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Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Blue is one of the most popular bedroom colors used in decorating and has been for decades. A large part of its appeal is it comes in so many shades, from the palest, icy hues to brilliant jewel tones. Blue is also considered one of the most soothing colors, making it ideal for a bedroom. Our blue bedroom ideas will give you a great starting point for creating a beautiful retreat built around your favorite shade of blue--whether you opt for a serene sky blue or a bold cobalt hue.

Blue All Grown Up - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design.

Blue All Grown Up

A boy's room doesn't have to be baby blue. A deep, slate blue is far more sophisticated and grown up, particularly paired with a lighter grey. Use dark blue on one wall, then layer it on the bed in contrasting patterns such as stripes and checks. Light grey furniture eases the transition from white walls to the slate feature wall. When you have one dark wall, use it to highlight artwork or favorite memorabilia.

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Awash in Blue - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Affordable Interior Designs

Awash in Blue

Surround yourself in blues for an airy room that's sophisticated without being overbearing. Keep the overall effect in mind when choosing paint colors. The robin's egg blue walls in this room are trimmed in white, then balanced by dark blue curtains and bedding. Silver finishes on the table lamps and sconce complete the cool tranquility.

Bright Watercolor Blues - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bright Watercolor Blues

Love the idea of adding blue to your bedroom but aren't sure which shade to choose? Opt for neutral walls, then add color underfoot. This gorgeous rug has several vibrant blues, including cobalt and light blue, splashed with other bright shades for an artistic focal point. A pale, baby blue comforter highlights rather than competes with the rug.

Tailored Blues - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tailored Blues

For a traditional bedroom with a touch of masculine style, pair a medium blue with brown and cream. The brown adds warmth while the cream keeps the room from being too dark. In this room, a lovely, abstract rug blends the blue and cream wall colors. Brown is the accent shade, adding a cozy touch through accent pieces. The overall effect is tailored and elegant.

Sea Glass Serenity

Use a pastel blue like this sea glass blue rug for a beachy feel in your bedroom. The generous use of houseplants emphasizes the touch of green in the light blue rug and adds to the breezy, natural appeal. A highly textured bedspread and woven accents complete the casual, soothing ambiance.

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Sea Glass Serenity - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Talk About Teal - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design

Talk About Teal

Teal is one of those unique shades that can read either blue or green depending on the light and surrounding colors. If you love both blue and green, teal is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds. Because it can shift dramatically, use other colors sparingly. The teal walls in this room become the focal point when all other colors are neutral beiges and creams. Natural elements such as the twig lamp add to the relaxing vibe.

Graduated Colors - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Contrasting Shades

This room proves that decorating a blue room doesn't have to mean being matchy-matchy. While it can be difficult to use a variety of blues in one room, if you stick to one color temperature, it can be lovely. Keep things crisp by starting with a navy and white bedspread, then use a slate blue that contains more grey for the walls to create a soothing backdrop. Tie the two together with warm woods and woven accents.

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Graduated Colors

Try layering one beautiful shade of blue, such as this rich, true blue, in varying intensities throughout your bedroom. Here, the hues increase in depth as your eyes move around the room. The lighter blue in the rug's cream and blue pattern becomes a deeper mid-tone in the bedding and chair. The dark indigo lamps complete the range of color. This approach gives you depth and interest without having too many different shades clashing.

Contrasting Shades - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Bring on the Blue - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design

Bring on the Blue

A room with white walls and white furniture invites color, so bring on the blue with easily switchable decor that will blend with lots of other colors. While this room is predominantly white, the dark blue comforter and accents are bold enough to skew the feel of the room away from starkness. A rug with vibrant cobalt blue and pops of sage and orange adds a whimsical element. Other accents in pastels balance things out so that the blue is the dominant color.

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Modern Country Appeal - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Vantage Design Studio

Modern Country Blues

Blue and white are often used in farmhouse decor. If you're looking for blue bedroom ideas that hint at farmhouse without being too themed, use deep blue against white for bedding. Balance a rustic nightstand with a contemporary brass and glass lamp. Artwork featuring a country theme executed in a modern style creates unexpected harmony.

Deep, Dark Blues - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Leila Amber, Design Trend Setter at Knothome

Deep, Dark Blues

When you prefer deep, dark blue, don't be afraid to go all in. You can recreate this luxe look by layering sumptuous fabrics like indigo velvet, navy chenille, and peacock blue accents. White furniture and touches of medium grey are the counterpoints that keep the room from becoming cave-like. When working with dark, rich, colors, choose a rug with a bold print.

Bedded Down in Blue

When you find an amazing statement piece like this upholstered, aqua blue bed, keep other elements simple and light. With crisp, white linens, minimalist furnishings, and no curtains, this gorgeous bed dominates the room in the best possible way. To make sure the blue stands out rather than blends into a dark floor, place it on a neutral rug and add small pops of blue art.

Bedded Down in Blue - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Farah Prochaska
Moroccan Magic - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Affordable Interior Designs

Moroccan Magic

Not all blues are placid. Choose dark blues and blend with rich turquoise and teal in complex Moroccan-inspired patterns for a bohemian boudoir with lots of energy. The deep ocean blues in the rug are repeated in the medallion bedspread. Mixing bold patterns contributes to the boho feel. To create a frame for the focal point of the bed, paint one wall white but trim it out in a pale blue to match the other walls. Finish off with some gleaming metallic elements for all-out drama.

Hit the Floor Running - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hit the Floor Running

When the bedroom is small or narrow, use runner rugs to add comfort underfoot along the length of the bed without overwhelming the space. A muted pattern in steel blue and ivory is the perfect accent for bedding with blue, mattress-ticking stripes. A charcoal throw adds contrast, as does the dark wood furnishings.

A Touch of Blush

Pairing blue and pink can be tricky. The key is to avoid babyish shades or overwhelming the space. Start with a rug that's predominantly shades of blue with just the slightest whisper of a blush pink. Use a medium blue that's strong enough to ground the room, then add pink accents such as the pillow and blankets shown here. Using light woods and white walls creates an airy background.

A Touch of Blush - Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Our blue bedroom ideas reflect the full range of blue's versatility. It can be playful and funky or serene and subdued depending on the brightness and shade of the color. It can pair with almost any other color and adds depth to neutral bedrooms with its natural beauty. If blue is your favorite color, feel free to play with this rich and varied color throughout your bedroom.


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