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White Bedroom Decor Ideas 

White is one of the most soothing colors you can use in your bedroom. Spas and hotels use white linens because they add a luxe touch and promote serenity and calm. If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing retreat, our white bedroom ideas can help you create a calm oasis that helps you unwind and unplug from the overstimulation of today's world. White is ideal for any size bedroom, visually opening up smaller rooms and giving larger bedrooms elegance.

Showcase the Furnishings - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Showcase the Furnishings

When you have furniture you want to focus on, shades of white are the perfect background. In this bedroom, the burled wood dresser and canopy bed are the focal points. You can pour on the comfort with lots of texture such as a flokati throw, knitted throw pillows, and a satin quilt. Amazing artwork that's textural rather than colorful completes the look.

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Warm Whites

To create a warm white room, add pastels that tend toward the warmer side of the color wheel, like the soft taupe duvet shown here. You can add dimension with the barest touch of color with a pale pink pillow. Use a runner rug that combines the dominant shades of ivory and taupe to complete the look.

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Warm Whites - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Simple But Not Stark - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Simple But Not Stark

Create a bedroom that reflects the simplicity of a bygone era with pure white walls and unadorned windows. A shaker style four-poster bed is the star in this room when draped in a vintage matelasse quilt and framed by a deeply hued rug. Mismatched furniture is a wonderful way to create a lived-in, homey guest room.

Change the Hue - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Change the Hue

You can transform a carpet you don't love without replacing it. In this creamy white bedroom, the grey wall-to-wall carpeting is toned down with an area rug that lightens the floor and highlights the white bed and bedding. Bleached wood furniture give the room a beachy serenity.

Both Ends of the Neutral Spectrum

You don't have to opt for a cool or warm room when the main color is white. Mix it up by choosing accessories that feature cool greys and warm beiges to create a look that's incredibly rich without being busy. The rug shown here is the starting point with dozens of muted shades that are echoed in the pottery, artwork, and a wonderful faux fur throw.

Both Ends of the Neutral Spectrum - White Bedroom Decor Ideas
Sea Breezes - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

White Light

To pull off a completely white bedroom, think texture and light. The thick rug here repeats the chunky texture of an ottoman in an oversized knit. Pile on layers of white bedding for an inviting bed you'll long to sink into at the end of the day. Light, both streaming in the window and reflected from the mirror and high-gloss lamp and table, flood the room with energy.

Sea Breezes

Bring coastal colors into your bedroom with muted blues and soft, sandy accents. Texture reinforces the relaxing outdoor atmosphere with weathered wood, seagrass, and rough textiles in rich patterns. The faded shades of sand and sea in the rug lighten the dark wood floor.

White Light - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Contrasting Features - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Focus on Spring

Try adding the soft shades of springtime to a white room to keep it airy and fresh. A soft, buttercream yellow and white rug add a touch of sunshine all year round in this room and create a foil for the gold-drenched artwork. Touches of sage and mint draw the eye from painting to lamp to bed. Drape windows in sheer, delicate curtains to reinforce the delicate breeziness of warm days.

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Contrasting Features

A white room is perfect if you want to create an eclectic bedroom. In this room, sleek lineart in minimalist frames contrast with an industrial desk and rustic bench. A comfy, country quilt and softly hued rug provide warmth. When you have lots of styles in the same room, keep color to a minimum, such as a single, deep blue, hand-crafted vase.

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Focus on Spring - White Bedroom Decor Ideas
A Fresh Angle for White - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Simple But Elegant

Choose one unifying element to tie together various neutral shades in a white bedroom. Rugs like this unique combination of white, brown, and charcoal give you lots of options for accent colors that are quietly soothing. Choose a simple but elegant headboard in a dark metal that creates a pattern play against white walls. Cluster white and cream accessories on an end table that reinforce the colors of the rug and bedding.

A Fresh Angle for White

Use geometric shapes to add depth in a room with minimal color. An upholstered headboard, rug, and lamp using a diamond-shaped motif keep things interesting by varying the scale of the motif. Injecting charcoal into the room via rug and artwork breaks up the white, but use the color sparingly so the overall effect remains light.

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Simple But Elegant - White Bedroom Decor Ideas
Modern in Black and White - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

White and Light

Lighting is crucial in a white room. If you have lots of natural sunlight, use it to your advantage by softly filtering it through sheer, white linen curtains. The resulting glow will create a warm and soothing ambiance, particularly if you choose accent colors like the powdery blue end table and washed coral rug. Covering your bed in matching white linens carries the glow throughout the space.

Modern in Black and White

For a dramatic, modern bedroom, black and white is a natural choice. The stark color combination reinforces the modernity of a platform bed and sleek accessories like the black metal wall lighting. Framing the bed with a live monstera plant on one side and a photo of the plant on the other gives a pleasing, asymmetrical touch to a balanced design. Need just a touch of color to liven things up? A rug with one other color that blends rather than competes will do the trick, as with the blue hues in this rug.

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White and Light - White Bedroom Decor Ideas
Natural Elements - White Bedroom Design Ideas

Highlight the Bones of the Home

White walls and ceilings are the perfect way to let a home's architectural details, like broad, wood window frames and beams, stand out. By using washed-out pastels in the rest of the room, the rough-hewn lumber becomes the focal point. In this room, even the clear glass light fixture becomes background for the architectural features.

Natural Elements

Create a serene retreat with lots of natural texture against a backdrop of white. The white walls, bedding, and window treatment could seem sterile without layers of texture in neutral shades. In this bedroom, the coarsely woven basket and rough-hewn bench add interest. Use a richly sculptured rug in cream tones to create harmony underfoot.

Highlight the Bones of the Home - White Bedroom Design Ideas
Asleep in the Mist - White Bedroom Design Ideas

Regal Retreat

Create a regal retreat with a white canopy bed featuring intricate carvings and surmounted by a chandelier dripping with crystals. Use an oversized, antique mirror to reflect and magnify the light in the room. The ornate, hand-carved details add to the sumptuousness. Limit the color to one area with a watercolor floral rug and the impact of the off-white bed and linens is immediately elevated.

Asleep in the Mist

Soften the edges of white with washes of misty, pastel hues. In this white bedroom, hazy shades of blue and antique gold add muted tranquility. Choose a painting that hints at a landscape but remains abstract enough to soothe the eyes. Rugs with large prints become works of art in their own right when edged with a woven border of gold.

Regal Retreat - White Bedroom Design Ideas
A Cream Dream - White Bedroom Design Ideas

Focus on Fabrics

Your bedroom should always be a place of solace. In a white bedroom, comforting fabrics are an essential element. Start with a deep pile, sculpted rug you can sink your toes into. Layer the bed with open-weave knits, tactile macrame pillows, and crisp cotton sheets for lazy lounging. Offset the soft layers with reflective surfaces such as glass and burnished silver to add a touch of shimmer.

A Cream Dream

Decorate your bedroom with lambent whites in soft shades of cream for a mellow bedroom. Sheer curtains diffuse the natural lighting for a restful oasis. When the room has layers of subtle neutrals like this wonderful mottled rug, anchor the bed with one bold feature such as a pure black headboard. The rest of the furnishings highlight the craftsman appeal of the pottery and ceramic table lamp.

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Focus on Fabrics - White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Don't be afraid to play with shades of white when decorating. As our white bedroom ideas demonstrate, white isn't just one color. It can read as cool or warm depending on the undertones and what colors you use as accents. Try samples of several shades of white before committing, keeping in mind that white can look quite different depending on the lighting. If you love the idea of a white bedroom but want a softer, warmer feel, consider ivory as an alternative.


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