairs being done in black or another dark color so that there's some contrast in the area.

Heirlooms - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas

Traditional Mid-Century Rustic

Your dining room table and chairs aren't the only pieces of furniture that can help set the style of the space. Choosing a statement piece like a dinette or buffet table also helps set the tone. If you like the idea of a buffet/serving table and you enjoy mid-century style, choose a buffet that has those trademark vertical lines. To make the space cohesive, choose a matching set of the dining room table, chairs, and buffet. Being uniform will make your mid-century rustic space have an air of traditional style to it with its uniformity and create a cohesive area.

Heirloom Decor

If you have an old wooden, sentimental piece of furniture, include it in your house! This table has a lot of texture to it that tells a tale of a long life and lots of love. These chairs too are a very old wicker style that accents the table's narrative. Part of the reason they stand out, however, is the rest of the room being clean, simple, and more modern with its simplistic lines and designs. Having a simple modern backdrop to your rustic dining space will let heirloom pieces like these truly shine and present opportunities for you to sit down and tell the stories that go with them.

Traditional Mid-Century Rustic - Rustic Dining Room Decor Ideas
Modern Rustic - Rustic Dining Room Design Tips

Traditional Rustic

Add in an element of class with your rustic dining area by going with rich, dark woods. Notice in this room, there are dark wood floors, chair seats, table tops, and dinette. These dark tones are further emphasized with the black outlining on the chairs, table, and the dinette. You can use wood tones in the same way in your traditional rustic dining room, but be sure you do add in some levity elsewhere in the room, such as with a lighter rug and white/neutral colored walls. Choosing a light rug separates the dark table from the dark floors, and going with white wainscotting will also add a traditional vibe to the space while also providing a nice backdrop so the table set stands out against the white.

Modern Rustic

White can be a blank canvas, or it can fill the canvas nearly entirely. By choosing a white table, chairs, walls, and rug, your space can be a prime example of minimalism and maximize your space all at the same time. However, do bring in a few different tones to offset the space--this room has the wood chair and table legs, which sets it apart from the white marbled rug. Add in an unexpected pop of style with a colored sofa table or dinette to break up all the white if you feel like the canvas is too blank. And again, consider putting a round table on top of a round rug to define the dining space as separate from the rest of the room.

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Traditional Rustic - Rustic Dining Room Design Tips
Rustic Elegance - Rustic Dining Room Design Tips

Light and Bright

When creating your rustic dining room, you can certainly choose darker wood tones for your furniture. But how do you keep the room from feeling too dark? Highlight the room with other natural, neutral tones and textures. In this case, there are the tan curtains against the white walls, lighter wood floors, and distressed rug. The curtains you choose also add to the style of the room; in this case, these formal curtain panels connect to the traditional dining room set and add to the style. Whatever your style is, choose curtains that add to that vibe and brighten up the room when necessary.

Rustic Elegance

We've already seen how rustic style doesn't have to mean dark and dated, and now we get a chance to see how it can also be called elegant! Incorporate those wood tones and natural fabrics into your table set, but add in a sense of regal design with the table top. Choosing a glass, reflective top like this not only adds an element of class, but it also brightens up the space. Plus, if you hang a light fixture above it like this one, it'll further light up your dining room.

Light and Bright - Rustic Dining Room Design Tips

No matter what design style you're into, rustic decor can easily fit hand in hand with it. As you incorporate rustic design into your dining room, remember to highlight natural textures and woods, and don't be afraid to bring in some older pieces for a well-loved room. On the other side, if you like a more modern, clean rustic, you can still work with those natural tones in a more restrained, simple way. Even if you fit into some other design style that wasn't covered in depth here, as long as you employ those basic principles, you're well on your way to creating a stunning rustic dining room all your own.


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