Art Meets Rug

Artist: ReCheng Tsang  Rug: Surya Summit SMT6600

If rugs can look like art in their own right, why can’t they be art? Each day as I research art and design for my day job I come across numerous pieces that would translate so well to home decor. So much so that the idea of pairing artists up with floor rugs that look almost inspired by them seemed like a natural fit to talk about in this space.

ReCheng Tsang’s beautiful sculptures are created out of porcelain, yet have a look about them that seems almost textile-like. You can almost see the motion if you look hard enough! The perfect match would be this handmade wool Surya Summit rug with tufts that begs to be walked upon.


This one is for all of the color lovers out there. Artist Maud Vantours works with paper to create intricately put together patterns and sculptures. I love how this particular Surya Banshee rug plays with so many colors in an equally method-to-the-madness mindset.


Olivier Umecker’s mixed media works of art feel full of energy and tension, and I’m getting that same vibe from this Surya Gypsy rug design. The freeform shapes and overall design lend a fun devil-may-care attitude whatever room you place it in!

Sometimes paintings (and decorating) with abandon is a direction that’s just asking to be explored. Matthew Stone’s thick and heavy paintings aren’t questions, they’re statements. Want the same result in your space? I’d opt for something like this unencumbered beauty from Tayse International Trading to anchor everything.

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Bathroom Rug Refresh

Bathroom Rugs 1

You know that soggy terry cloth mat on your bathroom floor? It’s time for a change! Because the bathroom is such a functional space, most of us think of its decor as purely functional too. But as with any other room in the house, a great rug can transform your bathroom into a serious style statement. Whether your goal is to add color and pattern, enlarge a tight space, or add a personal touch to a blah rental, the right bathroom rug is out there!

Bathroom Rugs 2

When shopping for a bathroom rug, take several factors into account. For starters, if lots of little feet and bathtimes leave your floor frequently soaked or dirty, consider a cotton rag rug that can easily be thrown in the washing machine. If you have a plain tile or wood floor, a graphic rug can simulate the effect of tile without a renovation. And always remember to use a non-skid pad under any rug in the bathroom. That way you needn’t sacrifice safety or style!

Shopping Guide: 1. Colorful Persian Rug 2. Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3. Blue Braided Rug 4. Blue Traditional Rug

Images: 1. 2. 3.

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Get the Boho Chic Look

Laid-back, flea market-inspired bohemian style is a look that’s easy love, and easy to live with. Think of wicker swing chairs draped in fluffy sheepskin, layered rugs and textiles, and eclectic accessories and artwork. Achieving this look might seem tricky, but it’s actually quite simple, because it’s all about collecting what you love. Building on a base of simple budget basics and hand-me-down furniture, you can easily layer on treasured finds from vintage shops, garage sales, and yes, flea markets, for a unique look that’s all your own.


To break it down, here are a few trademark boho chic “essentials” to keep an eye out for as you are strolling the Sunday flea market (or online marketplace) with your chai latte and french market bag in hand:

-Colorful, ethnic-inspired rugs

-Sheepskins and flokatis

-Vintage wicker and bamboo furniture

-Midcentury modern teak furniture

-Colorful pottery

-Paper lanterns

Textiles in general, and rugs in particular, are key to the boho chic look, so don’t be shy in picking out a bold pattern or color … or two or three!

Rug Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Safevieh Belize Shag rug in ivory; Tayse International Trading Concept rug in teal and taupe; Surya Zahra rug in hot pink and burnt orange; Rugs Direct Gallery Sienna rug in black; Safavieh Kilim rug in pink and ivory; Jaipur Rugs Desert rug in Mojave.

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom) Refinery 29Armelle Habib for Inside Out magazine; SF Girl By BayBrittany Ambridge for Domino magazine.

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Trending: Powder Blue, Baby

It wasn’t long ago that any mention of pastels brought with it rolling eyes and mentions of the 80s. But over the past year or so that perception has changed, first shining a spotlight on pale pinks and now with powder blues following suit. What was once looked at as a hue reserved for baby boys now carries an air of quiet sophistication.

Broste Copenhagen

There’s a solid argument for powder blue being one of the most relaxing colors you could have in the bedroom. Reminiscent of cozy days, cool ocean breezes, and happy skies, it brings a lot of positivity right along with it.
Sean Fennessy,

A cool spot of light blue in an otherwise serious room looks is a small oasis that you’ll want to gravitate towards again and again.

Conversely, this light blue couch in a sea of neutrals makes this living room feel fresh and modern while the solid fabric is a great backdrop for pattern.
Nina Holst

This might be my favorite example of how powder blue can give any room a little extra something. And since painting is one of the most affordable ways to change up the feel of any space it’s definitely a winner.

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