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Black Bedroom Decor Ideas 

If you think black bedroom decor is all about teenage Goth angst, think again. Black has always been considered an elegant color (think black tie and little black dress) and it's never been more popular in decorating. Today's interior designers use black in doses both large and small to add drama to bedrooms, where the dark color adds undiluted glamour. Our black bedroom decor ideas will give your sleeping space a chic and timeless update that withstands the test of time.

Matte Black Accents - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas


Want to try out black but aren't ready to commit on a large scale? Choose one or two focal points, such as this sliding barn door and cage light fixture, to add some black magic to an otherwise light and bright room. The sharp contrast between the creamy shades and matte black creates design tension and highlights unique room features. Use a rug that has a rich pattern with just a hint of black to meld the colors.

Just a Touch  - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Just a Touch

If your bedroom doesn't have a large focal point you want to feature in black, opt for smaller touches throughout the space. In this airy room, black shows up in several iterations, including a black lamp and a bold, linear pattern on a pale rug. Wrought iron curtain rods become design features when they pop against white walls and curtains.

Iron Clad Beauty - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Iron Clad Beauty

Use a simple metal bed frame painted jet black to frame simple, classic bedding. Balancing black can be difficult, but spreading it evenly throughout the room at various heights makes it easy. Here, the bed frame's color is repeated in the simple line art and black pillows. Small details can have a big impact, such as the black metal legs and hardware on the wood side table.

Breaking Up the Black - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Breaking Up the Black

If you don't want to commit to something as dramatic as black walls, try a black rug. This gorgeous version incorporates a crosshatch pattern for depth and movement rather than being an uninterrupted expanse of black, which could have been overpowering. To draw the eye around the room, add other touches such as black curtain trim and curtain rods and thin black frames around artwork. Using grey as a neutral background keeps things light.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Black walls are a mood, but it doesn't have to be a dark mood. Paint the ceiling bright white to reflect light and give height to the space. In this black bedroom, the contrast is a great way to highlight the interesting architectural lines of the ceiling. When the room envelopes you in black, be sure to add colors throughout to brighten the mood. Here, a vibrant rug and bedding warm the space with a rainbow of hues. Add shimmer with a brass light fixture and glass end table to up the chic factor.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas


Decorating with black and grey can lead to a flat look unless you turn up the dial on texture. In this black and cream bedroom, the black, grey, and cream colors have much more impact because of contrasting textures. Nubby knits, velvets, cottons, and a deep-pile rug all invite touch and add visual interest that doesn't require color.

Beachy and Black - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ebony and Ivory

Black comes in a surprising range of shades, including this rich ebony that's just left of pitch black. Cool ivory furniture, bedding, and flowers blend beautifully with this off-black shade for a softer edge. Metallics like the pillow's Xs and Os and a shiny, rose gold vessel add subtle shine for a sumptuous feeling.

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Beachy and Black

A dramatic black headboard can be a gorgeous counterpoint in a beachy bedroom. While the predominant colors in this bedroom are shades of seaglass and cream, using black in small doses such as the legs on the bench and highlights in the rug ground the room, keeping it from seeming too insubstantial.

Ebony and Ivory - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black and Blue - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black And Blue

Black with just a touch of blue, as in this boldly patterned bedspread, allows you to add black that isn't stark or gloomy. Pair it with a rug that features another off-black shade such as the charcoal pattern in this rug. It will read like two different colors but coordinate harmoniously. Against smoky blue walls, the different shades of black create movement through contrasting shapes. The pattern in this rug echoes the lines on the wall to tie it all together.

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Make a Statement with One Feature - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas


An imposing, four-poster bed may be the only element you need to transform your bedroom. The intersecting lines and large scale of a bed have greater impact when painted black. The clean lines keep the focus on the color. To avoid upstaging the bed, tone down most other elements in the room by relying on a range of neutral beiges and greys. Black table lamps keep the bed from seeming disconnected from the rest of the space.

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Ebony Shines - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ebony Shines

Use ebony bedside stands to frame your bed in black that has a soft sheen. Pair this with a soft headboard and bedframe in charcoal velvet for a lovely contrast of surfaces, then add a rug that's flecked with black against a pale background. When using sleek black furniture, choose an intricate rug or bedspread to create depth and engage the eye.

Charcoal Filtered

A black statement wall looks surprisingly light and airy when it's the backdrop for delicate rattan, light woods, and funky, macrame light fixtures. Blonde wood furnishings and natural rattan keep the room from seeming cave-like and lighten the whole room. Bedding and curtains in unbleached linen add to the casual feel.

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Charcoal Filtered - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Repeat Performance - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Braid and Wood


Rather than decorating an entire bedroom in black, use unique fabrics and textures to repeat the color throughout the room. In this cream and black bedroom, the wall is the largest single black element in this room. The raised stripes on the wall are repeated in the bedding's ebony stripes on cream. Highly textured, crocheted pillows repeat the juxtaposition of black and cream, which is carried over into the rug. Bamboo blinds reinforce the importance of lines to tie it all together.

Pile on the Prints - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Walls By Me

Pile on the Prints

A black and white bedroom can look fabulous if you create visual interest with mixed prints. Be sure you choose one bold, dramatic print, as in this oversized floral print on one wall. Balance the busiest print with one or two others that are simpler or smaller in scale. Here, a bold but simple stripe and a delicate polka-dot provide contrast rather than competing with the wallpaper. The common color scheme keeps things coherent and chic.

Surprising Playfulness

Against a black wall, a bed draped in white pops but may seem a bit boring. Add vibrant colors and a mix of patterns and materials with pillows and throws. Playful touches like fringe and tassels elevate the space and prevent it from being too somber. The bed becomes a playful oasis of color in a pool of black, perfect for repose.

Surprising Playfulness  - Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Overcoming the fear of using black in your home is the first step toward creating a personal space that's dramatic and dynamic. Our black bedroom decor ideas are a great jumping-off point for revamping your room in an unexpected but fresh way. Using this intense color in the right amount with other colors will breathe new life into your bedroom with classic style.


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