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Boho Living room decor Ideas

Are you looking for something a bit more fun and layered than the minimalist and rustic trends throughout the interior design industry? If so, it might be time to check out some boho living room ideas. You can use any combination of furniture, lighting, decor, and rugs to give your space a boho vibe. So whether you prefer boho chic, modern boho, or traditional Bohemian living room ideas, it’s fun and straightforward to decorate with boho style. We’ve included some of our favorite decor tips, tricks, and advice to help you bring your favorite boho living room ideas to life. With so many beautiful designs to choose from, there's something for everyone's tastes. So, keep reading to get inspired.

Sensory Stimulation - Boho Living Room Ideas

All Textures and Plants

Who could deny the instant boho-chic charm of this lovely living room? It's all textures and plants, from the high-low area rug to the display of greenery around the windows. Plants add instant boho appeal, especially when you place them in textured or colorful planters like those used here. In addition, the warm white walls, sheer white curtains, and cream-toned area rug create a soothing neutral background for the warmth of the pillows and blanket on the grey sofa. And don't forget the ornate mirror reflecting a bright and open floor plan, like the cherry on top of this beautiful modern boho living room.

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Sensory Stimulation

Boho interior design is all about patterns, colors, and textures coming together to delight your senses and create an inviting atmosphere. This boho living room does it beautifully, with a range of colorful patterns and textures, from the velvet accent chair to the leather sofa. And it's all built on the intricately detailed area rug as the foundation with houseplants to soften and revitalize the look. You can create something similar by selecting an array of colorful, patterned accents and textural furniture.

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All Textures and Plants - Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Warm and Inviting Boho Living Room Decor

Warm and Inviting

Most boho decor tips are designed to help you create a warm and inviting space. Here, we see a small and charming living room built around a fireplace and white walls, and the effect is beautiful. Notice the tasseled area rug, with handmade textures and a range of beautiful colors that come to life in the striped pattern. We love the velvet sofa and the rattan accent chair, as well as the textural, colorful throw pillow arrangement. Finally, notice the large houseplant paired with a vase of greenery to add more natural texture to this bohemian living room.

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Light and Bright

White walls and light, sheer curtains can make it easier to decorate your living room with a bohemian flair. A warm-toned white usually works best, but bright white can create a lovely effect. The sheer curtains add to the white background, creating more space for the warm-toned rug and throw pillows. And rather than several small plants, this small living room makes excellent use of one large plant to create a similar effect.

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Light and Bright Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Bohemian Lounge Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern Relaxation

A vintage blue area rug lays the foundation for the relaxing appeal of this modern boho living room. The warm-toned wood against the white walls creates an instantly warm aesthetic enhanced by the decorative planters and the wood-framed sofa. We love the warm-toned grey sofa cushions and the textural pillow and blanket that add to the inviting look.

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Bohemian Lounge

When boho living room ideas come up, most people think of inviting lounge spots to sit and catch up with friends. And this small living room has created a drool-worthy boho lounge to show off to guests. Notice the textured wall hanging, array of houseplants, eye-catching artwork, and exciting accents around the low seating. But, of course, the stars of the show are the colorful layered rugs and the lush selection of throw pillows atop the platform sofa.

Modern Relaxation - Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

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Boho Blues Living Room Ideas

Boho Blues

This living room has some serious boho charm, with everything from the blue velvet sofa to the beautifully carved coffee table. The chandelier above the coffee table enhances its impact, mirroring back the shape and texture to give the room a visual center. Modern boho decor like this boho rug often uses subtle bohemian styling in conjunction with traditional, mid-century modern, chic, or contemporary looks. If your space is decorated in another style, try adding touches of boho decor until you achieve the look you’re going for.

Exciting Textures

With warm white walls and a colorful Southwestern-style area rug, this living room is full of exciting and inviting textures that give it a boho appeal. It comes alive with a large, leafy plant in one corner and plenty of greenery visible through the large windows. But the textures and wall art sell the look, from the accent chair and its faux fur seat cover to the tasseled pillows on the leather couch.

Exciting Textures - Boho Living Room Ideas
Calming Colors - Boho Outdoor Living Room Decor Ideas


Shelf styling can play a significant role in boho decor, and if you have a mantle, built-in shelving, or both, it can bring your living room to life. It can help to pick a color palette or theme and decorate around it. Notice the selection of color-appropriate books, global-inspired statuary, and house plants to create visual interest in the shelving areas. These accents seem to complete the look around the throw pillows, eye-catching furniture, and colorful area rug.

Calming Colors

This beautiful boho outdoor living space is calming and inviting with a charcoal accent wall and rattan furniture set. We love the moody color scheme and subtle palette. Notice how this living room includes dark grey, light grey, tan, blue, pink, and even orange. The greens added in from the plant life and the texture from the bohemian area rug help give the space extra character. If you’d like a modern boho living room, try a similar palette to this space to capture the look.

Accessorize - Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Adobe Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Adobe Boho

Boho decor works well with all different interior design styles. Here, we see it centered around a lovely adobe-inspired area rug, setting a desert mood for the space. The seating features throw pillows and blankets that keep with the color scheme created by the area rug while remaining plush and inviting--true to boho fashion. In addition, the house plants in the back add boho flair, as do the textured wall hangings.

Soft and Comfy Boho Living Room Ideas

Moody Boho

Here's another boho living room with an eye-catching earthy neutral color palette. This beautiful living room still checks all the boho boxes, including textures, patterns, colors, and an inviting appeal. But it plays with a charcoal accent wall that's almost black, giving it a moody appeal. If you love moody interiors, try a palette that ranges from warm whites to dark charcoal with some tans and browns mixed in.

Soft and Comfy

This bright boho chic living room is an excellent inspiration for those working with limited space. Boho decor welcomes all colors, and red and blue make frequent appearances. Here, we see softer versions of these colors coming together to create a comfy living room seating area. The textured, patterned area rug anchors the space, while the throw pillows and blankets add life to the white sofa and accent chair. Notice the addition of grey-blue to introduce more of a neutral aesthetic to this space.

Moody Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Neutral Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Warm and Welcoming

Sometimes a bohemian rug is all it takes to create a boho mood in a space. Add in textured throw pillows and blankets with comfy, inviting furniture, and the look is complete. This lovely living room uses a cactus and tall indoor tree to add texture and natural colors, but the landscape visible through the window creates a green backdrop for this warm and welcoming living room.

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Neutral Boho

Neutrals have their place in boho living rooms too. We see an earthy neutral palette in this living room, with a grey sofa and accent wall. The throw pillows, blanket, pouf, and patterned rug play with shades of tan and brown, while the shelf and table decor add natural textures. And don’t miss the addition of black with the accent table itself! Black has a place in boho decor, especially for neutral color palettes.

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Warm and Welcoming Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Modern Sensibility - Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern Sensibility

Modern artwork hung gallery style above the sofa creates instant appeal in this lovely small living room. The white sofa and acrylic coffee table set a contemporary tone, while the plush pillows add the signature boho appeal. Notice the rug's color palette and how it travels up to the sofa with a few darker throw pillows in the arrangement. The addition of black in the rug's design grounds the look, creating contrast with the bright sofa. And the house plants add the finishing touches for the boho element of this living room.

More Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

Book Nook

Every boho living room deserves a comfy, cozy accent chair to curl up in with a good book or a glass of wine. And this lovely nook is a perfect inspiration. With a large cactus adding natural color and texture and a window overlooking beautiful landscaping, who wouldn't want to sit here for a while? If you’d like to create a similar spot, try adding textured throws and pillows to a comfortable rattan chair in a bright corner of your living area.

Book Nook - Boho Living Room Ideas
More is More - Boho Living Room Ideas

More is More

Most modern decor styles say that less is more, but there’s no such rule in boho decorating. This beautiful living room sets the foundation with four layered area rugs in a range of colors, textures, and patterns. It continues the look with an indoor jungle vibe thanks to all the house plants and an eclectic array of furniture to create a seating area. Top it all with colorful, textured throw pillows, and you have an exciting bohemian lounge that’s difficult to say no to.

Bohemian Glamour Living Room Decor Ideas

Conversation for Two

Smaller seating areas encourage conversation and comfort, and this living area gets it right. With the chairs as the centerpieces, playing on the symmetrical architecture in the background, this colorful space captures serious boho flair. We love the patterned throw pillows and the textured end table. But the deep blue area rug and the patterned tile above the fireplace are what really pulls it all together. And if you have a decommissioned fireplace, take note of how the plants all around make great use of this space while adding boho appeal.

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Bohemian Glamour

This glam boho living room uses beautiful textures, large plants, and a warm, colorful palette to create an inviting living room seating area. We love the feminine feel created by the soft colors on the accent chairs and throw pillows, as well as the lovely macrame hanging above the couch. Hangings like this work well to add style and class on large, exposed portions of the wall—just make sure you find something with weight and quality.

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Conversation for Two - Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Casual Comfort - Boho Living Room Ideas

Global Inspiration

Modern boho decor often relies on global accents to add a whimsical appeal and make the space feel more inviting. In this living room, the eye-catching accent chair and mantle decorations set the mood. Meanwhile, the boho area rug, throw pillow arrangement, and colorful wall hanging cement the boho appeal. And don't forget the lush house plants, bringing in natural texture and color to complete the look.

Casual Comfort

Sometimes you just need to add a touch of boho decor to your living room to give it a touch of casual comfort. Here, the array of throw pillows and blankets across the sectional make an instantly inviting space. The leather ottoman and neutral color scheme keep the look cohesive while the house plants add natural life to every corner. Notice the high and wide curtains to make the windows appear larger and the vintage-style area rug to ground the space.

Global Inspiration - Boho Living Room Ideas

Charming Chair - Boho Living Room Ideas

Charming Chair

If your living room has the square footage for a reading nook, we highly recommend adding one. A cozy boho nook is the perfect space to curl up with a cup of tea and your favorite novel, but it’s also just a great place to relax. We love the colorful area rug, with its tassels and fun shape, as well as the bright curtains and throw blanket on the accent chair. The vases of flowers complete the look with natural textures, making this little spot even more charming.

Jewel Tones

Greens and teals are two popular colors used in modern boho and eclectic boho styles. When you choose hues that lean into jewel tones, you add extra vibrancy to the room's design and also create a more elegant, rich color palette. Whether you use these colors purely on the built-ins, furniture, or simple accents, jewel tones are stunning additions to modern boho living rooms.

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Layered Design

Both youthful and traditional boho styles can benefit from layered living room rugs. To follow this room's style and create a more traditional boho living room, center a smaller rug directly atop a larger one. Be sure the bottom rug extends at least one foot past each edge of the top rug to provide the proper visual balance and shine a light on both rugs.

Subtle Eclectic

While highly eclectic boho living rooms are incredibly stylish with their various textures, colors, and piecemeal designs, there are also subtle ways to add eclectic style to your living room. Consider the lighting fixtures and metallic finishes used in your living room. Blacks, golds, bronze, and other finishes can be used in your room's key accents to establish that piecemeal style without using it as the largest style element of the room.

Coastal Boho

Coastal and modern boho styles are easy to blend, since each style has a deep appreciation for natural materials. You may follow this room's example and use coastal imagery in whimsical bohemian ways, or you can do the inverse and use boho patterns in coastal color palettes. There are many ways to blend these two iconic styles, so let creativity reign as you craft your ideal aesthetic.

Wallpaper is Back in Style

More and more, wallpaper is appearing as a beautiful way to accent any room of the home. There are many boho variations of wallpaper that lean into the youthful, earthy aesthetics of the style, but you can also choose a different style wallpaper to pair with your furniture and create your ideal blending of styles.

Down to Earth

Earth tones are mainstays of boho style. While there are conventional ways to incorporate earthy elements through the room's use of plants, you can also highlight the earth-tone colors in colored sofas, boho rugs, and other prominent accents. Earthy color palettes can be presented in many different ways to be primary or secondary colors in the room depending on your personal preference, so design with your ideal color balance in mind.


Like we said before, boho style is very freeing in terms of how you can use colors, patterns, and different styles together. Even in small living rooms like this, you can use bright, daring colors to dominate the room's color scheme. Let this room serve as inspiration that your vibrant boho living room is attainable!

Elevated Boho Style

The architecture of this room naturally elevates the entire space's aesthetic with its inset ceiling, crown molding, and tall windows. The furniture and accents you choose can add to the class or stray away from it in order to create a more youthful aesthetic. In this case, the furniture feels very classic with its rounded edges, but the patterns and rug design all work towards a more casual boho style.

Structured Whimsy

Symmetry is an important tool for making your free-spirited boho living room feel more structured. Here, the seating area itself features great symmetry with the rounded sofa and two parallel chairs, but asymmetry is also utilized to bring in that whimsical style. The side tables, ottoman, and the decor on the bookshelves all fit into the room's overarching symmetry, but their designs and placement are more artistic and less formal. Details such as these can help you create a balanced boho space.


In line with the previous living room, this room also uses layering to highlight different textures and designs. Different textures make up the majority of this living room with unique wall art, tasselled pillows, a plush throw blanket, and the woven rug. Take inspiration from this chic boho living room and find fun ways to use different textures and materials in your space.

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Textured Rugs

Rugs with varying pile heights naturally make a big impact since they are not the norm for most living rooms. You'll find textured rugs that use elevated yarn and weaves to define unique patterns and designs perfect for boho styles. With that, your rug can also inspire other textures and pile heights in pillows, blankets, and wall tapestries.

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From the Ground Up

The rug you use in your contemporary boho living room will help define the entire room's style and color palette. With more eclectic versions of boho, you can intentionally choose wall art and other decor that are starkly different from the rug to create maximum impact. Regardless of your design philosophy, the rug you use in your room is one of the most important aspects to consider for style and comfort.

Assessing Accent Colors

Typically, accent colors are used in numerous ways and multiple areas of the room to fit into the room's overarching aesthetic. Follow this room's example by using different colors in seats, pillows, blankets, and vases throughout the entire room. By intentionally spreading out the colors and presenting them in different mediums, you'll create a masterfully designed boho living room.

A Solid Foundation

Light and airy boho living rooms like this one often use white as the primary color on the walls and ceiling. This makes the room a perfect blank canvas to add other colors, textures, and patterns to. Since white is such a versatile color, it is also used in other interior design styles. This means you can easily make a white room fit a coastal boho style, a boho farmhouse style, or a modern boho style.

We hope this collection of boho living room ideas has given you plenty of inspiration to help you decorate a room that suits your style. This fun and free-spirited look allows you to express yourself through your decor to create an inviting living room you’ll love coming home to. And if you’re looking for more bohemian living room ideas, check out our selection of boho rugs for thousands of beautiful ideas.


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