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How to Size Your Bathroom Rug

Bathrooms and bathroom rugs come in all different sizes, but standard bath rug sizes will work for most spaces. Using a rug in the bathroom adds a soft surface to stand on when you're stepping out of the shower, washing your hands, or tending to hygiene tasks. Plus, rugs give you a chance to inject some color, character, and texture into your bathroom.

Bathroom Rug Sizes

What Is the Average Size of a Bathroom Rug?

Common bath rug sizes include 2' x 3', 3' x 5', and 2' x 6'. And if you're looking for rug ideas for bathrooms with different sizes and open areas, you might try a 4' x 6', 5' x 8', 4' x 4', or 5' x 5' – a round 4' or 5' rug might also work. It all depends on the layout of your bathroom and how you want the space to look. 

The smaller sizes (2' x 3' and 3' x 5') work well in powder rooms, half baths, small bathrooms, and master baths with double vanities. Rug sizes like a 2' x 6' runner can also work with a double vanity or down the length of a small bathroom.

However, instead of picking a standard size, it's always best to ask, "what size bath rug do I need for this space?" In this bathroom rug size guide, we'll help you find the best fit for any space. 

Half Bath - Bathroom Rug Sizes

Is There a Typical Rug Size for Your Half Bath?

A half bath usually includes a sink and a toilet – it's also known as a powder room or guest bathroom. Normal-sized bathroom rugs, including 2' x 3' and 3' x 5', are typically acceptable for half baths. Place your rug in front of the sink, adding softness and character to the space while protecting a heavily-trafficked area. 

A bathroom with a shower, or a 3/4 bath, can usually use the same size area rug. However, if your half bath is a bit larger, refer to the master bathroom section for more rug size options. 

You can also use a 2' x 6' or 2' x 7' runner to extend down the length of a small bathroom, covering the floor in front of both the sink and toilet.

Bathroom Vanity - Bathroom Rug Sizes

What's a Good Bath Rug Size In Relation to Your Vanity?

Vanities and sinks are the most common spots for a bathroom rug. The best sizes include the standard smaller dimensions (2' x 3' and 3' x 5'), which you'll place in front of the vanity to stand on while washing your hands or face.

How Do You Size a Bathroom Rug For a Double Vanity?

Double vanity bathrooms can usually use standard rug sizes. While 34 in. wide is a common choice for double vanity spaces, we recommend going with 3' wide (36 in.) for the sake of ease. A 3' or 2' rug is also more likely to fit new spaces if you move. 

Place one 2' x 3' or 3' x 5' in front of each sink if you want to use two bathroom rugs. Alternately, use a 2' or 6' wide runner that's as long as your double vanity countertop. Measure the length of your double vanity countertop or the length of both sinks to find the right size.

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Master Bathroom- Bathroom Rug Sizes

How Do You Size a Contour or Toilet Rug for Your Bathroom?

If you want to use a toilet rug, sizes are slightly different because of the contoured shape to allow for the toilet. They're usually around 20" to 26" long and 20" deep (width). If you want to be sure the rug fits your toilet, though, measure the width of the tank and use this as your ideal length. For the width, 20" to 22" is usually suitable for all toilets. 

Alternatively, you can use a small rectangular rug in front of your toilet and skip the need for a contoured shape. A 2' x 3' rug is usually the perfect fit for most toilets, although some designers prefer a square 2' x 2' shape instead.

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What Size Rug Do I Need in the Master Bathroom?

Some people like to use special size bath rugs in the master bathroom. For example, a small master bathroom might be around 5' x 8', a medium master bath around 6' x 10', and a large master bath is usually anything over 10' x 12'.

While you might want to order a custom size to fit their space, standard larger bathroom rug sizes (4' x 6', 5' x 8', 4' x 4', or 5' x 5'; and 4' or 5' round) will work in most rooms.

If you're trying to find a tub rug size that also covers the floor, the larger sizes listed above are ideal. Rectangular, square, and round rugs are all suitable choices. Pick the shape based on that of your bathroom and on the interior decor style you're using. 

Note: Round rugs tend to be more whimsical, and square rugs work well in square rooms or with other square accents.

Toilet Contouring - Bathroom Rug Sizes
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