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Red Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Red is a color associated with passion, love, and life. In decorating your home, you can use red either as a primary color or an accent color depending on how bold you want to be. With bedrooms, there are so many different red bedroom ideas out there that can fit into any design style, whether that be traditional style, modern, boho, chic, or just about any other style. If you're looking to use red bedroom decor in your home, check out these inspirational pictures and advice for stylizing your room.

Red Traditions - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Red Traditions

Traditional interior design can use more bold colors on the walls, which is why painting all the bedroom walls red can be a cornerstone of a traditional red bedroom. If you do paint your walls red, be sure that you incorporate red and complimentary colors throughout the room. This bedroom does that effectively by using a cherry wood for the bedframe, a comforter with red stripes, and the red bedroom rug. However, this room shows another piece of the puzzle: incorporating other colors. By including to many bieges as a secondary color and blue as an accent, you definitely see the red in the room, but it doesn't overwhelm the senses.

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Rich Red

If you want red to be an accent color, but you don't want it to be "in your face," you can always go for a richer, darker shade of red. Burgundy can fit into traditional style easily, but in this room, you can also see how it fits with a more modern boho vibe. Whenever you're working with darker shades of red, be sure to add in lighter colors so the room still feels light and airy. This room did that by incorporating the pinks and whites, but you can include other colors depending on what style you're trying to create.

Rich Red - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by @houseof.lais - Instagram

Striking Contrast

The red bedroom is enhanced by the striking contrast of the bold, patterned red pillows against the crisp white bedding, adding a vibrant pop of color and a touch of elegance.

Bold Patterns

The bold red and blue patterned headboard and matching curtains in this bedroom make a striking statement, creating a vibrant and cohesive look that is both inviting and energetic. The balance is beautifully maintained with the simpler bedding and the natural wood nightstands that bring a sense of warmth and earthiness to the space.

Boho Red - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by @kikithegypsy - Instagram

Boho Red

Boho style loves not only natural textures, but also burnt colors like burnt orange and reds. You can primarily see the red in the artwork above the bed in this room, with more subtle reds coming up in the headbord's wood tones and in the rug. If you're striving to create a boho style in your master bedroom, dare to use those deeper shades of color and mix them together to create an eclectic vibe.

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Subtle References - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Reds and Blues

Red and blue are both primary colors, and they play well with one another. If you're decorating a child's room, those blues and reds are often more vibrant and playful. If you're looking for a more elevated bedroom, find colors that are deeper in tone. The deep blue rug that mixes in with teal and salmon reds adds in both vibrance and sophistication with its palette and pattern. You can choose to extract just the red tones for your accents if you want, but a masterful way to connect the rug to the rest of the room is to incorporate all of its colors in some way, even if it's small, like the blue glass on the nightstand.

Subtle References

When creating a minimalistic bedroom, you need to be very intentional with the pieces that you use. This bedroom once again uses burnt reds, but it also adds in softer pinks and reds with its pillows and blankets. What really grounds this color scheme is the rug beneath the bed; not only does it include each of the shades of the pillows and blankets, but it also includes blues to add a third color to the scheme. Buying a rug with colors that you like and then coordinating your pillows and blankets with that rug is a handy way to settle on a color palette and make your room's accents feel connected and cohesive.

Reds and Blues - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas
Feminine Reds and Pinks - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Feminine Reds and Pinks

Decorating a child's bedroom can be tough, since you don't want them to grow out of it within the next year or two. Well, the good news is, you still can include red/pink as the primary color palette in a way where it ages well with your child. When choosing your colors, use reds and pinks that are rosey and and reds that lean into pinkish-burgundy tones. These are tones that are both kid-friendly and sophisticated. Don't forget to add in other textures and colors, such as whites and natural woods or other natural materials if you're trying to create a chic pink bedroom.

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Red Restraint

It can be wise to carry a color throughout the entire bedroom, but there are also times where it can be "one and done" and do its job more effectively that way. This bedroom has very limited coloring, and the red of this room is just located in the rug. The headboard may have some red tones in it, but the rug is the primary source of the color red here. Is it a problem for that red to just be in the rug? No! Restraint is a powerful tool in decorating, and by restraining how red bedroom decor is used in the room, you make it stand out more in its one location.

Red Restraint - Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

Contemporary Red

The red bedroom is enhanced by the elegant geometric patterns of the bedding and the textured wallpaper, which add depth and interest to the space without overwhelming it. The warm tones of the wooden furniture and the vintage-style rug complement the rich reds, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while the modern wall sconce adds a touch of contemporary style.

Red is an extremely versatile color with all of its different hues, vibrance, and overall applications. Whether you're going bold with red or looking to use it as an accent color, there's unlimited potential with molding it to fit into your personal style. Mess around with all the different tones and depth of red and its complimentary colors and go create the red bedroom of your dreams.


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