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What Size Should an Entryway Rug Be?

The rule of thumb for any rug size is to allow at least 12" to 24" of floor space between the wall and the edge of the rug. Use these guidelines to help you decide how much flooring you want to show. For example, you may want to showcase your beautiful hardwood floors, or if your entryway floor is worn, you might cover it with a rug sized 3'x5' or 5'x7' placed horizontally. Note that smaller entryways can get away with less space from the wall.

Entryway Rugs - Entryway Rug Sizing

How to Measure Your Entryway for Your Rug - Part 1

If you're trying to figure out what size entryway rug would be best for your space, you'll start by measuring the area. Here's a quick three-step guide to measuring your entryway: 

1. Use a measuring tape to measure the width of your entryway at the narrowest point. This will be in the hallway directly in front of the entryway door in most homes. Our example entryway will be 4' wide. 

2. Measure the length of your entryway with your measuring tape. For most spaces, you'll start at the front door and measure the length until the entryway opens up into the rest of the home. Our example entryway will be 8' long. 

3. Subtract 24" from both measurements – the result is the maximum size rug you can fit in the entryway. This number will help you find the best size rug for your entryway. Our example entryway would have a maximum 2' x 6' rug size. 

Entry Rugs - Entryway Rug Sizing

How To Measure Your Entryway For a Rug - part 2

Subtracting 24" from the dimensions of your entryway will leave 12" between the edges of your rug and walls. If you have the space to leave 18" or 24", multiply your chosen distance by two (e.g., 18 x 2 = 36; 24 x 2 = 48) and use your resulting number instead of 24". 

In the example entryway from above, entryway rug size guides would likely recommend a 2' x 6' runner. However, depending on your floorplan and furniture, the maximum size may not be the best dimensions for your entry rug.

For example, the best size rug for a 13' x 13' room with an entryway door might not be 11' x 11' if you have standing furniture (such as a console table) in the space. Instead, you might prefer a 9' x 9' area rug or a 9' diameter round rug. 

Always pick a rug shape that matches or complements the entryway – matching is usually preferred, as it protects more of the floor.

Long Hallway - Entryway Rug Sizes

Do You Have a Long Narrow Entryway?

Entrance rug sizes depend on the dimensions and shape of your entryway. We suggest a runner rug for long, narrow spaces. For example, if you have an entryway that measures 4' x 16', a 2' x 14' runner would work well in that space.

What Size Area Rugs Goes in a Small Entryway or Foyer?

We recommend a horizontal rectangular rug to protect your floors if you're working with limited square footage. The average foyer rug size for small spaces is 3' x 5', but some areas call for a 5' x 7' rug instead. You'll position the rug horizontally instead of vertically with either size.

Small Entryway- Entryway Rug Sizes

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Grand Entrance- Entryway Rug Sizes

Do You Have Lighting in Your Entryway?

If you have a lighting feature in your entryway (e.g., a hanging pendant light or chandelier), you'll want to adjust your front door rug size, shape, and positioning accordingly. 

Try to center the rug under the light fixture, even if it means choosing a larger rug. And consider matching the shape of the rug to the shape of the light (e.g., a circular rug under a circular light). Alternately, if you have a square room with a circular light, try a square rug to complement the shape of the light.

What Size Rug for a Double Door or Large Foyer?

If you have a large foyer, you're probably thinking, "What would a normal rug size be for my door, since my space is bigger than most?" Double door foyers and large entryways call for sizeable area rugs. 

In most double door entryways, we'd recommend a 5' x 8' rug, or even a 6' x 9', depending on how large your foyer is. As with the 13' x 13' entryway mentioned earlier, choose a square rug instead of a rectangular one if your space is square.

Foyer- Entryway Rug Sizes
Entryway Rugs - How To Choose

How Can I Protect My Carpet At The Front Door?

A rug is a great way to protect flooring near your front door from dirt, snow, rain and sunshine. We also recommend placing a door mat outside your front door so people can wipe their feet before they come in. Placing a small bench near the front door reminds visitors to take off their shoes, which helps to preserve rugs, carpet and flooring. Place a high quality rug pad under your entryway rug to keep the rug from shifting, sliding or bunching. The extra cushion is not only a pleasure underfoot but also helps to extend the life of your rug.

Now that you know how to choose an entryway rug, now's the time to shop! Browse thousands of beautiful entryway rugs to find the perfect one for your space!

What Material Is Best For An Entryway Rug?

  • Jute and sisal rugs are popular in the entryway as they are a very durable material. They catch dirt and moisture and can be easily cleaned by giving them a good shake or with frequent vacuuming. However, jute and sisal are natural fibers that will absorb a lot of moisture. If you rug gets extra wet you’ll want to hang it to dry thoroughly before putting it back on the floor. This protects the flooring beneath the rug and prevents mold or bacteria growth in the rug.
  • Wool is hands down the top choice of designers when it comes to rug materials. Wool is durable and easy to clean. The fiber is naturally stain and moisture resistant. It spot cleans well with soapy water and a rag. Wool also holds its color well, resisting fading and wear. You can extend the life of your wool rug with a rug pad.
  • Synthetic fiber rugs (made from polyester, nylon, olefin, etc) are a good choice for an entryway. Synthetic rugs can be dyed to show vivid colors and intricate designs. They are stain resistant and easy to clean. However, they tend to show traffic wear over time. But with their smaller price tag they can be an excellent affordable option.
Entry Runner Rug - How To Choose Entryway Rug

Oval Rugs - Entryway Rug Sizes

How To Pick the Right Sized Circular or Oval Rug for an Entryway?

Circular and oval rugs are fun to use in the entryway, as they can create a casual or whimsical appeal. Circular rugs are also suitable for square entry areas. Use these guidelines to find the right size for round and oval rugs: 

  • Round: Round rugs are best for square rooms. Find the right rug size by measuring the room with the three-step guide at the beginning of this page. Subtract 24" from the width or length to find the ideal round rug size for the space. So, if your entryway is 9' x 9', you'll probably want a 7' round rug.
  • Oval: Oval rugs are best for rectangular rooms, and you'll find the rug size the same way. Measure the space using the three-step guide at the beginning of this article and subtract 24" from each dimension to find the best oval rug size. For example, if your entryway is 8' x 10', you'll likely want a 6' x 8' oval rug.

Want More Rug Size Info?

What sizes do rugs come in? How do I know what size and shape would look best? Check out our guide to rug sizes for help answering these questions. There, you'll find a rug size comparison chart for each room to help you decorate.


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