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Master Bathroom Decor ideas

Your master bathroom or primary bathroom can fit into whatever style you want and be a place where you can start and end your day on a positive note. Whether you're looking to create a space that feels like a luxurious retreat or a simply homey space, you can design the master bathroom of your dreams by taking just a few key areas of the room and creating big style in a small space.

Patterned Rug & Patterned Floor - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

Love That Light

Rooms that are light and bright are really in style right now, and there are several ways that you can tailor your bathroom to fit that mold. One of the easiest ways is to allow natural light to shine through doors and windows, but you can also amplify light by including a large mirror and by using white as one of the main colors. However, make sure your bathroom doesn't feel washed out or monotone by adding in other textures and colors, such as the wood vanity and the vibrant red rug shown here.

Patterned Rug & Patterned Floor

It can be difficult to mix and match patterns, especially when one is literally on top of the other. This bathroom displays a few key features that you can imitate in your own master bathroom with its pattern mixing, especially with the rug and floor tile. You can follow this room's example by continuing with the same color scheme in the rug and floor tile, but you can also carry over a motif or design element, like how the flooring and rug both display rounded shapes and subtle leaves. Carrying over elements like these is essential for mixing patterns well and having them compliment each other as opposed to clashing.

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Love That Light - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
Masterful Monochrome - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas


This bathroom obviously fits a more moody tone with its dark colors, but there's something else this bathroom does really well: it carries a subtle theme across all of its decorative elements. Lines show up everywhere, from the accent wall to the tile floor to the straight handles on the vanity. To keep your room from feeling too rigid, break that mold every once in a while by incorporating lines in different ways, such as the chandelier above the bath and the glass pendants over the vanity. Playing with the same motif but presenting it in various different, unexpected ways is a surefire way to add style to your master or guest bathroom.


Bathrooms that fall into a monochrome color scheme don't have to be boring. If you use a marble pattern throughout most of your bathroom, bring in other shades of black and white in the other decor, such as the towels and rug. The contrast of pure white and dark black against the gray marbles gives the eye something to land on without detracting from the soothing, calming gray tones of the marble.

Subtle Scheming - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image By The Plan Collection
Modern Traditions - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image by The Plan Collection

Modern Traditions

You may think that modern and traditional styles clash just because their names are so opposite of one another, but they an actually blend together quite nicely! This bathroom shows that by including traditional beiges and dark tones, but mixes it with the clean cut lines and simple design associated with modern styles. You can combine the styles by following this technique in your bathroom--adopt the color scheme and tone of one style and then use shapes and textures associated with the other style.

Fashion Forward

Speaking of blending styles, traditional farmhouse is another go-to in many homes. You can encapsulate farmhouse by using black and white in your primary accents, and then bring in that traditional style by incorporating beige and more ornate cabinetry. One other area you can include more traditional flair is by using an Oriental or Persian runner rug in front of the vanity; not only does that serve a practical purpose, but it can also add in a unique pop of color to an otherwise neutral color scheme.

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Traditional Farmhouse - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
Image by Kathleen W

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Star of the Room - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

Nature Inspired

Your bathroom can feel more rustic when it uses natural wood tones in a variety of ways. This bathroom goes the extra mile and has wood above the shower curtain, but it also incorporates wood in the bench, towel rack, picture frame, and vanity. However, you can also see that rustic decor brought in through the accessories, like the bowl on the toilet, the hanging plant, and of course, the mini evergreen on the vanity. Including small details like these in your bathroom is a great way to convey big style.

Star of the Room

Establishing a focal point is important in any room, including the bathroom. This room is fortunate in that it has stunning windows that steal the show. Whether you have ornate windows or another detailed piece that you want to be the star of the room, allow that item to have its moment in the sun. Keep the other items simple, and if you can, draw inspiration from the shapes and details of your focal point and include them in other areas. You can see in this room how there are straight lines and circles in the window, and lines are carried throughout the walls, vanity, and even the flooring. This is just one simple way you can let your focal point shine and still tie it into the rest of your bathroom.

Modern Rustic Bathrooms - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
@delightfullywestern - Instagram
Marvelous Metallics - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

Seasonal Style

One of the perks of designing a bathroom that is primarily designed in neutral colors and wood tones is that it's a very flexible style. The accessories and artwork you include can vary depending on the season, and you can add as little or as much as you want to. This bathroom goes the minimal route by adding in a simple purple arrangement for maximum impact, but you can do as little or as much as you like in your neutral bathroom.

Marvelous Metallics

Being consistent with the metals you use in your bathroom is a subtle way to tie the space together. In this bathroom, you'll notice the bronze and gold tones used in the sink, tub, and light fixture. These minimal accents stand out against the white and marbled backgrounds, and their depth adds to the overall rich tones of the vanities. So, when you're designing your bathroom, don't forget that these minimal accents do a lot to contribute to the room's style.

Seasonal Style - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
@neverendingnesting - Instagram
Softening Your Style - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

Softening Your Style

Modern interior design flourishes with straight lines and geometric shapes. You can see that this bathroom uses straight lines with very simple cabinetry, rigid sinks, mirrors, and windows. The floor highlights geometric shapes as well and definitely fits into the modern mold. However, if you're looking to soften a modern look like this in your home, follow this room's example and include a rug that uses a neutral, muted color palette and a more traditional design like this rug. It doesn't contrast the modern design because it fits into the overall color scheme, but it does soften it by including softer lines and shapes.

Comfy Space

While you may not sit down and relax on your rug like this toddler, you do want to create a space that is comfortable. Placing a long rug in front of the double vanity adds in practical comfort and a pop of color, but why stop with one rug when you can use more? It's subtle, but placing a wooly, shaped rug in front of your tub or shower is yet another way you can design your bathroom to be both functional and comfortable. when you're decorating with two rugs like this, allow one to be subtle and the other to be more bold so that they don't contrast. However, that doesn't mean the other rug needs to be boring! Choose a rug with a unique shape, a different height, or some other detail to make it special on its own.

Comfy Space - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
Practical Placement - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
@ouratxfarmhouse - Instagram

Inspiring Elegance

Symmetry is a powerful design tool and helps make the room feel very orderly. In this bathroom, you see it obviously with the lights, mirrors, sinks, and even the drawers and storage beneath them. However, to keep the room from feeling artificial, add in some similar but different items, such as the two items centered in the middle of the vanity and the soap dispensers being on opposite sides of the sink. These small details help make the space feel lived in and comfortable while still being neat and luxurious.

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Practical Placement

By now, you've seen how placing a runner or large rug in front of a vanity fulfills both form and function. In a room like this one, you may doubt yourself on where exactly to place the runner--should it be right in front of the vanity, or centered in the pathway? While it's true that oftentimes with style, items are centered, centering a runner along the path but moving it further away from the vanity takes away from the rug's functionality. Besides that, it would actually look unnatural for it to be so far away from the vanity because you'd quickly realize you'd have to stand halfway on the rug when you're at the sink. So, whenever you're placing a rug in your bathroom, remember that it should be placed practically first and foremost and then you can add in the style.

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Simple Symmetry - Master Bathroom Decor Ideas
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When it comes to designing your own bathroom, you've seen how the little details can make a big difference in the room's style and tone. You've also seen how just a few decorative accessories and fabrics can accentuate your style and hone in on the mood you want to set. As you go create your perfect master bedroom, remember that it's the big, small, and every area in between that establishes the room's tone and style, and connective elements and theming goes a long way in setting up a space that feels cohesive and refreshing.


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