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Minimalist bedRoom Decor Ideas 

If you love modern and contemporary styling, you've no doubt noticed the trend toward minimalist decor across the world of interior design. Minimalist bedroom decor ideas are in right now because they help make your sanctuary more relaxing and peaceful. In this post, we're sharing some of our favorite minimalist bedroom ideas to help you decide how to decorate your space for relaxing sleep. So keep reading to get inspired.

Neutral Glam - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Neutral Glam

Minimalist styling relies on neutral colors like grey, beige, tan, white, and black to maintain a soothing look. Here, we see our earthy neutrals – the tan and beige – mixed with warm grey and white tones for balance. The sheer white curtains create a luminous glow in the space, and the earthy area rug helps add visual texture. And though it's a small detail, notice how the black legs of the bench at the foot of the bed balance the palette with a touch of grounding color.

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Matching Patterns

The beauty of minimalist bedroom decor ideas is that they can work well with almost any space, especially if you're mindful of details. Here, we see a large area rug with a striped design that matches the pattern created by the paneled wall. This mirroring balances the space and keeps things interesting. In addition, the splashes of rust orange and the rich wood floor help add warmth to the grey and white palette of this room, as does the houseplant in the corner.

Matching Patterns - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Whimsical Fun - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Whimsical Fun

If you love whimsical designs, minimalist looks can help you make room for fun patterns and other accents. Here, we see fun astrology-inspired walls throughout the space. The whimsy continues onto the bedding, which is similar to the walls, and with the high-contrast area rug. These patterns might be overwhelming without a minimalist approach, but they work well in this open space. The "less is more" approach works by allowing the overall design to add interest instead of things in the room.

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Rustic Accents - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Daybed Love

Minimalism works well in small spaces and with smaller pieces of furniture. Here, we see a daybed with only a few other pieces of furniture. We have the bench to the side, which could contain hidden storage to make the room more versatile, and the lovely hanging light above the daybed. Unlike the other images so far, this room leaves out grey in favor of taupe, an earthy neutral. And finally, notice how the artistic textured area rug complements the large piece of art on the wall. Matching your wall art and area rug is an excellent way to make your space appear polished and intentional.

Rustic Accents

Rustic textures and colors work well with minimalist looks, adding depth and richness to an otherwise open and modern space. Here, we see a beautiful large area rug, a vintage-style bench, and a leather headboard adding rustic appeal. The black and white sheer curtain panels add depth and texture to the bedroom, and the linen bedding completes the look. Picking rustic textures with a few rustic designs is ideal if modern minimalist looks often appear cold or boring to your eye.

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Daybed Love - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
Modern Styling - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Textural Excitement

Adding an eye-catching textural area rug to a minimalist bedroom is a sure way to create depth and character. This bedroom uses rustic-style linen bedding with a large rustic plan pot in the corner to enhance the look. In addition, the artwork over the be and the wood-toned bedframe help complete the rustic-inspired space without overwhelming it. And the tall houseplant adds life and color, like a cherry on top.

Modern Styling

Modern looks, like the high-contrast bordered bedding in this image, work well with minimalist styling. For example, this bedroom uses a plush, blue area rug, which is sure to feel lovely underfoot in the morning. Plus, blue is a calming color that works well in the bedroom. However, the rest of the space relies on warm neutrals and a luminous glow created by the window. Warm neutrals work well with crisp whites and calming blues, creating a coastal-style balance.

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Textural Excitement - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Loft Style - Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Mixing Style and Pattern

This minimalist bedroom uses bright white and gentle beige as a warm and neutral color palette. But instead of a standard runner rug, it introduces charm and character with a faux cowhide area rug complete with gold accents, which play with the sunlight from the window. A chic rug option can transform a minimal space from boring to beautiful in seconds. And the snake plant in the modern, low planter helps add color and life.

Loft Style

Lofts, studio apartments, and other small spaces look friendly with minimalist styling because it avoids clutter. Sometimes, it's all about picking furniture and interior design that works with the area you have. For example, the beds in this room are low, almost like Japanese futons, with a soft woven rug in between. The fringe on the rug makes it more eye-catching, as does the varied color palette. And the lamp on the floor is both practical and aesthetically in line with this space.

Chic Love - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
Kid's Room - Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Cool Blues

We've seen plenty of rooms with beige, grey, white, tan, and other neutrals, but this space makes excellent use of cool blue tones. The blue tones come in via the grey-blue area rug underneath the bed and, of course, the navy, light blue, grey, and white colorway on the bedding. And if you look outside, you'll see a blue accent pillow on the exterior chair. Continuing a minimalist design from an indoor room to an outdoor space is an excellent strategy if your bedroom looks out over a patio or balcony.

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Kid's Room

Minimalism works better than you might imagine in children's rooms because it leaves room for little ones to play and have fun. Here, we see a cozy bed with a nightstand for convenience and an open shelf for extra storage. The area rug beside the bed has a youthful, phonetic design to add a playful vibe. And while the space itself is minimalist, the bed still holds stuffed animals with artwork hung overhead to keep things cozy and uplifting.

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Cool Blues - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
Warm Tones - Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Elegant and Classy

Elegant spaces work well with minimalist designs because they leave room for each piece to speak for itself. For example, this space deviates from its bright, warm white and cream tones only for metallic accents. The metallic nightstands have textural designs, creating an artistic appeal, and the metallic bedding continues the look. Also, notice the hanging light fixtures, which replace the standard bedside lamp approach found in most bedrooms. Hanging lighting offers a fun and minimalist way to switch things up while making your space feel more luxurious.

A Work of Art

Minimalism works well with color, too. Here, we see walls painted in warm orange tones, with golds mixed into the white and grey of the bedding. The floor features a large grey area rug, and the window boasts neutral-toned semi-sheer curtains, both of which balance the orange walls. The rustic-colored wood accents also help balance the orange while keeping with the warm theme. This warm palette offers an excellent approach if you find whites and greys dull, but you love the minimalist appeal.

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Elegant and Classy - Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors
Simple Elegance - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Casart Coverings

Mid-Century Style

Mid-century modern (MCM) styling draws inspiration from minimalism and retro design, and it's a fun way to make your bedroom interesting. Here, we see an MCM dresser and platform bed with warm-toned curtains and a starburst wall mirror. The floor may feature a rug runner at the foot of the bed or to the other side, but we can see that the wood floors are allowed to shine. And with taupe walls, the space feels mature but full of life. If minimalism doesn't quite scratch your itch, a bit of mid-century modern styling added in might do the trick.

Simple Elegance

Minimalist bedroom design is all about adding what you need and leaving out what you don't. That doesn't mean that you can't add artistic touches that give your room personality, though. Often, it's these small touches that make a minimalist bedroom idea shine. So, pick a calming color palette, add what you need in your bedroom, and then dress it up with a few personal touches to complete the look.

Mid-Century Style - Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Farah Prochaska

We hope these minimalist bedroom decor ideas and tips have helped you pick a look for your bedroom. Minimalist styling is approachable even for novice decorators with minimal experience (pun intended) since it relies on the less is more principle. So whether you pick your favorite image from these minimalist bedroom ideas or implement aspects of several photos, we're confident that you'll bring harmony to your space. And, as one last tip, it might help to take pictures as you go, so you can more easily compare your room to the minimalist bedroom decor ideas you liked the most.


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