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What Is The Softest Type Of Rug That Suits You Best?

When it comes to adding a rug to your room, one of the most important aspects is how comfortable that rug is. With a variety of natural materials, synthetic fabrics, and pile heights to choose from, finding the best soft rug may seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, we have created a brief guide covering our top soft rug materials and how to use them in different areas of your home.

Zuri - Zola Area Rug


Wool is one of the most popular soft materials out there for rugs. In addition to their softness and comfort, wool is a completely natural material that is resilient, durable, and dirt-resistant. Wool rugs tend to have an incredibly long lifespan due to their construction and the natural strength of the material, which makes soft wool rugs ideal for high traffic rooms or spaces you want luxurious comfort. Since they are such a popular material, they are also available in any shape, size, and style. The one downside of wool rugs is that they tend to be more expensive than other rugs because of the high quality natural material they utilize. Even so, splurging on a wool rug is an excellent way to add comfort to your room and be confident that your wool rug will stand up to the trials of daily life.

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Like wool, cotton is an entirely natural material and is a great fit for buyers seeking an eco-friendly rug. These rugs may sometimes have lower pile-heights than wool area rugs, but that does not detract from the soft comfort this lightweight rug creates. Like wool rugs, cotton rugs are also very popular and come in thousands upon thousands of different designs, shapes, and color palettes. The biggest differences between cotton and wool rugs is the price-point, weight, a lack of shedding with cotton rugs, and the wool rugs being quite a bit more durable than cotton rugs.

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Nourison Regal Area Rug


Silk is a material known for its luxurious texture and sheen. Although they may not have a high pile, these rugs are incredibly soft to the touch and comfortable. These elegant rugs are surprisingly durable too; in fact, their textile strength is greater than wool or cotton. Since their threads are smaller than wool, silk rugs can also feature far more ornate designs. Because of the detailing, design, and construction of silk area rugs, they tend to be one of the most expensive options for area rugs, but their high quality and beauty can be worth the higher price tag.

Cowhide & Sheepskin

It is no surprise that sheepskin rugs are soft, since wool is known as an incredibly comfortable material. However, cowhide rugs are soft as well with the standard refinement of the hide’s fur and hair. Both cowhide and sheepskin are naturally stain resistant, but it is important to clean these rugs immediately if there is any spill on it and avoid using chemicals that would damage the fur. In the end, both are soft, durable rugs fitting for a variety of settings and are ideal for creating a cozy, rustic aesthetic or fitting into farmhouse styles.

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Sheepskin Rug by Surya

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In terms of construction, woven rugs are crafted most similarly to traditional carpet manufacturing using a loom. Basically, the rug fibers are woven into a backing to create a strong, durable rug. These rugs are available in various pile-heights, so you can choose a flat-weave rug or a hand-woven shag rug depending on what you’re looking for. Woven rugs are made out of various materials, which means that you can choose a fabric that is soft and comfortable for a living room or durable enough for a kitchen.

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Winslow Area Rug by Amer Rugs


Viscose rugs are popular for their softness and for the way that they reflect light. They tend to create a “crushed velvet” look with the light bouncing off them, which makes for a stunning design element in main rooms. Since they are such a popular material, viscose area rugs are available in a wide array of styles, color palettes, and pile heights. However, since it is a more delicate fiber, it is not an ideal material for homes with pets, children, or heavy traffic.

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Additional Soft Rug Considerations

  • Ease of Cleaning
    • Both wool and polypropylene are stain resistant materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Wool rugs in particular camouflage dust and pet hair well in their fibers, which enables the rug to always look clean and new. A simple vacuuming will refresh your wool rug, but polypropylene will benefit more from professional cleaning to extend its lifespan. This is natural since wool’s organic properties naturally make it stain-resistant while man-made synthetic materials can only stand up to so much dirt and wear.
  • Room
    • Soft rugs are often incorporated into living rooms and bedrooms, but they can be used in any room where you want extra comfort. A soft area rug can establish a comfortable seating area in your living room and create a space that is warm and welcoming in the summer and/or cozy in the winter. Likewise, a soft bedroom rug is the first and last thing you step onto at the start of each day, so it can make a big impact on the room’s comfort as well as its tone.
  • Plushness
    • Wool is considered to be one of the most plush, soft rug materials available along with sheepskin rugs. The rug’s material is a key part in a rug being plush, but that comfort is also impacted by the rug’s pile height and whether it is supported by a premium rug pad or not. 
  • Cost
    • The natural materials like wool, cotton, silk, and animal hide are the most expensive options for soft area rugs, but they are also the materials that grant the highest quality and durability. The synthetic options of polypropylene, polyester, and viscose are more affordable and are ideal options if you plan on changing your rug in a few years. 


Soft area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Out of all the materials listed above, each has their own set of pros and cons when it comes to softness, pile-height, durability, and plushness. With all these possible variations and combinations, you can rest assured that you can find a soft rug perfectly suited for your room’s comfort, daily life, and style.

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