Cabin Chic In The Home

Cabin Chic Style

With Halloween past and Thanksgiving looming on the horizon, now is the time to cuddle up to your sweetheart in front of a blazing fire, cocoa (or mulled wine!) in hand. Talk about picture perfect! When I daydream about the cabin chic aesthetic, I envision fuzzy woolen socks, handsome and worn flannel, and patinaed, well-loved leather. This look is a touch Americana, a smidgen alpine ski lodge in the peaks of Vermont, and oh-so comfy cozy. The perfect environment for snuggling, don’t you think?

Cabin Chic Decor

When it comes to translating this cabin chic aesthetic into your home, layering is absolutely essential. After all, it’s all about accessorizing with texture and multitudes of materials. Take a cue from your layered winter look by layering up rugs in your home. Don’t be afraid to mix up the shapes, textures and pattern. I especially love the idea of a traditionally braided oval rug in a colorful palette laid on top of two-tone geometric flat woven rug. This is a great way to get coverage on your floor without splurging on one giant rug. Even end tables can get in on the action–simply opt for a grouping of nesting tables. This style is great for adding surface area when entertaining guests, providing a spot for them to put their drinks. Lastly, add a touch of iconic alpine artwork to an armchair or sofa with a decorative pillow. This handsome moose practically begs for a snuggle. Put another log on the fire and settle in for winter!

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters Tumblr, Trop Rouge, and Free People.

Links: Surya Decorative Pillow, Black Oak Nesting Tables, St. Johnsburg Braided Rug, and Kaleen Nomad Rug.

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One Response to Cabin Chic In The Home

  1. Really like the rugs to layered up in living room or drawing room. Cabin Chic in the home looks so good and feels so good. Really like that post.

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