Fashion Translation: Dark Florals

With winter extending wayyy too long and hopeful thoughts of spring on the brain, I wanted to steer this post into a bit of a new direction. Fashion is always such an inspiration for me and I always try to take it beyond the obvious, beyond just my apparel choices. I want to inspire you to take cues from fashion trends (even your everyday staples) and apply them to the home.

If there’s one fashion trend that I hope to never see go away, it’s dark florals. One may argue that they feel ancient and outdated… but I cannot and will not apologize: I simply love this look. Lately, I’ve noticed that the aesthetic of dark florals has shifted. The look is much more painterly, even bordering on watercolor and digitized. While this lends a more modern vibe to the look, I can’t help but also be drawn to vintage florals. Whether shown in smaller scale, calico-type prints or oversized, giant cabbage roses, I love it all.

Dark Florals

When it comes to adding this vibe to the home, it’s pretty darn simple. These rugs are bold and impactful, so it’s best to keep everything else in the room simple and straightforward. Just imagine how modern, yet bohemian, vintage, yet updated your living room would be with a slouchy white linen sofa and an oversized dark floral rug. This inspiration works perfectly for the bedroom as well, although I suggest steering the look to be even more romantic by adding a glass-topped vanity.

Photo Credit: Chanel and Vogue.

Links: (from top to bottom, left to right) Safavieh Lyndhurst rug, Oriental Weavers Kharma rug, Oriental Weavers Knightsbridge rug, Rugs America Capri Orchid rug, and Surya Flor Rug.

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How to Work a Round Rug

Round Rugs 1

When you think of shopping for a new rug, you most likely think of a rectangular shape — but choosing a round rug instead can sometimes be the better choice for your room. Read on for tips on using this surprisingly versatile rug shape in your home.

Round Rugs 3Round Rugs 2

Round rugs in the living room. If your living space is like most, it’s probably filled with rectangular shapes and sharp edges. A round rug can help soften those edges, making the living area more comfortable and inviting. Shaggy rugs with a deep, plush pile, like those in the rooms shown above, are perfect for sinking toes into.

Round Rugs 4
Round Rugs 5

Round rugs in the kitchen. The kitchen and breakfast nook are two more natural spots to put a round rug, as these spaces can usually use some warming up. For these hardworking zones, choose a round rug made of a flat weave or braided material, that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and spills. Go chic and neutral, or bright and bold; whatever you feel most drawn to.

Round Rugs 6

Round rugs in the foyer. Make a foyer, or even a small entryway, feel more spacious by choosing an elegant round rug. You could even swap out the rug in this area seasonally, with a thicker, warmer rug in winter, and a cool, natural fiber version in spring and summer.

Round Rugs 7

More great ways to use round rugs: Nurseries, kids’ rooms, and bedrooms are also welcome spots for round rugs. Round rugs, especially plush ones, seem made to sit and play on, so consider choosing one for your baby’s playroom, or even a yoga and meditation space.

Which is your favorite? Share which rug you would pick in the Comments section!

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Surya Forum in Carmine; 2. Anji Mountain Jute Collection; 3. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne Ravella Disco in Denim; 4. Safavieh Malibu Shag in Charcoal.

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom of post) FreshomeShelly Chung DesignA Beautiful MessBHGDomaine.

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Pattern-Free in the Home

Lisa Romerein for C Home

While most people tend to gravitate towards at least some pattern in their home, well, it’s just not for everyone. In my own space I try to keep things mostly pattern-free, with the exception of a few monotone ones and a piece of art or floor rug in each room. The thing is, you can completely pull off a great space without a single stitch of any of it. Stick to a singular color or a palette of complementary colors and you’re all set to make a statement of your own.

Jessica Simple

Here’s a perfect example of setting up a color palette for your space. White walls will give you the most bang for your buck because you can mix just about anything with them. I love the varied hues of those pillows and the unexpected touch of a baby blue rug.

Melanie Acevedo

Wood tones and natural materials are a few other elements that work extremely well in a pattern-free home. There are so many textures to take advantage of that you can essentially decorate with patternwithout decorating with pattern.

Annie Schlecter

An all white space might be for the brave (and childless), but this is a great place to experiment with weight of fabrics. The level of transparency the finish provide all of the interest any room could want.

Bruno Suet

This is probably one of the more realistic examples, rife with color and variety of style. But notice that nearly everything mentioned above — natural materials, textured art, plenty of different materials — are all happening.


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Trend Watch: Folklore Decor Inspiration


If you like boho style–with its global influence, layered textiles, and relaxed vibe–you’ll love its latest evolution! Introducing folklore-inspired interiors, which take their cue from early American style as well as from the handicrafts of Central America. Folklore decor is a little less glam and a bit more primitive than boho, making it great if you love colorful, handmade pieces but also lean towards a restrained approach to decorating.

Folklore 2

Get the look with traditional pieces such as patchwork quilts, embroidered throw pillows, rustic wall hangings, and unfinished wood furnishings. Focus on a subdued palette of sunbleached neutrals, then accent this foundation with needlework in either bright hues like turquoise and geranium for a ‘south of the border’ effect, or nature-sourced shades like burnt sienna and olive to conjure a sophisticated southwestern sensibility. The result will be a warm and welcoming space with serious personality!

Photos (top to bottom): Domaine HomeDustjacket Attic, Old Brand New

Shopping Guide: 1. Quiltwork Rug 2. Wood Accent Table 3. Embroidered Throw Pillow 4. Desert Art 5. Cowhide Rug

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