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22 Quaint Country Living Room Decor Ideas

If you know that you want your living room to feel cozy and homey, country style may just be the design family for you to lean into. Country style in itself branches out in a few different ways: English Country, French Country, and American Farmhouse are just a few of the popular design styles that fit under that umbrella. The key components of country design as a whole involve creating a cozy space, paying respect to nature & natural elements, and also gives an opportunity to have sentimental and precious ornaments on display. Not only is country style nice in and of itself, but it also plays nicely with other design styles, including modern design theory and bohemian. Not sure how to create country style? Or want to see how to combine it with other popular designs out there? Check out these inspiration pieces and our tips for creative effective country living rooms.

Classic Checkered - Country Living Room Ideas

Modern Mixing

Rustic doesn't have to mean cheap and dingy. This living room captures that sentiment perfectly by incorporating that rich, clean cabinet in the back corner and uses it to establish a loved look. However, the rest of the room leans towards making the old new by including a modern sofa and uniquely shaped table. Still, this design works because of all those natural wood tones. So, if have a furniture style or country living room decor you already like, try using those pieces to bring in more natural wood tones to add to that rustic feel.

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Classic Checkered

Nothing says "cozy" quite like plaid. This checkered rug sets the tone for the entire room by cementing the color scheme with black and whites--a common color scheme for modern farmhouse design. The living room wisely incorporates different shades of browns, tans, and dark woods to add in the natural comfort you feels when you're transported to the simpler times of country living. Black and white is a nice, comforting color scheme to work in, but make sure that you add in some pops of different colors, even if it's just in the different browns and tans in the chairs and sofa.

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Modern Mixing - Country Living Room Ideas
Traditionally Ornate - Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Traditionally Ornate

This living room serves as a great basis for showing how effective using themes is. This room uses plants in several fun ways, like the small tree, in the paintings, and in the area rug. Using plants as a theme is natural when it comes to country style and can easily be done in your living room too. Another natural idea you can incorporate with traditional country style is using furniture that has fluted legs, like the sample. Finally, if you too have a fireplace, try to use that as the focal point of the room. If you have a lot of browns and earthy tones like this room does, painting it a bright white is a smart move so that it stands out and acts as a clear focal point.

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"That Space"

Sometimes, there are small parts of a room that you just don't know what to do with it. In these situations, try to create a small, personal space that encourages your guests to retreat even further into the design style. This corner, with its floral chair and pillow, not only do an excellent job of filling what could have been an awkward space, but it also creates a cozy spot by the radiator and soaks in the natural light from the windows. On sunny or rainy days, this small area can become an area of ultimate comfort and peace.

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That Space - Country Living Room Ideas

Work With Warm Tones

Bring home the country charm by balancing out warmer tones in your home. Yellows, reds, and earthy tones can lend well to country sophistication without needing to go down the route of strict country decor selections (such as furs or unfinished wood elements).

Luxury Country

The sky is the limit for combining luxury furniture and decor with country aesthetics. A neutral-toned southwestern rug with handmade oak armchairs can work together for a luxurious country touch. Adding in foliage as well can help provide color for a more neutral-toned room.

Imperfect Balance - Country Living Room Ideas

Imperfect Balance

Symmetry is the name of the game with this living room. As your eyes travel from the picture frame down to the rest of the living room, you can see how some features are directly parallel to one another, while others are only "mostly parallel" in a technique called "asymmetry." This orderly setup is a reminder of older homes, where everything has a place and is in its place. However, elements of cozy design fill the room with the blanket over the plush chair, and the books serve as an invitation to sit and stay a while.

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Warm Textures

The mixture of textures in this living room are very reminiscent of the country design style. While much of older English country style is very busy and sometimes cluttered, you can always put a modern, minalist spin by incorporating those light and airy textures while keeping the room more intentionally bare. If you have small, minimal accent pieces and country living room decor you already love, then decoring this way is the perfect way to show off those important pieces!

Warm Textures - Country Living Room Ideas

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Similarly Different - Country Living Room Decorating Ideas


This small area actually presents a lot of fun design details that can be incorporated in anyone's home. First, there are the natural fibers with the string, macrame, and hangers for the small shelves. They are all similar, yet they have their differences in thickness and material. The same goes for the wood on the table and the hangers--similar, but different. Country style excels when accessories that are slightly different cooperate and accent one another in the space, just like these elements do in this space.

Work with Your Architecture

Country aesthetic thrive with natural wood tones and natural wood furniture. Adding seating whose accents work with other elements in the room such as the armchairs here with the ceiling beams and pulls a space together.

Boho Country - Country Living Room Design Tips


One way to get a soft and cozy feeling in a room is to incorporate lots of fabric. This room includes fabrics not only with the sofa and chair cushions, but also with an abundance of pillows, floor pouf, layered rugs, and a tapestry hanging on the wall. With its light and bright color scheme, the design wisely includes deeper, richer sounds in the accessories to make sure that the room doesn't feel washed out or bland. If this look appeals to you, try to incorporate more modern design elements like the hand chair, rainbow artwork, and floating shelf to create a really unique, personalized space.

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Classy Corner

This small section of the living room incorporates the light, airy walls often associated with country style and adds a modern twist by using a smaller chair with sharper edges and the two side tables with clear, simple lines. That country feel, however, is supported by the walls, the stunning vase, and the custom bookshelves that create a cozy reading nook that beckons you to take a step back from this crazy world and into a quiet country retreat. To create a cozy corner like this, be intentional with which pieces you pick and utilize items that have some similarities with each other--like the table and chair's clean lines.

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Classy Corner - Country Living Room Ideas

Natural Elements

Southwestern takes it own take on country this living room by bringing out its brick fireplace and adobe cactus planter. Using the focal point of a room and adorning it with country elements is a great way to showcase your love of the simple life even if the rest of your furniture isn't specifically country.

Star of the Show - Country Living Room Ideas

Star of the Show

When you're stylizing a room, keep in mind that having a clear focal point is one of the key ideas of any design style. The star of this living room is the cowhide blanket that drapes over the modern leather sofa. Not only is the cowhide itself a nod to the farming and herding lifestyle, but it also serves as one of the many textures in the room. When you're stylizing an area, try to incorporate different fabrics that all relate to one another thematically, stylistically, or are from the same color family.

Traditional Country

When your eye wanders across this room, you see just how many accessories are included and how it is more, but not an overwhelming amount of stuff. The picture frames on the ornate display hutch are stylized purposefully and tidely, as are the items in the tray with the flowers. This room takes advantage of the heart of English country design by incorporating so many ornamental items. One way to avoid making the room feel cluttered is to group those items intentionally, and to make sure that as opposed to having a million and one completely different items, incorporate multiples of items that are in the same family--like the multiple picture frames and multiple strands of beads in this living room.

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Traditional Country - Country Living Room Ideas

Running Themes - Country Living Room Ideas

Running Themes

This is yet another space that incorporates an animal hide, but it goes even beyond that rug. The artwork atop the fireplace also references farm animals with its horns and framed artwork. The architecture of the room itself is also perfect for country living with its brick walls and exposed wood beams, ceiling, and wall in the other room. Finally, there's the fact that this living room lets the fireplace shine as its own piece of art. Instead of cluttering the space with larger furniture or more chairs, this design simply places one chair and a small table by the fireplace, so that the guest can enjoy some quiet peace in an artfully designed vignette. If you have any stand out architecture in your home, don't try to hide it; let it shine!

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Unfinished Completes

There's no better way to add country charm to your home that to go big and include an unfinished, dual opening door. Balancing out the tone of your entrance with lighting, mirrors, curtains and your coffee tables brings it all together. This room does well in staying distinctively country by working with the same color palette throughout.

Nature Abounds - Country Living Room Ideas

Nature Abounds

Nature and flowers are a big part of English country style. This design incorporates the floral element by having dangling fines, a potted plant, and the three pieces of art that also have leaves in them. Then, the nature is brought into the room with all the natural wood elements and textures. The sofa's fabric has the texture of hide, and the rug's shading matches stone. When you're working on stylizing your living room, try going into the project with an estabilshed theme. The greenery in this room is an excellent example of a theme you can follow, because not only does it make the room feel cohesive, but it defintely adds to that country feel.

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Modern French Country

One branch of country design, French country, specifically incorporates subtle pops of color in a neutral pallet. By keeping the walls and furniture white, the white and yellow rug is a perfect example of French Country style that is brought into the modern day with the sleek sofa and pouf. Aside from effectively using the yellows, this living room also incorporates plants--a common trend and easy addition to any french country living room. To achieve a similar vibe, try to use those clean white walls and bright yellows to establish the space, and then accessorize with plants and alternative seating like the pouf.

Modern French Country - Country Living Room Ideas
Mixing Modern and Country - Country Living Room Decorating Ideas

Mixing Modern and Country

The darkness of this accent wall might not make you immediately think of country style, but this room actually utilizes a few different aspects of that design! All the natural elements from the handmade pottery, natural plants, leather sofa, and the hide rug on the floor are subtle nods to the natural style of country living, though this room definitely puts a modern spin on it by incorporating the black accent wall, clean, sharp lines of the furniture, and the unique artwork behind the sofa. This room is a prime example of how country style can find a home even in the midst of modern design!

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Geometry's Cool

The warm, bright colors on the wall both harken to English country and modern styles by being a shade that is bright enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to blend well with the neutral color pallet of the room. To unify all the pieces in this small area, the wall decor all has elements of geometry. The most obvious examples are the triangles in the rug, pouf, and pillow, but the side table and chair also incorporate straight lines to add to the lines of the room. Using shapes intentionally like this living room does is a very effective way to create a cohesive feeling. Even if your guest doesn't immediately notice those subtle details, the feeling of unity won't be lost on them.

Geometry's Cool - Country Living Room Ideas

Country Accents

Your room doesn't need to go full country in order to bring the aesthetic home. A small accent piece such as a fur is a simple way to bring rustic into your home while still keeping contemporary or modern look.

As you can see, country style living rooms are not only classy, but they can be modernized and brought into today by adapting color pallets, accessorizing with more modern artwork, and using furniture with clear lines. But the classics of country design prove timeless as well, and even with older revisions of English and French country, there's a lot of class and beauty to be appreciated. This is one style that has stood the test of time, and any of these design elements can easily find their place in your home.


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