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Master Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Your master bedroom should be a space that is a soothing place to unwind at the end of each day and a welcoming space to wake up to each morning. Designing a master bedroom that suits your needs, fits your style, and strikes the proper tone may seem like a daunting task at first, but it's within your reach. Here are some inspirational pieces and some advice on how to create a master bedroom that's perfect for you.

Playing With Neutrals - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Playing With Neutrals

Neutral color schemes in your master bedroom don't have to be boring. When you're working with a primarily beige or cream color scheme, be sure to incorporate warm elements in some areas, such as in wood furniture and accents. Adding in a plant or two can also drastically affect the space by bringing in a new color and tone while not taking away from the neutral palette.

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Great Grey

Grey is a color most commonly associated with farmhouse style, but you can also use it in your bedroom if you're looking to create a more elegant space. The key is to use various shades of gray and include tones that are dramatic and moody. You can include it primarily in the bedding to set the tone, but you can also carry it throughout the room like this bedroom does with its bench and lights.

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Great Grey - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Wonderous Whites - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Wonderous Whites

Decorating your master bedroom with mostly white may seem like a boring idea, but this room goes to show that a white master bedroom can be stunning. When you're creating a white bedroom, play with the textures and layering. This bedroom has many textures, from the comforter to the rug to the bedroom pouf. There are also visually interesting details in the side tables and mirror that you can imitate. Or in your room, you can add in artwork that adds in another texture.

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Modern Suite

Create a modern room with this sleek and inviting bedroom design. Joe Human from DB Human Designs has designed this master bedroom featuring pristine white walls and a spacious white bedroom rug. Playful and vibrant art pieces on the wall add a creative, lively touch to this serene space.

Color Blocking - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Central Ideas

In order to make a room feel balanced, you'll often find that rugs are centered in the middle of the room. However, you can also center the rug with other furniture and fixtures. This room has the rug centered not only with the bed, but also with the fireplace. Consider how your rug can line up with the fixtures and furniture in your room to establish a balanced space.

Color Blocking

When you use white as the base color of your master bedroom, you do still have the option of adding in other colors. This bedroom chose to decorate with a red rug by the foot of the bed. Because the rug isn't placed fully under the bed or even 2/3 of the way under, the white bed and the red rug are two separate pieces that are each allowed to have their moment to shine. However, they're still connected by that small overlap. You can decorate your bedroom in a similar way with a rug that serves as a pop of color and visual interest in your master bedroom.

Central Ideas - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Elegant design

Elevate your bedroom with a few classic touches to create an elegant master bedroom. The dark wood exudes warmth, while the cream rug adds a soft touch, and the white bed promises restful nights rest. This room offers a perfect blend of tradition and simplicity for a peaceful retreat.

Sleek Details

Transform your modern bedroom with the allure of a wooden bedframe, dressed in a sleek black comforter, and anchored by a plush rectangular bedroom rug. The rich, natural tones of the bedframe provide a touch of rustic elegance, harmonizing perfectly with the room's contemporary design. With its minimalist design and a palette of earthy and neutral colors, this modern bedroom radiates a soothing ambiance.

Finding Balance - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Subtle Schemes

If you choose to incorporate an accent color in your master bedroom, you should find small and subtle ways to carry it throughout the space. This room uses blue as an accent, and purple to a lesser degree. You see that the colors can be incorporated in pillows, lighting fixtures, artwork, vases, and other areas. Keep in mind when you decorate your space that the shades of your accent color don't have to be the exact same shade of color--in fact, varying the exact hue is a good way to add visual interest and keep the room from feeling artificial.

Finding Balance

In some rooms, it makes more sense to not have the bed centered in the middle of the room. However, that doesn't mean that you can't have the rug centered. By centering the rug when the bed is further away, you create a pathway further into the room and tie together the different areas of the room.

Subtle Schemes - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Soothing Green - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Intentional Lines

Using lines intentionally in your furnishings and decor is a good way to establish the theming of your bedroom. Notice in this room how the headboard has horizontal lines, and so does the bench at the end. The blankets and pillows on the bed even add to that style. However, to keep your room from feeling stuffy, incorporate other lines, such as the different geometric pattern in the rug.

Soothing Green

Green is a color associated with new life and growth. It can also be a calming color to establish your color scheme around. While so many beds are neutral tones, you can choose a bed frame that is a different color like sage green and decorate with neutral bedding. Flipping the formula by starting with a colored base and decorating with neutral tones is a good way to make your room feel unique and stunning.

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Intentional Lines - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Comfort and Style

Create a master bedroom that exudes elegance and comfort. The centerpiece of the room is a gorgeous white bed, with plush pillows and a soft duvet. Underfoot, a beautifully patterned rug weaves an intricate pattern with its rich textures and subtle hues, adding a touch of personality to the space. This master bedroom seamlessly blends comfort with style, offering a retreat where you can escape the world.

Vibrant Colors and Comfort

This vibrant, inviting master bedroom features a captivating blend of colors that instantly uplift your spirits. The focal point of the room is a stunning blue patterned rug that covers the floor, providing a sense of warmth and coziness underfoot. The rug's intricate design and the interplay of colors in this bedroom invites you to relax, unwind, and enjoy its delightful aesthetics.

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That Warm Fuzzy Feeling - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Contemporary Luxury

Interior design styles can be blended in several ways, but one easy way to do it is to use similar finishes and colors but to do it in different styles. For example, both the bed and vanity mirror are dark wood finishes, but the mirror is more traditional while the bed is more contemporary because of its clean cut lines and lack of ornamentation. Mixing style but keeping similar shades of color and tone is a great way to go about mixing styles in your bedroom.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

If you want your bedroom to feel softer, find creative ways to use plush surfaces and furs in your room. The bench at the end of the bed is one obvious example of fur, but you also see it in the pillows on the bed and sofa. Plus, hanging an animal skin on the wall above the bed is not only a great way to carry the motif through the space, but it also can serve as a unique piece of art in your room.

Contemporary Luxury - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas
Dare to be Minimal - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Strategic Spacing

If your bedroom is small, maybe you don't want a large area rug to fill the space. A runner rug by the side of the bed can serve as a soft space on the floor without consuming the room. Plus, it continues to serve the practical point of being a soft surface for your feet to land each morning. This tip is handy in both master bedrooms and guest rooms where space might be a big challenge.

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Dare to be Minimal

9 times out of 10, you'll see artwork or some decoration hanging above the bed. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you have a room like this with tall windows and curtains framing the bed, it can be wise to leave some bare space above the bed. This will prevent your room from feeling too cluttered, and it also allows the bed itself to be a focal point in a minimally decorated space.

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Strategic Spacing - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Getaway

This master bedroom effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of free-spirited bohemian flair. The room's elegant furnishings and neutral color scheme create a soothing backdrop, allowing the intricate patterns of the rug and the vibrant colors of the pillows to steal the show. This master bedroom effortlessly blends comfort and style, creating a retreat that's as inviting as it is unique.

Pops of Color

Enhance your boring old bedroom with pops of color. This white, pristine bedroom features pops of charming blue accents throughout the room. The rooms white walls and bedding create a fresh, airy atmosphere, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation. Subtle touches of blue, from the dark blue lamps to the blue chair in the corner, infuse the room with character and charm. The cool, peaceful color palette is complemented by soft, ambient lighting, casting a gentle glow across the room. This white bedroom with blue accents is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a restful nights rest.

That Farmhouse Aesthetic - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Set Your Style

The paneling on this bedroom wall may seem to dictate that the room should be more traditional, but instead of feeling limited by the room's architecture, you can see how key choices in furniture, artwork, and the layout of the artwork take this room from traditional to contemporary. So, if your master bedroom as unique walls like these, don't feel like you're locked in to a particular style because of that; create your own style with how you do the layout, what accessories and patterns you choose, and how you position your artwork.

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That Farmhouse Aesthetic

When you're trying to create a farmhouse vibe in your master bedroom, working with neutral beiges and creams is a solid color scheme. Aside from that, you can include natural wood tones in the furniture, walls, and floor. To keep it from feeling under saturated, you can include darker blacks and grays in the blankets, decor, lighting fixtures, and rugs.

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Set Your Style - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas
Off Kilter - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Beautifully Bold

Decorating with wallpaper on all four walls of your master bedroom is a bold choice, but it can turn out beautifully. When you do have a very defined, contrasting pattern like this wallpaper does, allow that to be the main focal point and tone down some of your other accessories and furnishings. You can still include other patterns, like this room does with the rug, but it should compliment the style and color scheme of the wallpaper.

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Off Kilter

Oftentimes, rugs are placed centered beneath the bed so that it extends equally on either side of the rug. However, you can see that in this room, the rug is off to one side of the bed more than the other. When you play with the position of the rug in your room, you can change the tone from traditional to eclectic simply by doing something outside the norm.

Beautifully Bold - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas
Creative Connections - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas


Asymmetry is the idea that items are balanced with one another without being identical. For example, this room has two identical nightstands, but what's on them is different. there are three items at the end of the bed that are spread out across the footboard, but the items aren't identical to one another. Striking balance with asymmetry is a good way to make your room feel balanced without being overly matchy.

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Creative Connections

Modern and contemporary interior design both love to play with geometric shapes and patterns in their decoration. Oftentimes, the patterns and shapes are used as the accents and not the focal point. Notice in this room how the patterns shine through the rug and pillows. By decorating with a more neutral and plain base, you can add in patterns like these in your room and allow them to have their moment to shine, since they don't overwhelm the senses but also aren't just a one and done item.

Asymmetry - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

The Base Scheme - Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

The Base Scheme

Deciding on the color scheme for your master bedroom may seem like a daunting task. One easy way to choose a palette is to start with a bedroom rug that you love. This rug has teal as the main color and coral as the accent, which serves as the inspiration for this room. You can see the bedroom uses fabrics that pull out the coral tones of the rug, but the teal is also used in a small glass on the end table. You can use the colors of your rug as inspiration and a guideline on how to use color intentionally in your room.

Matching Patterns

Create a cohesive, inviting bedroom by matching patterns. In this classic room, a floral comforter adorns the bed, introducing nature's charm with delicate motifs and soft colors. Sunlight filters through matching floral curtains, casting an inviting glow. The space combines tradition and comfort for a peaceful retreat.

Refined Luxury

This master bedroom designed by Nadia Watts from Nadia Watts Interior Design is the epitome of refined luxury. The room is a symphony of sophistication, with its high coffered ceilings, large plush pillows, and soft, neutral color palette.

Elegance & Sophistication

This pristine white bedroom exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. The centerpiece of the room is a gracefully designed bed with crisp white linens, creating an inviting haven for rest and relaxation. A plush, snowy-white rug beneath your feet adds a touch of comfort and warmth, while matching the monochromatic color scheme of the room.

As you can see, there's no one right way to design a master bedroom, but there are plenty of ways that you can go about making a space that's right for you. Whether your key is finding a meaningful color scheme, playing with the layout, incorporating a certain style of artwork and furniture, or some combination of the three, you have the ability to create a bedroom that you'll love waking up in every single day.


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