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How To Choose the perfect Rug Runner Size

Rugs add color, texture, and character to your interior decor, and you can use them in any room or hallway. A runner rug in a hallway, entryway, or walkway can quickly soften the space, adding style and color to banish dull vibes. The trick is to find the right hall rug size to protect your floors without making the area feel crowded or awkward.

Rug Pad Size

What Is the Average Size of a Runner Rug?

The first question that most people ask is, "Should the rug pad be the same size as the rug?" You might assume that it should, but rug pads should be about one inch smaller than your rug on all sides. If your rug has a fringe or tassel finish, do not include it in your measurements.

So, what are the most common runner rug sizes? Standard size rug runners vary between 6’ and 14’ long with 2’ to 3’ in width, although they come in many other dimensions. 

Of course, you won’t want to pick a runner size based on a runner rug size chart that just shows your options. Instead, you’ll want to get a runner rug per the size of your hallway, and we’re here to help.

In this runner rug size guide, we’ll explain how to choose the right size runner rug for your space. Keep reading to learn more.

Bedroom Runner Rug Sizes

What Sizes Do Runner Rugs Come In?

As mentioned above, standard rug runner sizes are usually between 6’ and 14’ long and 2’ and 3’ wide. Of course, if you’re working with unusual dimensions, you can order custom runner rug sizes (34 in. wide, for example). 

What size runner rug should I get and what size to runner rugs come in? Here’s a quick outline of common sizes: 

  • 2’ width: 2’ x 5’, 2’ x 6’, 2’ x 7’, 2’ x 8’, 2’ x 9’, 2’ x 10’, 2’ x 11’, 2’ x 12’, 2’ x 13’, 2’ x 14’
  • 3’ width: 3’ x 6’, 3’ x 6’, 3’ x 7’, 3’ x 8’, 3’ x 9’, 3’ x 10’, 3’ x 11’, 3’ x 12’, 3’ x 13’, 3’ x 14’

What size in inches is a rug runner? Here are the above sizes in inches: 

  • 24” width: 24” x 60”, 24” x 72”, 24” x 84”, 24” x 96”, 24” x 108”, 24” x 120”, 24” x 132”, 24” x 144”, 24” x 156”, 24” x 168”
  • 36’ width: 36” x 60”, 36” x 72”, 36” x 84”, 36” x 96”, 36” x 108”, 36” x 120”, 36” x 132”, 36” x 144”, 36” x 156”, 36” x 168”

It’s best to know what measurements you need in both feet and inches before shopping.

Entry Runner Rugs

What Size Runner Rug Should I Use in the Hallway?

Hallways, entryways, and walkways work well with runner rugs, but you’ll want to get a size that fits your space for the right effect. For example, you might use a runner behind your sofa in the living room to pad a frequently trafficked zone or to lead the way from your entry to the rest of your home. 

Measure the width and length of your hallway or entryway and decide how much floor space you’d like to leave exposed on either side. The exact amount is up to you, but most designers leave between 4” and 8” on either side. We recommend 5” of space on either side of the rug.

How To Decide On the Length of a runner rug

For length, follow the same rules. You’ll also want to consider if you want one long runner rug or two shorter runners with a gap in between in long hallways. 

The trick is to subtract 10” (or double the amount of space you want to leave on either side of the rug) from your hallway dimensions to find the rug dimensions. Here are some hallway size examples: 

  • 34” x 94” (2’10” x 7’10”) Hallway: 24” x 84” (2’ x 7’) runner 
  • 34” x 70” (2’10” x 5’10”) Hallway: 24” x 60” (2’ x 5’) runner 
  • 46” x 142” (3’10” x 11’10”) Hallway: 36” x 132” (3’ x 11’) runner
  • 44” x 178” (3’8” x 14’10”) Hallway: 34” x 168” (2’8” x 14’) runner or two 34” x 78” (2’8” x 6’6”) runners
Runner Rug Sizes

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Staircases - Runner Rug Sizes

How to Measure Stairs for a Runner Rug?

To measure your stairs for a runner rug, you’ll start by getting the measurement for one stair. To do this, measure the riser (vertical) and the tread (horizontal), add the numbers together, and add an extra 1”. 

Most treads are 10”, and most risers are 8” – you’d add these together, plus 1”, for 19” per stair. 

Next, count the number of stairs and add an extra one to ensure you have enough length. So, if you have ten stairs at 19” per stair, plus one additional 19” stair, you’d need a 209” (17’5”) runner rug.

What Runner Rug Sizes Are Commonly Used for Stairs?

Most runner rugs for stairs are between 27” and 31” wide, which is often best for stairs between 36” and 40” wide. This leaves about 4.5” between the edge of the rug and the baseboard, but you can choose to leave less space if you’d like. 

For the length, most stairs require around 21’ of runner rug, but you’ll want to measure your stairs for the exact length you need.

Stair Runners
Kitchen Runner Rug Sizes

How Long Should a Runner Rug Be for an Extra Long Hallway?

Extra-long hallways often call for longer runners than the standard runner rug sizes. Custom sizing options, like those offered by Rugs Direct, can allow you to get the perfect fit regardless of how long your hallway is. 

Alternately, you can use two long runner rugs with a small space between them to protect the whole hallway.

What Size Runner Rug Should I Get for My Kitchen?

Runners work well for filling narrow walkways in the kitchen. They’re commonly used around a kitchen island or in long, narrow kitchens. Most kitchens work well with 2’6” x 8’ or 2’6” x 12’ runners, but you’ll want to measure your space to be sure.

Hallway Runner - Runner Rug Sizes

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