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Coastal Living room Ideas

Create a relaxed, vacation feel in your home with coastal living room ideas that feature plenty of light, soft colors, and casual elements that look lived-in and inviting but always fresh and expansive. By tying everything together with one or two colors you can avoid sensory overload, ensuring your coastal living room is soothing to the eyes and restful for afternoons spent lounging. Natural textures can keep things interesting and add a natural element.

The Coastal Blues - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Refined Relaxation

Coastal decor can be tailored and refined without being stuffy, like this tufted sofa with brass stud accents. While blues and whites are always a play, some rooms can work with accenting blue rather than focusing on it and still create a beachy atmosphere. Also, a creamy rug featuring a starfish on top of a weathered, whitewashed floor can help recreate the feeling of driftwood.

The Coastal Blues

Shades of blue and white are hallmarks of coastal design and are key to easily creating a sense of serenity with a seaside aura. Adding other elements of the sea - such as the rug's whimsical fish design - or tying together different pieces of decor - such as a seascape painting or blue-toned throw pillows - are great ways to bring together the themes of the sea for a cohesive look.

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Refined Relaxation  - Coastal Living Room Ideas
Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design

We See Seashells

If you want to make a splash, use an unmistakable focal point, as in this room with sumptuous, metallic wallpaper ornamented with vibrant seashells in blues, greens, and purples. When you have a bold graphic element on the walls, little else is needed aside from sleek, white furniture placed on pale wood floors. Choose chrome legs or accent pieces to tie the furniture to the silvery finish on the walls. When you keep all the other elements simple, your wallpaper is art, not kitsch.

Urbane Coastal Style

To elevate coastal style with a touch of elegance, keep the cool color palette, but go for classics like mid-century modern furniture. A subtly striped rug captures all the colors of the coast, including shades of earth, sea, and sky. Adding tweedy furniture in muted blue-gray topped with vivid blue cushions against lots of white keeps it fresh without being overtly themed.

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Betsy Helmuth, Owner of Affordable Interior Design
Coastal Composition in White - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Nautical Navy

Create a cheerful, nautical theme with the crispness of navy and bright yellow. By arranging things symmetrically, you evoke a tidy, "ship shape" feel. Soften the effect with pale wall colors and rich fabrics. A boldy patterned, nautical rug's bold pattern can transform the room from basic to beautiful.

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Coastal Composition in White

Looking for ways to create a beach-themed living room with modern flair? A predominantly white color scheme is a great starting point. The geometric shapes of the smoked glass light fixture and structural furniture are contemporary without being industrial. To keep the room looking coastal, use shades of blue and let sunlight in through bare windows. Use a rug as the focal point by choosing a colorful option with natural colors and geometric shapes, such as this rug with repeating blue and gray sand dollars.

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Nautical Navy - Coastal Living Room Ideas

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Something Fishy and Fashionable - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Harmony in Blue and Gray

For a coastal living room steeped in serenity, opt for soft, powdery shades of gray, blue, and cream This room whispers "beach retreat" rather than shouting it. Focus on softness through fabrics and avoid bright colors for a soothing look. Add contrasting textures such as wood, a chunky crocheted stool, and a stoneware planter for organic interest.

Something Fishy and Fashionable

Don't let old-fashioned design rules hinder your style. It's okay to center an entire room around one feature, such as this colorful, tropical fish rug. The bold reds, greens, blues, and corals of this richly imagined rug capture the brilliance of sunny, seaside days. To avoid a confusion of colors, keep other furnishings subdued. The softly weathered furniture and neutral cushions here are ideal foils in shades that reflect a stormy sky.

Harmony in Blue and Gray - Coastal Living Room Ideas
Breezy and Bright - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Breezy and Bright

Coastal living is all about letting in the light, and floor to ceiling windows can create an airy, vacation atmosphere that's ideal for relaxing. Keep it light and fresh with white floors, walls, and a soaring ceiling with open rafters. Choose a rug with just two colors, such as this deep blue pattern, to ground the space without busyness. Using the same blue in touches throughout the room draws the eye around the area, moving from chairs to sofa. This helps define an intimate conversation area in an otherwise open space.

Sheer Beauty

Using various shades of blue creates a tranquil room. We love this fabulous sea turtle rug for its many shades of blue with mellow accent shades of green and coral. Choose a couch with contrasting blues in the piping and add a striped throw and pillows to tie everything together. It can create an immersive feel of watery surroundings. By strategically placing plants and and a leaf print to the decor, you add a touch of the outdoors.

Sheer Beauty - Coastal Living Room Ideas
Pattern Play - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Pattern Play

When the furniture is simple and sleek, patterns take on added importance. Look for a variety of patterns, such as these Greek keys and curvy coral forms, then add elements of nature with distinctive shapes such as a starfish print to add textural appeal and keep things interesting. Tossing in an ombre throw with deep blue ruffles that mimic ocean waves will add coziness to the room for those cool evenings.

Sculptural Seaside Escape

The appeal of this beach themed living room is a lesson in how to create depth in a small space. Curved rattan furniture is light and open, while wood and macrame touches add rustic charm. The deep pile of the sculpted rug adds to the layers of texture with a strongly patterned seascape.

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Sculptural Seaside Escape - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Naturally Neutral - Coastal Living Room Ideas

Naturally Neutral

Overcome the challenges of creating a coastal living room in a small space by introducing neutral hues and organic materials. A painted brick and jute-style rug are casual backdrops; you can use these as the canvas for muted blue and coral cushions. When space is limited, look for eye-catching elements that serve double duty, such as this unusual rope stool/side table in marine blue that can serve as additional seating or a side table.

Clearly Right White - Coastal Living Room Decor Tips

Coastal Beauty at Your Feet

Create a soothing retreat with gauzy curtains and fluffy throws to encourage visitors to sink into comfort. Chrome trimmed-furniture and side table can add a soft shimmer like sunlight on water. Adding an abstract rug with deep blues and whites can give your living room a welcoming effect for bare feet as if you too were walking on flowing water. You can create a soothing harmony with just two colors when you include texture and a few tropical plants.

Clearly Right White

Love the clean look of bright whites? Let white walls and furniture take center stage, but keep it coastal with sheer white curtains for a breezy look and lots of sunlight streaming into the room. An intricately carved white side table adds needed texture. You can magnify the light and open up the room with clear glass accent pieces and a Lucite table. The nautical pillow is a bold pop of color and texture that brings the seaside feel home.

Coastal Beauty at Your Feet - Coastal Living Room Decor Tips

Our coastal living room ideas can help you transform your home into an oasis of serenity and comfort. Tactile touches like plush rugs and chenille throw pillows are wonderful elements for relaxing into. Muted colors reminscent of ocean waves, sandy beaches, and sunsets can contribute to the coastal feel. Building your room around airy, bright furnishings and accenting with beachy colors will create a room family and guests will gravitate to all year round.


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