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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas 

Making a tiny bathroom feel bigger can be challenging. You have to consider everything from the floor plan to the location of the vanity, tub, and shower when considering the decor. Bathrooms need plenty of storage for bathing essentials, toiletries, and towels, which can be difficult. These small bathroom ideas feature creative storage solutions and innovative decorating ideas to maximize the practicality of the bathroom without sacrificing style.

A Vertical Accent -Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

A Vertical Accent

A soaker tub can work even in a small bathroom when you place it along the wall with the fixtures on the side rather than the end of the tub. Forget about skimpy bathroom rugs and look for generous runner rugs to run the tub's full length to prevent slips. Accentuate the vertical with a simple wall niche that soars toward the ceiling.

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Balanced in Black

Black adds drama to any space, and can be stunning in a small bathroom when balanced by white. Choose one major element in black such as this vanity, then limit yourself to small touches of black elsewhere. Opting for an unusual tile pattern adds interest while white walls keep things airy.

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Balanced in Black - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Vantage Design Studio

Clean Lines & White Cabinets

The small bathroom feels bright and spacious, enhanced by the large mirror that reflects light from the stylish vanity lights above, creating an illusion of a larger space. The clean lines of the white cabinetry and marble countertop contribute to the bathroom's modern and polished aesthetic.

Natural & Contemporary

This bathroom is enhanced by the warm wooden paneling that contrasts with the sleek white freestanding bathtub, creating a natural and contemporary look. The geometric patterned floor tiles add depth to the room, while the fluted glass divider and elegant brass fixtures provide a touch of sophistication and privacy without compromising on style.

Shades of Black and White - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Perfect Pinks

Visually maximize the size of a small bathroom by keep things open and bright using a pedestal sink and see-through, acrylic shelving. Muted shades of pink in the rug, shelving, and accessories can add a rosy glow that's feminine without being frilly.

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Shades of Black and White

Don't overwhelm a small bathroom with too much wallpaper. If you choose a bold print, limit to one wall, keeping the others light and bright. Varying shades of black, white, and grey is one way to create an eclectic appeal. The striped linens and softly hued small bathroom rug soften the starkness of the wallpaper and vanity.

Perfect Pinks - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Refined Design - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Shabby Chic Storage

Get creative with storage when there's no space for cabinets or a vanity. Small, folding tables and baskets can be stacked high with anything needed, then tucked away when not in use. Instead two or more rugs for tub, shower, and vanity areas, choose one stunning rug in an oversized print to make a statement without cluttering the floor.

Refined Design

Traditional touches such as wainscoting and wood cabinets can be used in small bathrooms when you pare them down to the essentials. A vanity that's long but shallow in depth can be tucked into the corner without compromising floor space. The rug used here ties the warm wood wall cabinet to the cool grey walls for continuity.

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Shabby Chic Storage - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bold Wallpaper

Enhance your small by incorporating a bold patterned wallpaper. This wallpaper adds depth and visual interest to the space, creating a vibrant and artistic feel. The framed traditional artwork on the wall complements the wallpaper's design, while the simple shelf unit and elegant rug provide practicality without sacrificing style.

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Dramatic Wallpaper

The small bathroom is dramatically enhanced by the bold geometric-patterned wallpaper in shades of green, which infuses the space with a lively, modern energy. The sleek vanity and circular mirror maintain the contemporary vibe and add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Galley Glamour - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Focus on Spring

Try adding the soft shades of springtime to a white room to keep it airy and fresh. A soft, buttercream yellow and white rug add a touch of sunshine all year round in this room and create a foil for the gold-drenched artwork. Touches of sage and mint draw the eye from painting to lamp to bed. Drape windows in sheer, delicate curtains to reinforce the delicate breeziness of warm days.

Galley Glamour

Use subway tile on the shower walls to visually expand the width of a galley bathroom. By installing a vanity that has the same pattern set into the wood vanity doors, you create a cohesive feel. Since the footprint of the room is so small, a runner rug is the perfect way to add warmth underfoot and a safe place for wet feet.

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Simple Geometry - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Vantage Design Studio

Floral Designs

This small bathroom is transformed into a vibrant space with the large-scale floral wallpaper, which introduces a bold mix of colors and a touch of nature. The sleek lines of the modern sink and vanity, along with the elegant wall-mounted lamps, balance out the wallpaper with their simplicity and clean design.

Bold Geometric Patterns

The small bathroom is dramatically enhanced by the bold, geometric patterned wallpaper that adds depth and a modern touch to the space. The dark flooring and the sophisticated black pendant light fixture provide a striking contrast, while the simple pedestal sink and classic fixtures maintain a clean and elegant look.

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Flights of Fancy - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Floating Furnishings

Combine storage with an expansive feel by opting for a floating vanity. The empty space under the cabinets visually broadens the room without having to settle for a pedestal sink. Runner rugs give you warmth and color underfoot for a double vanity, while foregoing window coverings lets in plenty of natural light.

A Fresh Angle for White

If you can't resist a spectacular wallpaper, opt for a white background that will recede, pushing the walls out while the vivid print pops. When the walls are the star, contrast them with simple black and white, such as this striped rug and banded shower curtain. The black and white keep the bright colors from overwhelming the eyes.

Floating Furnishings - Small Bathroom Design Ideas
Sherbet Chic - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design.

Shaker Chic

For a serene bathroom, Shaker style cabinets are an excellent choice, blending the warmth of wood with clean, modern lines. Keeping the walls, countertop, and shower curtain monochromatic and paring down the accents to the simplest possible form makes the space seem larger. The black fixtures combine modern design with rustic charm.

Sherbet Chic

Use a floor-to-ceiling, glass surround shower to expand the space with an unobstructed line of sight in a small bathroom. Adding an oversized mirror the length of the vanity will maximize light and create the illusion of space. With so many light and bright elements, don't be afraid to mix and match sherbet colors such as coral, pistachio, and blue. Mix and match rugs to delineate distinct areas.

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Shaker Chic - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bold Designs

This bathroom is given a bold character through the checkered brown and beige tiles that offer a retro yet modern look, while the rustic wooden elements and marble sink introduce natural textures that soften the geometric lines. The unique stool and coordinated towels and accessories in earthy tones complement the color scheme, providing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Botanical Walls

This small bathroom's charm is greatly enhanced by the intricate botanical wallpaper, which adds a lush, vibrant feel to the space, and the circular window that allows for natural light to accentuate the patterns and colors of the walls. The elegant gold hardware and fixtures introduce a touch of luxury, harmonizing with the warm wood tones and the soft blue herringbone tiles to create a refreshing and stylish ambiance.

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Focal Flooring - Small Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design.


Don't be afraid to create a flow from one room to the next when decorating a small bathroom. When the tile floor is an incredible vintage motif in rich, autumn colors, it works equally well in a kitchen, hallway, and bathroom and avoids the choppy look of different floors in every room. When choosing a rich color like this olive green wainscoting in this bathroom, be sure to paint the upper half of the walls in an off-white shade to keep things bright and airy.

Elegant Appeal

The small bathroom's elegant appeal is enhanced by the sleek, grey vanity which provides a subtle contrast to the white walls and marble countertop, exuding a clean and modern vibe. The space feels bright and open with the strategic placement of mirrors and the use of simple, classic light fixtures that cast a soft, inviting glow.

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Everything from lighting to the kind of tile used impacts the appeal of a small bathroom. When you decorate, keep in mind how the scale of each element will affect the overall look. With a good design and the right decor, our small bathroom ideas will give you a space that looks and feels like a spa.


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