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Living Room Rug Ideas

The living room is the gathering place for your home. It’s the spot where your family gathers for game night, where you curl up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, where you catch up with an old friend, or where a spontaneous movie night comes together. The right living room rug can make your living room truly liveable! Rugs have the power to soften and define a space. They can add important design elements to make your room feel like your own. We’ve gathered some great living room rug ideas that are sure to help you pick your new favorite rug!

Coastal Living Room Ideas

Bohemian Dream

If you’re looking to add a little life to your living room, go for a boho style. This style mixes bright colors with neutral tones for a creative, artistic, well traveled vibe. Try adding a vintage style rug in bright pinks, blues, and yellows. Bright colors are not as overwhelming when they’re on the floor. Add a neutral couch and accessorize with treasures from your travels. Finish the look with some indoor plants. Your bohemian living room will be your new favorite place in your home!

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Coastal Vibes

It takes a decidedly elegant rug to anchor this stunning four-poster bed, and an antique-inspired design is up to the job. With a creamy ivory background covered in a traditional pattern accented by pleasing, muted tones, this rug ties the space together. And the rug placement halfway down the bed showcases more of the bold design, adding character to the bright bedroom. The multi-textural surface, reminiscent of antique mosaics, also creates a beautiful contrast with this space’s hardwood flooring.

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Create a Bohemian Living Room
Mid-Century Modern living room ideas and pictures

Mid-Century Modern

This style is making a huge come back from its origin in the 1950’s and 60’s. For a Mid-century modern look, choose a rug in neutral tones with straight lines or geometric patterns.

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Farmhouse Feel

If you’re in love with the farmhouse style (aren’t we all?!) then choose a rug in a neutral tone. Jute and sisal rugs are perfect for your farmhouse living room; they provide texture and definition for the space. They’re also very durable and easy to clean. If you want to add a little color, try layering a smaller rug on top of your jute or sisal rug.

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Add some Farmhouse to your living room - Rugs Direct Ideas

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Add Moroccan to your living room with a Moroccan-styled living room rug


If you’re looking for eco-friendly living room rug ideas, this woven jute rug will fit the bill. Jute is made from long, silky plant fibers that give this natural fiber area rug a soft handfeel and eye-catching textural appeal. This rug is durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for busy homes, and each piece is handwoven for a unique texture and color variance. It’s an excellent option for those working with small spaces, too, and it’ll fit in well with a light-toned color palette.

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This lovely living room comes to life with the texture and lines of this Moroccan-inspired area rug. It’s perfect for those looking for area rug ideas for small living rooms. The placement seen here is a great fit when you lack square footage because it anchors the sofa without taking up too much space. The fringed edges give it a charming touch, accenting the high-low texture and geometric design. With neutral cream and charcoal colorway, this rug can fit in with almost any modern color scheme.

Add Natural Fiber to your living room with a natural-styled rug
Add a touch of Persia with a Persian-styled living room rug

Handsome Stripes

Are you searching for the best living room rugs for an earthy neutral space? This handwoven area rug features masterful construction and a modern stripe pattern that can bring rustic charm into any space. This living room design plays with the shades of tan and ivory in the rug using a pouf, throw blankets, accent pillows, and other textural elements. Balancing your accents with your rug colors is a foolproof way to achieve a cohesive look in your living room, adding character and visual intrigue.

Persian Midnight

With an elegant midnight colorway and silky, glimmering pile, this stately area rug would make a luxurious update to any transitional or modern traditional living room. The pile is elegantly hand-knotted from handspun bamboo silk, and it’ll make your living room feel decadent underfoot. The Persian-inspired design is updated with modern nuances and colors, perfect for today’s homes. The blue accents and tan furniture throughout this living room make the high-contrast colorway on this area rug seem right at home.

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Add stripes to the living room
Add some global inspiration to your living room

Global Inspiration

This Bohemian rug could work well with a range of living room area rug ideas. With geometric patterns and a high-contrast color palette of black, this rug brings the living room to life, tying in the eclectic elements to create an artistic and relaxing space. The geometric elements on the accent pillows accentuate the patterns on the jute rug, creating a path of movement for the eye to follow through the room.

Architecturally Inspired

Designed in collaboration with award-winning architect Patricia Urquiola, this contemporary area rug uses warped and straight lines to complement the architecture of the space. If your living room has a striking feature — say, a high arched doorway or slanted ceiling – matching it with the rug's shape and/or design can showcase it. In this case, the gray and burgundy area rug visually enhances the grandeur created by the vaulted ceiling and archways.

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Design with Architecture in mind
Black and white living room rug


No matter your style, a traditional oriental rug is a great choice for the living room. They’ve been popular for centuries and for good reason. A well made Oriental rug is likely to outlast paint colors and all the furnishings of your living room! Consider the color and size you’d like for your space and turn your living room into the space you’ve always dreamed of.


Many designers feel that no room is complete without a piece of black decor, and this black and white area rug is the perfect way to add it. The high-contrast design features a cream and charcoal colorway that’s sure to ground and anchor any living room. And with a blend of wool and viscose fibers, it produces a subtle shimmer that creates depth and dimension with a luxuriously soft handfeel. The white couch accented by the black and white throw pillow arrangement shown here is an excellent way to complement this striking area rug.

Adding traditional style with living room rugs


Drawing inspiration from Heriz motifs, this dramatic high-low area rug creates an unforgettable dimensional style. The design is centered by an oversized medallion that ends in playful details on every side. Every high-low line is rendered with a thick looped pile over a low woven field, all of which is hooked from sumptuous wool yarns. If you’re searching for a way to add dimension and visual appeal to a living room that feels dull or lifeless, you can’t go wrong with an intricately textured rug like this.

Effortless Comfort

Abstract patterning and subdued tones create a casual chic vibe that seems to invite you to sit down and stay awhile. With dappled mist and sand tones, this area rug brings serenity and relaxation to the living room. These colors go well with the white, tan, gray, deep blue, and green found throughout the space, anchoring everything together with its varied color palette.

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Add whimsy to your living room with a whimsical rug
Another idea for adding bohemian style to the living room - use a rug!

Contemporary Elegance

Those looking for area rug ideas for living rooms that are unique and modern will love this contemporary piece. With a hand-knotted pile, modern design, and earthy colorway, this area rug is the star of the show in this modern living room. Rugs play a unique part in interior decorating when paired with modern styled furniture like the coffee table or end tables shown here. Everything from the unique accent chair to the rug itself seems an integral part of this beautiful living area.

Boho Warmth

Boho never looked so good. This distressed area rug features an overdyed printed design with a warm color palette. Hints of sky blue in the rug’s design balance the earthy colorways in this living room, while the painted brick adds texture. The real stars of the show here are the warm-toned couch and photo frame, though. Warm accessories pair beautifully with orange rug designs, giving the room a grounded and welcoming appeal.

Contemporary living room rug ideas
Use your living room rug to layer your look

Contrasting Colors

With beautiful contrasting colors, this lovely living room plays with a contrast between traditional and Bohemian-inspired elements. The rug features a rust-based color palette that’s accented with hints of sky blue, which is mirrored in the sofa and surrounding accents. This can also be an inspiring layout for anyone searching for living room rug size ideas, as the large rug boldly takes up floor space without overwhelming the area.

Layered Lounging

Inspired by intricate tribal-style designs, this laid-back Bohemian area rug layers beautifully throughout the bright living room. If you’re looking for rug on carpet ideas for your living room, this could be a winner. Layering several rugs artfully throughout the space breaks some traditional rules, but it creates a boho look that’s intentional and relaxed. It also adds extra padding and warmth to your floors, perfect for spaces where you need both visual interest and comfort.

More Cozy Living Room Decor Ideas

Contrast your living room colors using a combination of rugs and furniture
Add sophistication to your living room with a natural fiber rug and unique texture.

Sophisticated Leisure

Layered atop a textured natural fiber rug, this neutral-toned traditional area rug anchors the living room with earthy tones of brown and taupe. The hints of red throughout the decor cement the warm, nature-themed aesthetic in this relaxing living area. The positioning places the front legs of the furniture on the rug, as well as the coffee table and pouf. It also leaves an expansive section uncovered, allowing the eyes to drink in the meticulous detail in the rug’s design. This approach can make even a small living room feel spacious, especially if you layer your rug atop a larger natural-fiber floor covering.

More Brown Living Room Decor Ideas

Ruggedly Charming

With a charming geometric pattern in black and white, this high-contrast area rug is sure to be eye-catching in almost any living room. Silky viscose and leather come together to give this area rug an authentic animal hide texture worthy of any farmhouse home with a chic and contemporary sense of style. The combination of soft and rugged textures creates a visual and textural appeal in this living room, complementing the leather furniture and live edge wood mantle.

Add some flavor with geometrics in your rugs to your living room.
Animal Hide Living Room Rug Idea


This statement rug brings the living room to life by showcasing a warm, earthy palette and classic good looks. The placement is roughly centered with the art hung above the sofa, creating a mirrored effect that enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal. The large size allows the rug to cover the breadth of the living room, making it feel warmer and cozier to relax in with friends or family. Finally, the earthy colorways reflected in the rug and throughout the area give this living room a meant-to-be quality.


This cowhide area rug brings high-contrast patterns into this open living room, making a statement with its natural edges. Cowhide rugs feel velvety and soft underfoot while offering a practical, easy-to-clean option for busy spaces. Since the rug has no pile, messes and spills tend to be easier to manage as well. In this living room, the rug introduces a bold dose of black that grounds the space and makes it feel more relaxing.

Add some traditional decor to your living room with a traditional-styled living room rug
Get fluffy and luxurious with a faur fur living room rug

Luxurious Champagne

Bringing a natural ambiance to the moody living room, this faux hide rug shimmers with shades of champagne and taupe. The shape mimics the natural lines created by real cowhide rugs while adding a pleasantly warm feel to the space. Faux cowhide is a cruelty-free option for those who want to capture this style, and it can be easier to clean. Where natural hide may require scraping and brushing to remove messes, the faux hide can often be cleaned with water and mild soap.

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Authentic Style

This area rug gives the living room a stately appeal with a stylish traditional pattern and neutral colorway. The borders found on the door and mirror in the living room take on a more cohesive feel thanks to the bordered pattern on this lovely rug. And the warm and neutral shades throughout the room tie in beautifully with the ornate patterning on the breathable wool pile. Throughout the seating area, accents of greenery keep the warm neutral palette from overwhelming the space.

Authentic Style Living Room

Bright and Airy

This high texture, knubby area rug is expansive and eye-catching. The stripes of texture complement the throw blanket and accent pillow in this image while keeping with the natural theme throughout the space. With handwoven wool in an ivory hue, this thick rug gives the living room floor a cloud-like texture that’s perfect for curling your toes into while you read a good book or stream your favorite show. This natural beauty could lift the mood in any light-toned space with its versatile color, pattern, and texture.

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Coordinating Colors

Your family room's rug can capture your entire style and color palette in one stylish accent. This transitional rug captures the colors of the living room with its beige and blue tones, but it also ties to the neighboring dining room chairs with those colors and warm red accents. Intentionality with the rug's colors goes a long way in creating a masterfully designed room and home.


As society transitions from modern minimalism to more furnished, maximalist spaces, you may still find yourself drawn towards simple modern and contemporary rugs. These rugs have in inherient simplicity to them that makes them ideal for complementing busier patterns and designs. Even with the simplicity, you can see in rooms like this that the rug doesn't fade into the background; it simply acts as a supporting accent and rounds out the room's entire design.


Modern and contemporary living rooms often feature sharp, rigid lines in the room's furniture, accents, and architecture. With that, highly contemporary geometric rugs are ideally suited to accent these spaces and reinforce the modern aesthetic. Geometric rugs come in many designs ranging from perfectly placed patterns and lines to abstract works of art.

Blending Styles

Whether your home's architecture is highly modern, mid century, or traditional, your rug can collaborate with the architecture or break away to create a bold impression. This home is a perfect example of transitional style with its modern glass wall and traditional stonework and curved sofa. While a traditional rug could reinforce the sofa's style, this room uses a contemporary rug with abstract colors and designs to present an unconventional, noteworthy design.

Shop Abstract Rugs For Living Room

Bountiful Blues

Blue is an incredibly versatile color that can be presented in different shades, materials, and tones to create unique styles. When blended with dark, moody blacks and charcoals, blue can reinforce that ambiance or add levity to the room's design. The possibilities are truly endless!

Shop Blue Living Room Rugs

Balancing Color

The rug can capture the entire room's color palette, but it can also serve to balance the overarching color scheme. With this luxurious designer living room, the rug features mainly blue, which is only seen again in the nearby accent wall. The rug's secondary colors of cream and beige are then used in main accents like the sofa, bright orange pillows, and the rust-colored bricks. Balancing different hues in small and large living rooms is essential for creating a beautiful designer space.

Rug Ideas for a Small Living Room

Notes About Neutral

Neutral cream and off-white tones are frequently used in coastal styles and other airy aesthetics. Within these schemes, it is wise to use these warm tones in unique ways. Textured rugs like this one can add dimension to the room's design while remaining fairly neutral and subdued in the grand design.

Beautiful Balance

The placement of the rug is as important as the rug itself when it comes to creating visual balance in your family room. LIke this room, you may find it beneficial to line up the corner of the rug with a sectional. Even in these cases, the rug can rest further under one side of the seat or extend further into the room to balance both the furniture and the room as a whole. There is no singular formula of how and where to place rugs, which gives you great freedom in doing what's best for your living room.

Traditional Tastes

Charcoal greys and deep browns dominate this room with the main sofa, seats, and rug. These facets all work together to define the room's tone as elevated and classic. In addition to the colors, this room's area rug features a classic pattern and border to exemplify what this room is all about. When it comes to furnishing traditional living rooms, take inspiration from this classic living room's color palette.

Grounding Element

In both small and large living rooms, a large rug can serve to ground the entire space and host all your chairs. This setup is applicable to open concept rooms like this one or traditional living rooms. There are many ways to place rugs in living rooms, but this is one of the most popular living room carpet ideas.

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Daring Design

Today's most popular interior design styles often use neutral colors in walls, furniture, and even accents. That is why it's so monumental to break from that standard and incorporate bright colors in rugs and accents. A vibrant rug strays from the norm and allows you to convey your unique style in eclectic, youthful, or sophisticated ways.

Soft Statements

Blue and cream is a beautiful color combination that defines coastal, French cottage, and country style homes. Although these styles are often more traditional with their designs, you may choose a blue abstract rug or modern blue rug to convey your desired tone and draw the room into the modern day.

Additional Country Living Room Ideas

Purposeful Patterns

Even if patterns are present in the living room's other accents, your living room carpet can still feature patterns and different colors. When mixing patterns in your home's lounge, consider using patterns with similar hues and overall structures. The use of rigid geometric shapes and clear lines spreads across all this room's patterns to create a very cohesive, stylish room.

Elevated Industrial

Industrial lofts and homes like this one often feature cool metallic accents with natural ductwork, lighting fixtures, and architecture. Industrial rugs that use these moody tones and cool colors fit right at home in these styles, but even traditional rugs can fit into industrial styles. As this room shows, a traditional area rug can elevate the room's style and bring in an element of class that carries over into nearby artwork, furniture, and accents.


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