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Luxury Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Since bedrooms are the rooms in which we start and end each day, it is important that these rooms convey our desired tone and style. Creating a luxury bedroom is an excellent way to share your style and create an extravagant space that you enjoy staying in. Luxury bedrooms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and even styles, so as you craft your ideal bedroom, look at some of our favorite luxury bedroom decor ideas.

Modern Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Finding Balance

Ornate detailing is often used in classic elegant, luxury bedrooms, but how you incorporate those details will have a big impact on the room's style. In this room, the bed's headboard and wall are the most detailed elements while the tables, bench, and other details fit into a more streamlined modern style. When you limit your use of ornate decor, you allow those few detailed elements to shine and save yourself from oversaturating your room with too many intricate designs.

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Reflecting Luxury

Mirrors and reflective surfaces can be used in many different styles, but when you incorporate them in luxurious bedrooms, you can elevate the room's style and add an air of sophistication. Not only do these reflective, sometimes metallic, pieces make the space feel more classy, but they also reflect light and brighten the room.

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Fur-ever Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Marvel - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Grand Scale

Intentionally adding oversized furniture and decor to your bedroom can make it feel especially grand and luxurious. This bed accomplishes that through its large size and posts, but the mirror to the side works with that bed to clearly convey that the scale is carried out throughout the bedroom.

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Traditional Tastes - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Floor to Ceiling Design

This bedroom shows off how a luxurious bedroom takes every area into account, including the floor and ceiling. The ceiling shows off wallpaper that ties into the walls, and the rug masterfully connects to that color scheme and conveys an elegant tone. When you're creating a luxurious bedroom, consider every aspect of the room, including wallpaper, furniture, lights, and rugs.

Dramatic Style

Dark rooms are rare in today's design landscape, so choosing to paint all the walls a dark color is a way to instantly break from the norm and create something unique. Not only do the dark walls create some drama, but they also allow other elements to stand out against it, such as golden wall decor, plants, and metallic furniture.

Elegant Cabin - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Lofty Aspirations - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Pamela Hope Designs

Subtle Luxury

Luxurious bedrooms often feel that way because of the subtle details that aren't even noticed at first glance. The bedsheets and chair of this room are beautifully detailed, but these elements are supported by the tufted beaded headboard, silky-smooth curtains, and elegant side table. Be sure to keep the little details in mind as you decorate your luxurious bedroom.

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Green Thumb - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Jacklyn Graniczny via Jacklyn Graniczny Designs


Symmetry is often used in more traditional styles, but if that's not your style or you don't have that option, utilizing asymmetry can help you create your style and fit into your room. The most clear example of asymmetry in this room is the lighting fixtures: one is mounted on the wall while the other is on the table. This is obviously out of necessity since the window is there, but because of this choice, the room feels both elegant and slightly whimsical. The use of color certainly helps both of those tones as well with the moody, romantic reds and pinks fitting into both tones.

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Consistency and Restraint

This room primarily shows off two colors: grey and dark woods. You would think this would be a dull color scheme, but this room makes it work by varying the shades of grey and showing off grey in various fabrics, textures, and mediums. As you design your bedroom, remember that a simple, restrained color scheme can do a lot for establishing the room's tone.

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Earth Tones - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via
Industrial Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via

Accentuating Your Style

Accent walls are making a comeback as they present a unique opportunity to include bold style and not overwhelm the entire room. You can accentuate your style by going with a bold, textured wall behind the bed or you can choose another wallpaper/print to create your style. Regardless of the avenue you take, be sure the accent wall has similar colors, imagery, or motifs to other elements of the room to create the most luxurious space.

Inspired Lighting

Though it may seem like a small detail, where and how you incorporate lights has a big impact on how luxurious the bedroom feels. In this case, the mounted pendant lights above the nightstands help create an upscale tone because of their glass finishes, how the light pours downward, and how the lights' placements connect back to the focal point of the bed. Even if you don't mount your lights on the wall, look at them as an opportunity to convey the room's tone and tie to other decorative elements.

Feminine Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Megan Dufresne
Rustic Farmhouse - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Megan Dufresne

Finding Inspiration

If you're designing a room from scratch, it may be helpful to start with a rug as your source of inspiration and foundation for the room's design. This nautical rug sets the tone immediately with its whimsical design and bright colors, but in addition to that, it also guides the colors elsewhere in the room.

Grand Spaces

If your bedroom is large enough to incorporate a separate sitting area, we encourage you to take full advantage of that additional space. Including seating and relaxing spaces in the bedroom is often unattainable for today's smaller bedrooms, so if you do use your bedroom to incorporate a seating area, you can easily convey an air of luxury and privilege.

Beautifully Boho - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Megan Dufresne
Subtly Southwestern - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Knot Home

Intentional Absences

In this bedroom, you may have noticed that there is no artwork hanging above the bed or along that entire wall. Even so, the space doesn't look bare for two reasons: the pattern of the wallpaper and the use of detailed decor on the bed and ceiling. With luxurious bedrooms, the design is defined by what is present and what is not, so don't be afraid to have spaces where you don't have artwork or decor; instead, look at the room as a whole and focus on what areas you want the eye to be drawn to. That will prevent you from filling spaces for the sake of filling them.

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Luxurious Colors

Luxurious bedrooms can feature many different colors and color palettes, but pairing moody blues with grey and silver is a classic color scheme that can work in contemporary luxurious bedrooms. Even beyond this color scheme, one way to select the room's color scheme is by intentionally choosing a rug at the start of the process and basing the room's palette off that rug. This bedroom shows how the rug's colors are used throughout the room to create a cohesive, contemporary bedroom.

Elevated Rustic - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Joe Human
Antiques - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Joe Human

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold is a color often associated with luxury, and there are several ways you can incorporate it into your bedroom. This room chooses to limit it to three areas: a picture frame, the chandelier, and large mirror. Each gold has its own slight, subtle variations, but even with these small differences, the metal is consistent enough and luxurious enough to create an elegant tone.

Defying Expectation

With the ornate headboard in this bedroom, you would anticipate more ornamental details elsewhere in the room. However, the rest of the decor leans heavily into contemporary styles with the patterned/abstract pillows, minimal artwork, contemporary lamp, and wallpaper. Whether this is your personal aesthetic or not, it does convey an important lesson in decorating luxurious bedrooms: take risks with combining various styles and defy the norm to create your personal style.

Color and Texture - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious Leather - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Absence of Art

This elegant bedroom is actually pretty minimal with its design. Between the two nightstands, two pendant lights, and singular bed, this room doesn't have any other large furniture or artwork in this area of the room. Part of the reason the room doesn't feel bare is because of the lights filling a void and the headboard extending higher than usual. The takeaway from this bedroom is that you don't have to incorporate wall art to create visual interest; each accent is an opportunity to create your own brand of art.

Antiques - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Leah Atkins Design

Color Cohesion

When adding an accent color to a luxurious bedroom, choosings rich colors like plum and velvet can go a long way in elevating the room's style. However, instead of just using the color in the room itself, you can carry that over into neighboring areas the way that this bedroom does with the outdoor porch and tree. While it may be a small detail, it goes a long way in tying the bedroom to the adjacent space.

The Presence of Art

Unlike the last bedroom, this luxurious room incorporates three pieces of art above the bed. While it would be fine to use one larger piece of art above the bed, spreading it out among three frames allows you to highlight different images, create extra space between each photo, and allow the eye to drift more easily to other areas of the room. As you can see by the last two bedrooms, whether you include art or not, you can create stunning luxury.

Color and Texture - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Leah Atkins Design
Antiques - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Leah Atkins Design

Exceeding Expectations

Even a kid's room can feel elevated and luxurious. There are many ways to elevate a kid's room, but some key areas include use of elegant patterns, transcendent artwork, and classic fixtures/furniture. With these areas in your radar, you can create a luxurious kid's room that will be loved by all generations.

Declare Your Style

Many of the rooms so far have leaned into more modern and contemporary styles, but if you enjoy the elegant ornamentation and details everywhere, fully embrace that style. Mix patterns with the bedsheets, headboard, rug, and curtains. Use mixed metals with lights and decor. Your luxurious bedroom should ultimately be a reflection of your style, so lean fully into it to create your perfect bedroom.

Color and Texture - Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image Via Leah Atkins Design

When it comes to decorating a luxurious bedroom, it is important to consider every aspect of the room. From rugs to chandeliers, from bedding to curtains, and from wallpaper to wall art, there are plenty of ways to customize your bedroom to make it feel high-quality and highly stylish. Now that you've gathered some inspiration and guidance in creating a luxury bedroom, it's your turn to create a space that is uniquely your style and wonderfully elegant.


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