Fashion Translation: The Preppy-Cool Way to Pattern Mix

While preppy looks aren’t exactly my day-to-day vibe, I can definitely appreciate them when it comes to pulling inspiration for your home. Just think of all the rich tones of navy, black, and ivory, as well as the plethora of simple patterns. From buffalo checks to stripes of all varieties to the ever popular polka dot, the preppy look is a great way to inspire an interior space.


The first look is rather restrained, but the fun comes in the pattern mixing. For these selections, I actually chose not to heed my own advice. Instead, I thought it would be more fun to let the patterns mix and mingle at similar scales. You can definitely get away with this when the patterns are simpler in nature or if the colors veer more toward the neutral end of things.

Photo Credit: True Life of a Southern Belle.

Shopping Guide:

Capel Genevieve Gorder spots rug + Trans Ocean Imports Sorrento Pinstripe rug

Nourison Luminance rug + Loloi Rugs Harper Stripe rug

Casual for Life medan Border rug + Capel Mercia rug

Preppy 2

For a preppy look that’s even more fun, I suggest going bold and mixing your geometrics with oversized florals. I especially love the addition of chinoiserie patterns to this look for that delicate, airy effect. Colors are a fun addition to this look: the geometric can be more neutral in tone, while the florals are bright and cheerful. I recommend this look for sunny patios or a screened-in porch.

Photo Credit: Who What Wear.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs Blue Petal Pusher rug + KAS Oriental Eternity Checkerboard rug

Safavieh Chelsea rug + Surya Rain rug

Bashian Tribeca rug + Nourison Impressionist rug

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Color Trend: Pale Pink Spring Decor

Pink Decor

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the desire to inject a fresh feeling into existing home decor. One way to do exactly that is to add an unexpected accent color that’s light and cheerful–just like spring itself! This year, the hue that’s making waves is a soft and playful shade of pink.

Light Pink

The great thing about pink is that a little goes a long way. Just one pink piece can make a big impact, making it a very budget-friendly pick! Try a throw pillow in dusty rose, a traditional Oriental carpet with pink undertones, or a striped rug in multiple variations of pink. And if you’re nervous about making a commitment to the color, pick up a bouquet of pink tulips to try pink on for size!

Shopping Guide: 1. Pink Striped Rug 2. Pink Linen Pillow 3. Pink Flower Art 4. Traditional Pink Rug

Images: 1. 2. 3. 4

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Fashion Translation: Pattern Mixing, the boho way.

Whether spring is in full-effect where you live… or you’re buried under a blanket of snow, it’s the perfect time to update your space. One of my favorite fashion trends is still going strong: print mixing. Today I want to share some of my favorite ways to incorporate this fashion-forward look into your home, but with bohemian vibes.

Pattern Mixing

The first look is rather rather bohemian and colorful, don’t you think? Now, this is a look that reminds me of being on vacation. I suggest taking cues from far off places and adding a global touch to your home. Then, make it feel more modern by layering on a touch of geometric. My biggest piece of advice centers around the scale of each pattern: make sure to select prints that are different enough so that they don’t compete visually.

Photo Credit: Tory Burch.

Shopping Guide:

Dalyn modern greys rug + Jaipur Rugs Manhattan Abbot rug

Karastan Panache Archipelago rug + Loloi Rugs Charlotte rug

Dalyn modern greys rug + Surya Beth Lacefield Calaveras rug

Pattern Mixing 2

If layering rugs isn’t your speed, perhaps it’s best to try mixing and matching pillows and rugs. I suggest identifying a single color from your patterned rug that really speaks to you and using that to inspire your pillow pattern selection. I also love the idea of adding a suzani rug to pretty much any space for that special, boho look.

Photo Credit: Ing Things.

Shopping Guide:

Surya Mike Farrell Polka Dot pillow + Safavieh cedar brook rug

Surya Indoor/Outdoor pillow + Concord Global Matrix Susani rug

Surya Moroccan Ikat Dots pillow + Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne rug

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Part II: Rug + Room | Choosing A Rug

The Brooklyn Home Company

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new space or are in the process of redecorating a familiar one. Whatever the case, something is missing. The art in on the walls, the furniture is just as you imagined it being arranged, but the room just isn’t there yet. Ahhhh, THE RUG!

This double entry has just about everything going for it between the beautiful wood floors, detailed trim work, and that stained glass transom. (That transom!) And yet it’s definitely missing something on the floor. I love how this rug that’s full of mixed greens and blues is an elbow jab in the direct of the stained glass in color and shape. However, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which helps balance out the feel of all of the other more ornate decor.

Nicole Cohen

This living room has been divided out into two areas, one for conversation and another for solitude. That chaise looks extremely comfortable — can’t you just imagine kicking back with a book… and waking up two hours later? With such warm tones and little to no pattern present, I’d love to see the addition of something like this floral number that wouldn’t detract from the herringbone floors while adding a little extra oomph.

Marcia Magolius

I love how minimal this bedroom is, if there’s a dresser just out of frame you’re basically set. (Well, I would be!) I like how it’s cozy without being cluttered and that’s what I’d want in a rug I bought in as well. Something traditional with a modern pairing of colors feels like just the right fit to tie it all up in a bow.

Home Adore

The cool greys, the big soaking tub, the stone tiled floor. I appreciate the minimalism at work in this bathroom, but want to give it one punch of something unexpected that would make someone really take notice. A textured rug like this one is exactly that. Don’t you wonder what it might feel like under your feet after a bath? The mustard hue plays nicely with the grey and the texture adds some pattern to the space.

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