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Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Our dark bedroom decor ideas prove that a dark room can be many things - moody, dramatic, or cozy, without being dreary. In fact, if your home is predominantly filled with neutrals, lights, or brights, a dark bedroom can feel like a welcome respite for your eyes and spirit. We've curated a variety of ways to create a dark bedroom that reflects your personal style and creates a welcoming haven for sleep and relaxation.

Charcoal Chamber - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Charcoal Chamber

Charcoal or black walls won't feel closed-in if you have a bright white ceiling and floorboards as a counterpoint. If all the walls are dark, add color with carefully chosen decor that coordinates with each other. The throw and pillows on the bed pull their colors from a beautiful, patterned rug in gold, teal, violet and blue.

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Pearl Grays

Dark gray walls look lovely if you layer lighter shades of gray and cream on the bed, creating an airy focal point. Texture becomes more important when the room is mostly neutrals; look for different weaves, embroidery, and pleating to add interest. If you want just a pop of color, look for something in color that's off-primary. The pillow shown here isn't orange, but a softer, warm apricot.

Pearl Grays - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Dove Gray Serenity - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Dove Gray Serenity

To avoid a leaden look in an all gray room, opt for soft shades of dove and ash gray rather than harsher, darker hues. You can use a gradient range of shades that are adjacent rather than contrasting to pull everything together. Curtains just a shade darker than the walls and a bedroom rug that fades from slate to cream give you depth in a monochrome room.

Pops of Color

Dark bedrooms don't just use colors like black or slate grey. Consider expanding your dark bedroom's color scheme to include other deep colors like purple, navy blue, forest green, or other dark colors. Even if you simply follow this room's example and use the dark colors as accents in plants, seats, and artwork, you will find that expanding your dark bedroom's color scheme will help you show off more of your personality and highlight your favorite hues.

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Potter's Pink - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Letting in the Light

When you have a dark feature wall like this expanse of black, contrasting furniture and plenty of natural light will elevate the room and prevent it from being cave-like. To keep attention on the dark color, accent it with cream-colored accessories and furniture that lets the dark color show through rather than covering it up. A rug combining elements of dark and light successfully bridge the gap between light, airy furnishings and the richness of a black wall.

Potter's Pink

A dark bedroom with pink walls? It can be done if you choose a shade like Potter's Pink, which is a muted, toned-down shade with a touch of tan. It's not a girly shade at all and pairs beautifully with dark accessories. Look for draperies and decor in forest green, gray, and black for balance. Use a checked, black and white rug to provide contrast to dark floral fabrics.

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Letting in the Light - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ebony Dreams - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ebony Dreams

Choose clean lines for furniture in dark colors. This ebony bedroom set is elegant and restrained, and benefits from just two other colors - cobalt blue and white. By keeping the color palette to a minimum, you highlight the beauty of the furniture. When the furniture is simple, feel free to add rugs and accessories like an ottoman and pillows that are intricately patterned to add interest.

Accent Walls

No matter what color scheme you're using in your bedroom, accent walls are worth considering. There are many ways to create accent walls, such as painting it a solid different color, installing unique molding on the wall, using wallpaper, or painting a mural. Accent walls give you the freedom to go as bold or subtle as you choose, which also helps you create the proper balance in your dark colored bedroom.

Neutrality - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas


Neutral color palettes are another popular design choice, since the colors are easier to pair and play nicely with so many different colors. But what if you don't want to include other colors throughout the room to detract from the neutral scheme? You can certainly work with 100% neutrals, but adding in at least one plant like the hanging plant in the corner can serve as a welcome break from the scheme and add life to the room.

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Playing with Patterns

When you paint walls in gray, they become a neutral backdrop inviting layers of texture. You can combine several colors and a variety of patterns if you stick to cool colors like navy, gray, off-white, and tan. By keeping all the colors in the same family, you a rich counterpoint to the warm, honey tones of the wood furniture and wicker accessories.

Playing with Patterns - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fantastic Flooring

Carpet may not be as popular as it used to be, but it still has a lot to offer in terms of style and comfort. This dark bedroom wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the dark carpet that fills the room. Even if you are not a fan of carpet, you can include a dark rug to fill your small bedroom and reinforce the room's grand design.

Dark Accents

Instead of using dark walls, you can create a dark colored bedroom through your decor and furniture. In this transitional bedroom, the walls may be light, but nearly every other accent follows a dark theme with black, dark woods, or deep brown leathers. You may also take your own dark bedroom one step further by including a dark rug instead. Regardless, following this principle of pairing dark with light can help create a distinct balance in your master bedroom.

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In your quest to create a dark bedroom, you can decide just how far you want to lean into those dark colors and the cozy tone that comes with it. While it's common to use dark accessories to highlight a dark room, you can also include lighter colors to add some levity to the design. As this room shows, pops of light turquoise, whites, and other light colors go a long way in changing the room's tone, even if those accents are fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things.

Seeing The Light

Many people gravitate towards dark bedrooms because they can feel so cozy and calming. In these rooms, it's important to consider the role of lighting and how it impacts the tone of the room. This bedroom features an unconventional lighting fixture that diffuses light over an area as opposed to a stronger, more direct shine, which helps reinforce the cozy tone of the room. You may similarly consider which lighting fixtures you use and how they are placed to create your ideal tone.

Raising Expectations - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

Raising Expectations

Do a modern take on traditional features to create an inviting dark bedroom. Wainscoting can be higher on the wall if you want a dark color to really shine. Here, the wainscoting becomes both wall and headboard, providing a sharp contrast with the all white bedding. For an uncluttered feel, choose an oversized rug with plenty of room all around the bed. It creates the illusion of the bed as a floating oasis of relaxation on an island of color.

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Not All About Color

Even if your room predominantly features light colors, you can still create a dark bedroom. This may seem contradictory, but it all comes down to lighting. As this bedroom shows, the room may be filled with light creams and whites, but with the little source of lighting, the room still comes across as dark and moody. This goes to show that dark bedrooms aren't just about using dark colors; it is about how light interacts with the room as well.

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A Modern Take on the Canopy Bed - Dark Bedroom Decor Ideas

A Modern Take on the Canopy Bed

A plain canopy bed becomes the focus of the bedroom when you paint it black, creating strong lines in every direction against white walls. Accessorize with neutrals featuring lots of texture to soften the sharpness of black and white. Here, the rug is muted but complex, with lots of creamy neutrals to blend with the honey colored bench and gray and cream bedding.

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Grand Elegance

There is nothing quite as stunning as a black and white master bedroom. The strong contrast is very developed in this room with the use of luxurious materials, elegant furniture, and distinct lack of other colors. If you are looking for inspiration on creating and decorating a luxurious master bedroom, this room can serve as a model of how to create elegance with stark contrast, formal lighting fixtures, and intentional detailing.

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Royal Purples

Since ancient times, purple has represented the upper class and had an air of luxury to it. Rich plum purples and other dark shades are aptly suited for modern homes, since they blend well with the blacks and greys commonly used in dark bedrooms. Your bedroom rug can serve a unique purpose in your room by introducing a new color, showing off a new pattern, or by tying the entire room together. With that in mind, it's crucial to carefully consider what rug you will use in your room and what purposes it will fulfill.

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Balance is integral to success dark bedroom designs, particularly if you choose a large expanse of dark walls. Our dark bedroom decor ideas incorporate plenty of texture and contrast to help alleviate the weightiness of darker colors. Pile on accessories like rugs and lamps to break up the darkness and liven up the space.


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