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Blue Bathroom Decor ideas

Blue is an extremely popular color in a variety of styles. This is because it comes in so many different shades, tones, and textures, and each can be tailored to suit whatever style you want. From navy blue to sky blue to any shade in between, you can use blue to establish your bathroom to fit your personal flair. Because it is so full of possibility, you may be wondering where to even begin. One of the first steps is to begin to visual your bathroom and look at other blue bathrooms for aspects that you want to incorporate into your blue bathroom.

Blue-Grey - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas

Varying Shades

One of the best ways to keep a color scheme feeling fresh is to use variations of the same color in multiple unique ways. This bathroom masterfully uses a light blue for the panelling and window, but it uses other shades of blue in the curtain, potted plant, and the bathtub. When you go to design your bathroom, remember that "variety is the spice of life," and this applies to bathrooms as well!


It can be difficult to mix and match patterns, especially when one is literally on top of the other. This bathroom displays a few key features that you can imitate in your own master bathroom with its pattern mixing, especially with the rug and floor tile. You can follow this room's example by continuing with the same color scheme in the rug and floor tile, but you can also carry over a motif or design element, like how the flooring and rug both display rounded shapes and subtle leaves. Carrying over elements like these is essential for mixing patterns well and having them compliment each other as opposed to clashing.

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Varying Shades - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors
Simple Statements - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Pamela Hope Designs


Sometimes, less is more. In small spaces like bathrooms, you certainly don't want to overwhelm or clutter the space. Going with a bold blue on the floor and a neutral color palette elsewhere allows that blue to shine. You could incorporate blue elsewhere in the room, like in hand towels, soap dispensers, and candles, but that's not always necessary to set the tone and style of the room; once and done is enough when done in the proper scale.


Blue can be an ideal color for a traditional bathroom. You can easily choose a shade of blue that feels both homey and elevated like this bathroom does with this light, stormy blue. When your walls are painted to set the color palette, it may be fitting to include that color elsewhere in towels. Just be sure that any other blues that are directly up against the wall have some difference in tone or some barrier between them and the wall. The artwork is a prime example of that with a silver frame, white mat, and blues deeper into the image.

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Blue Traditions - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Vantage Design Studio
Modern Marvels - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Modern Marvels

As opposed to filling a room with knick-knacks and artwork, modern design tends to make the fixtures themselves a work of art. You certainly see that with the modern sink and linen closet, but you also see the functional backsplash coating the entire wall serving the functional purpose of keeping the wall safe from moisture and serving the artistic purpose of being unique. If you want your bathroom to feel more modern, focus on these elements you already have in the room as opposed to decor.

Power of Pattern

Patterns are instrumental in defining a room's style and tone. In this case, the vintage wallpaper sets a very old, retro vibe. It also serves another purpose: guiding the entire color scheme of the room. The teal-blue of the wainscotting, the vanity, and the window are all pulled from that wallpaper and don't overwhelm the room because that was a very minor color in the wallpaper. You don't necessarily need to use wallpaper patterns to establish your room's color scheme; another popular option is to choose a rug for the room and base the color palette off of that. Then, you can use the rug's pattern to determine the room's style and tone.

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Power of Pattern - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
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Pattern Mixing - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Patricia Davis Brown

Coastal Vibes

Coastal bathrooms often include blue in one form or another. The shade of blue you incorporate can convey whether you're leaning into a stormy sea, a whimsical beach, or a calming coastline. This bathroom especially captures that coastal vibe by using blue cabinets, coral rugs/towels, and seaglass green shower encasement. Pairing these three light colors together definitely helps convey a fun beach vibe, and you can use a similar color palette in establishing this tone in your bathroom.

Pattern Mixing

Some rooms will only use one main pattern in the room, while others will mix patterns. The tiles on the far wall and floor are obviously the most simple by being rectangular, but the blue tiles behind the vanity are obviously more complex. These two patterns work together because they both prominently feature stark, straight lines. When you look to combine patterns, look for similarities like this so that they work together thematically.

Coastal Vibes - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne
Versatility - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image by Walls By Me


Being consistent with the metals you use in your bathroom is a subtle way to tie the space together. In this bathroom, you'll notice the bronze and gold tones used in the sink, tub, and light fixture. These minimal accents stand out against the white and marbled backgrounds, and their depth adds to the overall rich tones of the vanities. So, when you're designing your bathroom, don't forget that these minimal accents do a lot to contribute to the room's style.


Navy is a color that works in a variety of interior design styles. The beauty is that the tone and style of the blue will be impacted by any of the furnishings, wall art, wallpaper, or rugs you pair with it. In this room, you can see how the paneled blue part of the wall is paired with a classic pattern and traditional fixtures and mirror. If you were to pair this same blue with a marbled blue rug or a coastal wallpaper, the tone and style would be completely different. The moral of the story is: blue is an extremely versatile color that can blend in with the items around it!

Boldness and Subtlety - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne

Nautical Notes - Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image by Walls By Me

Nautical Notes

In a previous example, you saw how you could use blue, coral, and sea-glass green to create a nautical bathroom. Another way of creating that tone is by using themed wallpaper. However, this bathroom further accentuates that style by using a wood vanity and mirror in a similar shade to driftwood you'd find on the beach. Incorporating wood tones like this with your wallpaper can be a beautiful way to create that perfect nautical bathroom.

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Blue bathrooms can range in style and tone depending on what other colors you use in the room, what shade of blue you focus on, and how that blue is incorporated into the room's style. Through wall art, rugs, vanities, wallpaper, tile, and other areas, you can add in your favorite shade of blue to fit your style and express your personality.


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