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Bedroom Rug Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the one place where you can escape from the busyness of life, where you can use design to showcase your individual style. Make your bedroom a place of rest and refuge by adding an area rug.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Add Warmth With your Rugs

Rugs add warmth to any interior while boosting the room’s style factor. If you’re looking for bedroom rug ideas to transform your bedroom decor, we’re here to help with these stylish ideas. From modest traditional runners to large and luxurious shags, these bedroom area rug ideas are guaranteed to inspire.

Get Flush with PLush

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed in the morning and immediately felt chilled by the icy temperature of your floor, then you can imagine how luxurious a soft rug can feel under your toes. Where bedrooms typically don’t receive much foot traffic, you can spring for that extra soft plush rug you’ve been dreaming of.

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas
Chic and Serene Bedroom Rug Ideas

Soothing greenery

What better way to lay the foundation for a nature-inspired master bedroom than with mossy green tones and distinct old-world charm? With an understated sophistication, this area rug’s low-key tones and subtle patina seem to go with every decorating element in the room. Don’t be fooled by how it looks, though. This printed rug is designed with easy care in mind, perfect for modern lifestyles and high-traffic homes.

Additional Green Bedroom Decor Ideas


It takes a decidedly elegant rug to anchor this stunning four-poster bed, and an antique-inspired design is up to the job. With a creamy ivory background covered in a traditional pattern accented by pleasing, muted tones, this rug ties the space together. And the rug placement halfway down the bed showcases more of the bold design, adding character to the bright bedroom. The multi-textural surface, reminiscent of antique mosaics, also creates a beautiful contrast with this space’s hardwood flooring.

Green Bedroom Rug Ideas
Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Rich and Organic

A platform bedframe atop a thick, handmade wool rug is a sumptuous delight for the senses in any well-lit bedroom. With rug placement 1/3 of the way down, this positioning can make the most of any large or small bedroom. The blocky gradient pattern features striations of taupe, cream, and dark brown, creating a neutral palette suitable for almost any space. And the high-low pile at the border is sure to make this rug texturally satisfying to wake up to.

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Earthy Elegance

A light and airy bedroom comes to life with a sophisticated traditional area rug displaying understated tones of rose, camel, and teal. The meticulous hand-knotted wool construction of the rug plays nicely with the other eye-catching textures, creating a look perfect for any master bedroom. And the generous size allows for centered rug placement, anchoring the space while making the room feel more luxurious.

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Transitional Bedroom Rug Ideas

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Traditional Bedroom Rug Ideas


With a traditional design and gorgeous palette, this low-pile rug brings a lovely, distressed appeal to the bright and airy bedroom. But don’t be fooled by the light neutral color palette. This rug is durable and stain-resistant, making it a perfect fit for any family. The classic floral motif blended with contemporary tones creates a transitional look that can introduce timeless beauty into any space.


This sophisticated vintage-inspired area rug features a decorative fringe and distressed look that help tie the eye-catching textures in this master bedroom together. With durable construction and a red and ivory palette, the rug fits right in with the rich warmth of the color palette. At the same time, the hints of blue scattered throughout the design enhance the tones of the pillow and nightstand for a cohesive effect.

Beautiful Bedroom Rug Ideas
Shag Rug Bedroom Ideas

BOld + beautiful

This tribal style print is utterly captivating in this eclectic master bedroom. Perfect for a small bedroom, this rug grounds and anchors the mixed styles within the space, creating a look that’s charming and sophisticated all at once. The design is high contrast, with a mix of heather grey, black, and ivory, which goes beautifully with other dark elements, such as the window treatment or the picture frames.

More Black and White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Laid-Back Shag

With an understated geometric design, this teal-toned shag rug brings extra coziness into this primary bedroom suite. The fresh greenery throughout the space adds a natural texture and appeal that elevate the space, amplifying the elegance created by the eye-catching textiles. The rug placement at the bottom of the bed in the room allows the one-of-a-kind hand-tufted texture to shine for incredible shag comfort.

Modern Bedroom Rug Ideas
Bedroom Rug Ideas


You can’t go wrong with a versatile, Persian-inspired color palette and subtly distressed design in any traditional or transitional bedroom. The rug placement in this master bedroom leaves ample room on both the sides and front of the bed. Here, it can protect feet from chilly floors in the morning while visually anchoring the furniture. The warm-toned accents around the room tie the look together, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Transitional Bedroom Rug Ideas

Lofty Dreams

With a white brick wall and terra cotta-toned textiles, the cool colorway of this Turkish-inspired area rug turns a small bedroom into a cozy retreat. This rug features abrash coloration for an authentic vintage aesthetic. At the same time, it adds contemporary convenience to any room thanks to the soft yet manageable pile power-loomed with easy-care yarns for effortless upkeep.

More Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Transitional Comfort

It’s hard to go wrong when you add an attractive distressed style with subtle hues of teal, graphic, grey, brown, and tan to any modern or transitional space. This stunning area rug is positioned to one side of the bed, perfect for an open, small bedroom that needs style as well as comfort. The high-low pile adds texture, complementing the contrasting textiles scattered throughout the bedroom.

Loft Bedroom Ideas
Abstract Bedroom Rug Ideas

Elegance at Its Finest

Modern functionality and classic style come together in this elegant master bedroom. The timeless area rug comes to life with the help of the full-length mirror, which is positioned strategically to add dimension to the piece. As practical as it is pretty, this rug is power-loomed from soft, easy-clean yarns to help the Persian design last for years to come.

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Artistic Expression

Multidimensional hues and an engaging natural colorway ground and anchor the theme of this abstract-inspired bedroom, bringing it to life. The rug design beckons touch while stimulating your imagination with an impressionist flair, adding to the visual drama in this comfortable space. With a coordinated palette throughout this artistic bedroom, everything seems to grow up and out of the rug’s luminous presence.

Traditional Bedroom Rug Ideas
Layered Bedroom Rug Ideas

Layered Love

A velvety soft runner places classical beauty at the side of this bright, chic bed. This rug runner features a high-low texture that amplifies the visual interest created by layering it atop a larger, textured floor covering. Layering is one of the many benefits of opting for runners framing your bed, as it creates endless decorative possibilities and amps up the coziness factor. If you’re looking for visually exciting bedroom area rug ideas, try layering runners in your own space.

More White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Boho Retreat

The combination of warm and cool tones in this mesmerizing bohemian-meets-contemporary bedroom creates a boldly elegant appeal. The high contrast neutral walls bring the colors flowing throughout the rest of the room to life. The combination of metallics with natural tones and textures creates further contrast and visual appeal. Perhaps most eye-catching, though, is that this spacious master bedroom matches the pillows and blankets to the palette on the rug, creating a match that looks meant to be.

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Boho Bedroom Rug Ideas
Bedroom Runner Ideas

Dreamy Sophistication

With time-worn jewel tones and gorgeous distressing, the diamond medallion motif stands out with this bottom-of-the-bed rug placement. The blues and reds lend a timeless charm to this classic design, giving it an understated elegance that plays well with a range of interior decorating styles. The soft-yet-durable synthetic pile is hard-wearing, perfect for today’s higher-traffic households.

More Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Warm and Playful

Traditional medallions and an eye-catching border in sunset tones of orange and pink bring warmth to this master bedroom. These stain-resistant runners are designed for high traffic areas, and they’re perfect for the rug placement seen here, flanking the bed. Runners on either side of the bed create a luxurious, soft surface to wake up to while protecting your floors and keeping your purchase affordable.

Vintage Bedroom Rug Ideas

Modern Fluidity

This agate-inspired area rug brings a fluid, modern design into this dreamy space, uplifting the neutral decor. With cool blue and grey shades layered to create depth and dimension, it's perfect for adding fun and functionality to any corner nook or small bedroom. The high wool pile is hand-tufted, creating an exceptionally soft and luxurious surface to insulate the floors during chilly months.

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Natural Beauty

With a soothing palette of sandy neutral tones, this contemporary bedroom rug design adds instant warmth and style. The abstract design accents the clean lines throughout the room while the bright green plant brings the bedroom to life. If you’re looking for beautiful bedroom rug ideas, this thick wool rug is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any primary bedroom.

Natural Beauty

With a soothing palette of sandy neutral tones, this contemporary bedroom rug design adds instant warmth and style. The abstract design accents the clean lines throughout the room while the bright green plant brings the bedroom to life. If you’re looking for beautiful bedroom rug ideas, this thick wool rug is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any primary bedroom.

Coastal Vibes

Coastal style tends to lean heavily into a blue and cream color palette. Another subtle feature of masterfully designed coastal or nautical bedrooms is the inclusion of different textures and color gradation. A woven neutral rug made of sisal or jute is an ideal way to capture those coastal vibes and add dimension to your bedroom.

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Playing With Pattern

It may be tempting to choose a traditional or subdued pattern for your rug to ensure that it does not clash with any other patterns in the room. However, it's worth taking the risk and mixing various patterns to create a youthful, vibrant room. One of the most straightforward ways to mix patterns is to do as this room does: various patterns should have similarities through shapes, levels of details, and/or color palettes. Like this room, you may use similar rounded shapes in the rug, curtains, and wall art to thematically tie the room together. However, this is only one method of connecting patterns and creating a beautifully defined bedroom. Experimentation is encouraged!

Creating Class

Busy vintage wallpaper, an oversized canopy bed, and a large bedroom carpet are all essential components of this designer bedroom. These rich details are in the room's three largest decorations to create maximum impact and define the tone of this designer bedroom. One way that these three areas collaborate is through their size: the surrounding nature of the wallpaper, the grand canopy bed, and the rug that fills the majority of the room all balance with one another in terms of style and footprint. When designing your own bedroom, consider how much detail to use and where in order to properly balance large accents.

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Fabulous Fur

Animal hide and fur rugs are often associated with cozy rustic styles or modern farmhouse style, but these rugs have far greater potential than fitting those two aesthetics. This tropical bedroom uses a warm, fur-like rug to add texture to the room and create a welcoming space. While the fur itself may not tie into the jungle motifs, the color does, and this is enough to make it fit into the room's overarching design.

More Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Romantic Retreat

Rich red and black work hand in hand to create this beautifully romantic bedroom. The warmth of the red contrasts the dark depths of the black rug and nearby furniture to create a highly dynamic bedroom. Whether this color scheme is used in a master bedroom or a guest suite, you can create a romantic retreat in your home.

Defining The Room

Luxurious, master suits often have a separate sitting area for socializing, reading, or writing. When the room features different areas to enjoy, consider grounding one of the separate spaces with a unique area rug. Like this room, you may choose a large area rug to define a seating space, or you may invert the design to lay a rug beneath the bed. Even with the distinction of the rug, it is important that the areas of similar aesthetics to work together in the room, such as similar colors, patterns, and tones.

Soft Design

If your bedroom features a lot of linear lines and straight geometric shapes, then you can use your rug to soften the room's design. The warm texture of the rug and shag fibers work against those rigid lines and the dark hardwood floors of this room to immediately change the tone to cozy and welcoming. Shag, fur, and high-pile wool rugs are three great sources of inspiration for creating a softer bedroom.

Rugs Can Go With Carpet

Even if your room has fresh, brand new carpet, you can still use a rug on top of that carpet to introduce a unique pattern and showcase your style. However, when placing a rug on carpet, is is important to consider what rug pad or grip will keep the rug from sliding across the soft carpet. Rug pads, rug tape, and furniture anchoring are three options that can optimize your layered bedroom.

Small Spaces

When working with a small bedroom, you may be hesitant to add a rug, since it could be one more item to "clutter" the room. However, small and medium rugs alike can be effectively used in small bedrooms. This youthful, eclectic bedroom lays the rug directly beneath the bed and pulls the rug closer to the main walkway for additional comfort. Look at your room's unique layout to determine what size and shape rug can balance with the room visually and provide essential comfort.

Run With It

Small and large bedrooms alike can benefit from intentionally placed runner rugs along one or both sides of the bed. Practically, runner rugs create comfortable surfaces to step onto first thing in the morning. Stylistically, they also offer great potential with various color palettes, patterns, and even sizes. With that, you can find bedroom runner rugs to balance your room's size and aesthetic.

Black and White

Modern monochromatic bedrooms are anything but dull with their limited color palette and focused design. Both small and large bedrooms can flourish with this color scheme as long as visual interest is developed with unique patterns, prints, and textures. Your bedroom's rug can help in each of those areas to develop a designer bedroom.

Unique Spaces

Although the bed is normally the focal point of the bedroom, that may not be the case in guest rooms or special suites like this one. In these cases, you can use a rug to ground whatever the main area is, whether that is a play area for kids or a sitting area like this room. Bedrooms are highly unique in their functionality and layout, so your use of rugs can also be unique to fit your room.

More Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Sublime Symmetry

Symmetry is a common tool used in today's homes to create neat, orderly rooms. Modern bedrooms like this one use symmetry throughout the entire room in the furniture, plants, and even architecture to define the room's tone. The rug centered beneath the bed furthers that tone and helps the room remain soft and approachable even with its strict order.

Perfect Placement

There are many different ways to position a rug with a bed. In many cases, the rug is centered beneath the bed and extends past the sides and foot of the bed to provide a soft, comfortable surface. Even in these scenarios, the rug can rest all the way under the bed's headboard, under the bottom two-thirds of the bed, or closer to the foot of the bed. Take this room as an example with the rug placed just under the front legs of the nightstand. Not only does this balance the furniture in the immediate vicinity, but it also undoubtedly suits the scale of the entire room.


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