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Outdoor Decor ideas

Outdoor areas deserve just as much love as your indoor spaces. But how do you design a beautiful patio, porch, balcony, or backyard? With outdoor and patio decor ideas, tips, and photo inspiration, of course! From outdoor furniture to outdoor rugs and accessories, there are many ways to decorate your outdoor space. And we're here to help with some of our favorite outdoor decor ideas. So keep reading to get inspired.

Soothing Greenery Outdoor Decor Ideas

Calming Blues

Calming blue tones set the mood for this patio space, tying together the grey wicker sofa and chair set. We love how the floral print rug lays the foundation, and the accent pillows continue to play with the soothing colorway. Notice how the emphasis on wicker and other natural textures helps make the space more attractive.

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Soothing Greenery

A natural outdoor space makes sense no matter where you live. Don’t have a big backyard with tons of plants? No problem! Try an outdoor sofa surrounded by potted plants and natural textures instead. Here, the earthy neutral color palette keeps things soothing, while the textured pouf and pillows add visual appeal. Notice how each plant is accentuated by a unique stand or planter, drawing attention to their beauty.

Calming Blues Outdoor Decor Ideas
Keepin’ it Creative Outdoor Decor Ideas

Socializing Haven

With plenty of greenery and comfortable chairs, this fun outdoor space is perfect for socializing on long summer nights. If you’re wondering how to capture a similar look, try adding several planters with eye-catching foliage to one side of your outdoor seating area. Then introduce some bright colors with your chairs and a patio rug to set the stage. We love the eye-catching lantern between the chairs—this is a great way to disguise a bug repellant candle for evening hangouts.

Keepin’ it Creative

Sometimes you have to work with what you have, and what better spot to do that than a beachside patio? This palette couch is perfect for outdoor lounging, and it is one of the easiest (and cheapest) patio decor ideas to recreate! Just scan local ads for free palettes and claim a few nice ones to build your seat. Get creative with what you can find, and then add the comfy cushions, accent table, and patio chair to complete the design.

Socializing Haven Outdoor Decor Ideas
Spacious Seating Outdoor Decor Ideas

Straightforward Beauty

Small space? No problem! Try an outdoor runner to add color and aesthetic appeal to your area and add a modest bench for seating. Sneak in a planter to the side for added color and enjoy your evenings lounging in the great outdoors. We love outdoor decor ideas for small spaces because they allow everyone to find a beautiful design they love, no matter how much room they have.

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Spacious Seating

This big backyard porch is well used with the spacious seating arrangement shown here. A large and colorful rug sets the stage, anchoring the coffee table while adding nature-inspired artwork to the area. Botanical-themed area rugs work well outside, so if you have your eye on a bold print, we say go for it! And there’s nothing wrong with spreading out seating options if you have the space. Notice the plant stand, potted tree, and vase of sunflowers around the area, adding extra natural appeal.

Striped Outdoor Decor Ideas

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Modern Minimalist Outdoor Decor Ideas

Modern Minimalist

Want to keep your outdoor space sleek and modern? If so, try a geometric rug or a rug with a unique shape. Here, we see three rustic planters to the side, adding character and a sole seating option to enjoy the scenery. The throw pillows and reading lamp complete the modern minimalist look. We love how the color palette in this area never deviates from the tones found in the surrounding natural landscape.

Desert Vibes

Try matching your outdoor theme to the surrounding nature or your favorite natural landscape. This patio gives off some serious desert vibes with the southwestern-style area rug and matching color palette. We love the use of potted plants to add a touch of green to this warm and neutral palette. Notice the end tables pushed together to form a coffee table—these versatile beauties can also pull apart to offer two side tables for extra company.

Desert Vibes Outdoor Decor Ideas
Surf Shack Outdoor Decor Ideas

Southwestern Style

With the southwestern-style area rug to set the mood, this outdoor seating area is a desert escape that’s sure to help you pass the summer nights. The bright side table, textural chair, and eye-catching lantern help complete the look, but the rug is the star of the show. If you want to create a theme but don't have much space, start with a rug and build around it.

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Surf Shack

Live by the beach? Just love to surf? Add some boards to your patio and maybe a board-shaped rug as shown here, and enjoy! The blue doors and gate add color to this hangout spot, keeping it calm, while the colorful boards create visual interest. Of course, the beachy background doesn't hurt, but you could capture a similar look even in a landlocked backyard if you'd like.

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Southwestern Style Outdoor Decor Ideas
Summer Lounging Outdoor Decor Ideas

Summer Lounging

If an outdoor lounge spot is your goal, this space is a perfect inspiration. This lounge area could accommodate several guests, with its large geometric poufs for seating and spare throw pillows for comfort. We love the practical side table and prominent plant life, both of which balance the look. In addition, the pattern and palette found on the poufs are mirrored in the pillows and area rug for some serious cohesion, completing the space.

Cozy Ambiance Outdoor Decor Ideas

Soothing Blues

With a large blue area rug setting the feel for the space, this soothing patio seems to invite you to sit and stay for a while. The artwork just beyond the balcony doors in this photo continues the color palette, making the space feel cohesive and intentional. Notice the natural textured chairs and loveseat paired with the modern accent table to complete the look.

Cozy Ambiance

This beautiful balcony could be set anywhere, even in the middle of the city, without losing its cozy and inviting charm. The Adirondack chairs are perfect for lounging with friends, and the accents all around give it a rustic touch. In addition, the exposed wood wall could easily be a privacy screen for apartment dwellers. Hanging twinkling string lights is an excellent way to amp up the cozy mood in your outdoor space while adding convenient lighting.

Soothing Blues Outdoor Decor Ideas
Gentle Oasis Outdoor Decor Ideas

Gentle Oasis

If you want to know how to create a soothing oasis on your balcony or porch, look no further than this photo. The couch and chairs feature a gentle neutral palette, perfect for a calming atmosphere, and the blue throw pillows add a gentle burst of color. In addition, the neutral rug in the center grounds the furniture and makes the space more inviting. We love the fun end table, eye-catching potted plants, and textural lantern in this space as well. And it gets even cozier with the throw blanket on the chair.

Comfortable Style

Rocking chairs, a built-in fireplace, and a table large enough for a small feast make this patio a comfortable and stylish getaway. Just as you can use fun patterns and colors outdoors, bold and moody tones like charcoal and black work well outside too. Here, they’re balanced with a green and beige rug that brings the palette back to nature. These natural colors are reflected in the throw pillows as well, completing the look.

Comfortable Style Outdoor Decor Ideas

Botanical Vibes Outdoor Decor Ideas

Botanical Vibes

We mentioned it before, and we'll say it again, botanical prints that mimic the outdoors are great in exterior seating areas. Here we see a soft colorway and soothing leaf print on the central area rug. From there, the textured chairs and table, paired with nature-inspired throw pillows, make for the perfect outdoor hangout. And don’t forget the potted flowers to make the most of your exterior space!

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Playful Print Outdoor Decor Ideas

Playful Print

This modern seating area comes together in a close formation atop the playful area rug. If you want to keep your design straightforward, pick a seating set that fits your space and needs, along with a playful rug to tie the space together. Outdoor areas are forgiving with bold colors and prints, so go wild and pick what appeals to you. And if you pick seating with neutral tones like this arrangement, it’ll go with any rug you can imagine.

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Playful Escape Outdoor Decor Ideas

Stunning Stripes

This garden patio would be a haven for anyone with a green thumb, from the potter’s bench to the vintage-style watering can with everything in between. We love the use of a striped rug with a calming color palette, adding eye-catching visual appeal to this space. And with so many potted plants around, the green bench seems a natural addition.

Playful Escape

If you’ve always wanted a fun rug, your outdoor space is a perfect spot to place it. Have fun with shapes, colors, patterns, and themes to create an outdoor lounge you love. This zebra-stripe rug has a hide-style shape that catches the eye and makes the seating area feel like a playful escape. We love the straightforward furniture paired with this fun rug, adding a stylistic contrast that balances the look.

Stunning Stripes Outdoor Decor Ideas
Bright and Cheerful Outdoor Decor ideas


Do you host parties and get-togethers in your backyard? If so, make sure your furniture is ready for it. The seating and table options in this outdoor space are versatile and easy to move around, perfect for accommodating guests. And they set the stage for a gentle color palette with pops of cheerful yellow. In addition, this outdoor space features a striking tree surrounded by potted plants to complete the natural look. If you’re lucky enough to have a similar design opportunity, take it!

Bright and Cheerful

One of the easiest ways to pick a color palette for your patio is to start with a large outdoor rug that you love. Pull four to six colors from the rug to create a palette for your outdoor space, and then decorate with those colors! Here, the rug's palette is reflected through the throw pillow arrangement on the sofa and chair. The dark tones found in the furniture and accents help ground the space, while the white cushions keep it bright and cheerful.

Party-Ready Outdoor Decor Ideas

Connective Furniture

If your outdoor patio or porch has enough room to fit a dining space and a seating area, consider tying those two elements together through similar furniture and accents. In this case, the coffee table has detailing that matches the dining chairs in the neighboring space. The chairs of the seating area also have the same colors used in the dining chairs. Simple ties like these go far in establishing a cohesive style on your porch.

Texture on Texture

Outdoor chairs often have some sort of texture to make them visually appealing. Woven synthetic fibers make up the frames of these chairs and create visual interest throughout the space at large. However, the rug beneath them also features texture through its striped, woven construction. You can lean fully into textural components like this with your furniture, rugs, pillows, and other decor to create dynamic outdoor spaces.

Finding Inspiration

Outdoor patios and porches often have beautiful views of nearby scenery, yards, and landscaping. If you are struggling with designing your outdoor space, look at these surrounding areas for inspiration. The colors of your surroundings can inspire the color palette of your porch, give you outdoor porch decor ideas for plants, books, and wall art, and help you express your style.

Beautiful Blues

Blue is frequently used as an accent color in patios through blue patio decor, pillows, and rugs. When you use blue to decorate covered patios, backyards, or decks, you do not have to use the same shade of blue again and again. In fact, some variation in the shading will create a more dynamic, authentic space. Just be sure that the blues convey a similar tone through their shades, placements, and patterns.

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Eclectic Countryside

Eclectic style can be combined with even the most restrained, classic styles. This covered porch is accented by the nearby greenery overtaking the fences, but the furniture, pillow patterns, rug, and accents lean into more wordly styles like Moroccan. Let this porch serve as inspiration: no matter what styles you fall into, there are classic and balanced ways to create your unique aesthetic through the home's natural features, the colors you choose, and patterns you incorporate.

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Practical Decor

When you add decor to your backyard space, consider using elements that are practically suited to that space. Trays, drink glasses, and snacks are a few options, but you can also offer a small towel, a reading book, or other practical accents you or your guests may use. Of course you may still use purely decorative elements like a small potted flower or a statue to complement these features as well.

Pattern Mixing

Many people are too afraid to mix patterns because they are afraid of creating an overwhelming or clashing patio. However, this space proves how you can effectively use two dominating patterns in a similar space. When you approach pattern mixing, look for some style similarities such as the use of clean-cut, linear lines. Also use color palettes that do not clash and do not detract from one another by competing for attention.

Unexpected Comfort

In highly textured outdoor spaces, you can bring in fluffy textures through sculptural wall art, large plants, pillows, and even the rug. When adding a rug to an outdoor space, it is important to consider how well it will stand up to the weather, how easily it is cleaned, and how it creates a more comfortable seating area. By considering practicality alongside style and comfort, you can find the rug best suited for your patio.

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We hope you're inspired to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing seating area. Planning the perfect outdoor decorating or patio design is more straightforward if you base your design on a few inspiring photos that you love. While we've provided a sphere of outdoor decor ideas for inspiration, you can always look to our outdoor rugs selection for even more design ideas.


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