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Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Whether your guest room is used once a year or once a week, you want to create a space that is intentionally designed and welcoming to your house guests. However, designing with a wide audience in mind while staying true to your own personal style can be a tricky thing to balance. Fortunately, there are actually tons of ways to fit that bill and please yourself and your guests at the same time.

Airy Resort - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas


If your guest room has a smaller footprint, consider using a bedroom runner rug instead of a large area rug. When you place a rug right beside the bed, you still get the benefits of a large rug--a soft landing spot and a unique texture/design on the floor--but you don't overwhelm the space since the rug is proportional to the room. Carry the rug's colors into the other accents and decor and you'll feel another benefit of having a small rug in your bedroom.


Whenever you have a guest stay in your home, consider it a chance to spoil them with a mini vacation. Create a room that feels light and airy through the use of white, ivory, and cream tones to convey that tone as well as create a space that caters to many different interior design preferences and personal style.

Run With It - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Bliss - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Bliss

Boho bedrooms can also cater to a wide audience and make your spare bedroom feel youthful and spirited. To evoke those boho vibes, don't be afraid to play with with textures and layering. Incorporating plant life through hanging vines, potted plants, or overflowing wheat are all great ways to bring the outdoors indoors and strike that mood.

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Practical Beauty

Even your essential pieces of furniture like the bed, dresser, and dresser mirror can act as works of art in your guest room. This mirror in particular features a unique design with the lattice work around the edges, which helps designate the mirror as a decorative and practical accent. Remember, each element of your room can serve more than one purpose in terms of functionality and promoting the room's overarching style and tone.

Natural Neutrals - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Natural Neutrals

Beige, cream, and gray can be an effective color scheme for a bedroom when paired with simple, statement items like this large green tree. Because the rest of the room is so minimal, it makes the color of the tree pop even more than it would have in any other color scheme. However, that's not the only warming element--there's also a small stand next to the bed and the wood surrounding the large window. Using just a few warm elements like these in a neutral guest bedroom allows these elements to be the star of the show.

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That Perfect Rug

A rug can serve many purposes in your room's scheme, but one is that it can guide the rest of the room's color palette. This rug uses all the colors you see on the walls, bedding, furniture, and curtains with brown, gray, and cream being the three dominant tones. Note how the primary color of the rug (brown) is the one used most minimally in the decor, and the most subtle color (gray) is used most frequently with the bedding. Strive to balance your color palette in a similar way with your guest bedroom to create a cohesive, balanced space.

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That Perfect Rug - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Art Alternatives - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Art Alternatives

You may be tempted to fill the walls with wall art, but there are plenty of other ways to decorate your guest bedroom. The pillows and blankets you use with the bed can obviously create a stylish focal point, but consider other decor to serve as unique points of interest, such as the lamp on this nightstand, the metallic ornaments, and the picture. Outside of that, choose a bed with tall posts or a canopy to fill the visual space so that the area doesn't look forgotten.

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Focused Vision

Even though this bedroom features predominately white colors, the room is anything but boring. This is because the same color is used in different materials, finishes, textures, and patterns. If you follow this principle, even with broader color palettes, you can create more visual interest in your guest room.

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Accent Walls

There are many ways to create accent walls. This room presents an architectural accent wall that has the building's natural brick exposed behind the bed. Including a focal accent wall like this gives you a lot of freedom in introducing color to the room, presenting a unique texture/finish, and conveying your unique aesthetic.

Motifs and Themes

This bedroom takes a unique approach by having the painting placed directly above the nightstand and partly behind a vase and lamp. While it may seem like a foolish move to hide the painting, placing a flower vase in front of it is surprisingly effective in drawing your eye to the painting and the surrounding area. This is partly because the vase and plants carry the similar nature motif to the painting, and since those accents are so close to the wall art, the cohesive theming really cement the room's style. Even if you change the layout in your room, you can see how effective it is to have similar motifs/themes near one another in the room.

Positive Patterns - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Positive Patterns

Wallpaper is coming back into style, which means there are thousands upon thousands of options for how you dress up your walls. If you choose a wallpaper like this one with a consistent, full pattern, be sure to let other areas of the room be simple so that you're not visually overwhelmed. While you can also choose to use a solid, simple rug, you can also use a rug that has a simple pattern as long as it fits with the overall color scheme and conveys the same tone/style. Playing with scale is also an important part of pattern mixing; if your wallpaper has a large scale design, choose a rug with a more detailed small pattern. If your walls have a small pattern, go with something larger on the rug.

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When you're designing a guest room and choosing decorations, it's important to stay true to your own style preferences. If you love a certain color or look, then you should create a room around that aesthetic. Your guests will appreciate that the room suits you and your home, even if it presents an unconventional design or color scheme.

Intentional Spacing - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Intentional Spacing

Oftentimes, the bed is centered against the main wall and serves as a centralized focal point. With that, the rug is often centered with the bed, with equal space on either side of the bed. If your bed is off to one side of the room, you don't have to center the rug beneath the bed; you can have the rug extend further to one side than the other. The benefit of this is that it does still overlap with the bed, but it also serves as a way of extending the bed's area and creating a path from the doorway to the bed.

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Modern spaces tend to use straight lines and clean accents. However, if the room leans too heavily into modern minimalism, the room may feel cold. To fight that tone, you can add in more plush and comfortable textures. This room features a plush shag rug at the foot of the bed, and it has great impact on the room's tone by making it feel soft and more approachable.

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Awesome Asymmetry - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Gender Neutral With More Than Neutral Tones

Using neutral hues isn't the only way to create a guest room suitable for all your guests. The primary colors on the bed may be a burnt pink, but that color doesn't come across as overly feminine because of the dominant blue tones of the rug. The two colors have equal placement in the room and so they balance one another out stylistically. So as you decorate your guest room, you don't have to limit yourself to a neutral color palette; just be intentional with balancing the colors you have and what tone those colors convey.

Awesome Asymmetry

Symmetry has a way of making a space feel intentional and balanced. You can see that well with this room, which has two identical nightstands on either side of the bed and a picture framed directly in the middle of the headboard. Within symmetry, look for subtle ways to break that mold so that it's not overly matchy or artificial looking. This room exhibits that perfectly with having different lamps and plants on each nightstand, but each is balanced with similar items at similar heights and sizes. Playing with asymmetry is a surefire way to add variety to the design without making it imbalanced or chaotic.

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Gender Neutral With More Than Neutral Tones - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Primarily Primary - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Primarily Primary

If you're looking for a good gender neutral color palette, going with the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow is a surefire way to cater to a wide audience. This bedroom uses the colors simply with the artwork above the bed and the rug, which is perfect for the simplistic modern design that it fits. This sort of approach works well with modern and contemporary bedrooms, since they use limited color as a statement and artistic approach.

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Playing With Patterns

Using more than one pattern in the same room can be a daunting task. However, there are ways to play with pattern and create stunning results. This guest room shows two ways of effectively mixing patterns: color and motifs. Color-wise, the blues of the curtains easily connect to the bedframe and other blues in the room. The patterns themselves may not have much in common, but they do fit in the same interior design style, which is why they work together so well. Look for inspiration from your favorite design styles for pattern ideas and ways to have them work together.

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Texture and Pattern

To make your guest room design feel cohesive, try using similar patterns, motifs, and textures throughout the entire room. In the case of this bedroom, the headboard and bench both present leafy designs while the rug and bed show off more traditional striping/texture. Reusing these design elements intentionally will help tie the entire design together and create a comfortable, balanced guest room.

Perfectly Balanced

Symmetry is commonly used in more traditional interior design aesthetics. When picturing symmetry, imagine drawing a line down the middle of the room and seeing both sides mirror one another. This balance really helps create a neat, tidy, and even elegant bedroom. Plus, it creates a sense of balance and comfort for those who are unfamiliar with the room.

All That Shines - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

All That Shines

Elegant and formal designs thrive off of metallic surfaces and items that create an air of elegance and sophistication. However, there's an art to being intentional with the room's shine so that it doesn't come across as tacky or artificial. This bedroom showcases that with the classy side tables, but aside from that, the sleek comforter also gives us its own gleam in the light of the room. It's a very simple technique and when done with restraint, you can create an elegant bedroom that still feels welcoming and authentic.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a unique way to show off your favorite artwork, but creating a cohesive look may be easier said than done. When you design yours, make sure there are unifying elements that tie the art together. For example, you can see that most of the artwork on this wall uses black and white images for the artwork. In the occasion that it doesn't, the connective tie is the similar frame size/color and abstract nature of the artwork. Your wall likely won't be identical to this one, but if you follow these guidelines, you can create your own personal collage that is sleek and stylish.

Gallery Wall - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Blissful Blues - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Blissful Blues

Blue is one of those colors that can be used in a ton of different styles and transcends age and gender. When you use blue in your guest room, don't worry about having the colors perfectly match one another--in fact, avoid too many identical blues, since being overly matching can feel inauthentic. Instead, focus on blues that convey your desired tone and style, like this room does with the various blues in the bedroom rug, blanket, and pillows.

Guest Suites

If you have guests that stay for longer periods of time, they'll appreciate a guest room that's designed more like a suite. Add in a chair, desk, or reading corner to make the room feel more homey for guests as they stay in your home. Along with that, consider how the guest room ties into a guest bathroom or other areas they may utilize during their stay.

Headed The Right Direction - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Love To Layer

Who says that you can only use a rug on hardwood or tile floors? When you layer a rug on top of carpet, be sure that the placement is intentional and the scale of the rug is correct for that room's overall footprint. Layering a soft surface upon a soft carpet can create a room that feels extra cozy and welcoming.

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Headed The Right Direction

Designing your guest bedroom with a unique bedframe and headboard is a great way to create a space that conveys your style and is unlike anything else out there. This leather headboard, when combined with the rustic wood bench, metallic light fixtures, and geometric rug, creates a modern rustic guest room that your friends and family will never want to leave. Focus on using unique furniture and rugs as the primary decor to create a truly unique space.

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Love To Layer - Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

As you can see, there are so many ways to design and style your guest bedroom to show off your personal style without alienating your guests' tastes and preferences. Be intentional with which decor you use, what color palette you create, and what style you use to design your perfect guest room. Who knows, maybe you'll love your guest room so much you'll never want to leave it either!


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