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Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Whether your home is located by the coast or not, coastal style is a great style for those who love the seaside and the calming atmosphere it creates. When you're decorating a bedroom to fit into the style, you can lean boldly into the theme or you can create a subtle nod to your favorite place. For tips and tricks on creating a coastal bedroom, check out some of our favorite coastal bedrooms and gather inspiration for designing your own room.

Modern Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Shades of Blue

Blue can definitely lean in a coastal direction, and using various shades of blue and blue/green can definitely evoke that coastal style. Those colors alone can serve you well, but mix it in with some coastal imagery like shells on a pillow or a pelican statue/artwork and your theme will be well defined.

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Accent Walls

Accent walls are used across a variety of styles to create a unique focal point and define the room's style. In this room's case, you can see how the subtle, abstract print uses beachy hues and soft curves reminiscent of the shoreline to create a coastal vibe. You don't have to use this exact wallpaper, but look at accent walls as an opportunity to cement the room's style and create that defining focal point.

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Fur-ever Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Mid-Century Marvel - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Light and Bright

Aside from the blue colors associated with nautical styles, light and bright whites and creams are also staples of the style. This room utilizes those colors in the walls and furniture, and for extra measure, this room uses lightly colored wood floors to keep that bright tone. When you use these colors as your base, you can add in other subtle nautical elements through artwork, pillows, and plants to make the theme as bold or as subtle as you want.

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Traditional Tastes - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Patricia Davis Brown

Abstract Additions

While bedsheets, artwork, and other decor can boldly lean into the theme, there are other ways to incorporate a nautical style into your bedroom. Adding in a rug that either uses bold nautical patterns or uses the coastal color scheme can add to the room's style and define the tone of the entire space.

Balanced Theming

When it comes to coastal design, some prefer bold coastal theming while others simply desire a nod to their favorite place. This room really utilizes the nautical theme in just two areas: the bedsheets and the artwork. While the rest of the room reinforces the style through its color scheme and tone, those are the only two themed pieces. Limiting your use of boldly nautical/coastal decor is a great way to establish the theme without overwhelming the space.

Elegant Cabin - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Patricia Davis Brown

Lofty Aspirations - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Megan Dufresne

Photo Collages

Whether you're leaning into a coastal theme or not, photo collages are a fantastic way to add your interest, personality, and favorite photos into the room. When creating a collage, keep a few things in mind: each piece of the display should have some commonality with the other pieces, whether that's same subject matter, similar color scheme, or similar photo frame. Also, don't be afraid to thoroughly plan the collage's layout with pieces of paper and tape to space it all out beforehand.

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Green Thumb - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Vantage Design Studio

Unique Accents

If your bedroom is connected to an outdoor space, consider adding an outdoor coastal rug in the doorway. Doing so will effectively connect two spaces to the coastal theme. To really reinforce the style, you can use similar colors and motifs in both spaces, or you can do as this room does and allow the rug to shine as the only bodly coastal item around.

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Fantastic Focal Points

The bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, which makes it the perfect area to emphasize your coastal theme. However, the space above your bed and to the sides of it can also further the room's theme. In this case, the wooden decor that's reminiscent of coral masterfully emphasizes the room's theme and adds to the bed as a focal point.

Earth Tones - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Industrial Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Sea Greens

Although blue and tan are popular colors associated with nautical bedrooms, green is also perfect for adding to that style. Pair that green with other nautical elements like beige and cream tones, light colors, and natural materials to definitively establish a nautical bedroom.

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Palm Leaves

Palm leaves often fit into two different styles: nautical and jungle. This rug in particular can go either way, but when you pair it with other coastal colors, natural materials, and nautical imagery, you can dictate which style your rug leans into. This applies to any rug: pair it with the proper theming and accents and it will greatly add to your room's style.

Feminine Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Rustic Farmhouse - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Finding Inspiration

If you're designing a room from scratch, it may be helpful to start with a rug as your source of inspiration and foundation for the room's design. This nautical rug sets the tone immediately with its whimsical design and bright colors, but in addition to that, it also guides the colors elsewhere in the room.

Masterful Mixing

Using beige/cream as the main color of the room can create a very natural, calming space. When you focus on one color, be sure to use various shades of that color and present it in several different textures. This bedroom uses beige in the pouf, vase, pillows, blanket, bedsheets, rug, and even lamp to create dynamic nautical boho style throughout the room.

Beautifully Boho - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Subtly Southwestern - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Let It Shine

If your bedroom is at a coastal location with a view of the water or beach, don't try to hide that view! Instead, keep your windows and doorway bare without curtains so that the view can be the star of the room. Even without curtains, you can add in shades or blinds to provide privacy and impact the view as little as possible..

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Simple Symmetry

This room does a lot right in terms of theming, but it also does something else wonderfully: showcasing symmetry. This room is almost perfectly symmetrical with the doors and curtains, light fixtures, end tables, rug, and other elements. If you're looking to create a more traditional, classy tone in a coastal bedroom, utilizing symmetry will help you accomplish that goal.

Elevated Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via
Antiques - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Textured Rugs

Two elements that rustic style really thrives off of are color and texture. Texture is often incorporated in any wood furnishings and decor you have in the room, but if you prefer to have simple, clean-cut furniture, you can still add in texture through a rug. Woven or braided rugs add a lot of dimension to any bedroom and can be the perfect addition to any rustic bedroom.

Mixing Styles

Sometimes, one interior design style isn't enough to express your style. Even in coastal bedrooms, you can blend different styles to convey your personal aesthetic. This bedroom combines multiple styles through the mid century modern furniture and lights, nautical bedsheets, and cozy rug. As you design your ideal coastal bedroom, don't be afraid to experiment to create your unique style.

Color and Texture - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Patricia Davis Brown

Luxurious Leather - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Textured Rugs

Rugs have a big impact on the room's overarching style and tone. This rug uses natural braiding and neutral tones to create a look perfect for coastal bedrooms. Aside from rugs like this, jute and sisal rugs are also ideal for bringing in natural texture and color in coastal bedrooms.

Coastal bedrooms are flexible enough and prominent enough that they can blend with other interior design styles. Modern, mid century modern, traditional, and nautical are just a few styles that blend wonderfully with coastal style and can help you create a room that is a reflection of your personal style and incorporate your love of the coast. at the end of the day, approach your design with your personal aesthetic in mind and craft a space that makes you happy, since your bedroom is a sanctuary meant for your rejuvenation and happiness.


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