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Liora Manne Rugs

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Liora Manne

The Liora Manne Story

Liora Manne is a New York-based home fashion designer who is known for her ground-breaking advances in the textile industry. Her background in textile engineering and design paved the way for a formidable career in the home fashion industry. Liora made a name for herself by introducing bold, contemporary color and innovative design to a category previously dominated by tradition. Her patterns and fabrics inspired by her love for nature fostered her creativity which opened the door to innovation. Her ingenious craftsmanship combined artisanal design with modern technology resulting in her very own process called LaMontage. Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use, LaMontage products allow for endless design possibilities. It uses the ancient art of felting with modern techniques which can be customized to any shape, size or design. Patterns are available in a myriad of sizes whether they are for floor covering, wall covering, or fabric.

Fun Facts About Liora Manne

Liora Manne offers a range of indoor and indoor-outdoor area rugs suitable for any lifestyle. Her floor coverings vary from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern designs. There is something for everyone, especially when it comes to the Front Porch Collection which features novel designs in whimsical, fun and memorable patterns like lighthearted pet-inspired rugs or joyful holiday half-rounds showcasing decorative winter motifs.

Noteworthy Area Rugs From Liora Manne

The Ravella Akumal rug is one of the most popular indoor/outdoor rugs on the market featuring a stunning iconic Sea turtle with a striking coral reef backdrop in beautiful multi-dimensional earth tones. A true performance area rug that boasts of great versatility, durability and visual appeal, making it a must-have for every home. One of the best features of the rug is how low-maintenance it is making it easy-care and virtually worry free. Decorating your outdoor entertaining space is a breeze with the coastal Akumal rug that in addition to adding character to any indoor or outdoor space, it adds a layer of warmth, texture and a soft floor covering underfoot.

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