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What’s the Best Rug Size for a King Bed?

There’s nothing quite like curling your toes into a soft rug in the bedroom. Rugs make everything cozier, adding character, color, and texture to bring your interior decor to life. And if you’re lucky enough to come home to a King bed, spanning 76 inches wide and 80 long, you’ll want everything to be perfect.

A King bed works best in a room that’s at least 10’ x 12’, but they’re often used in spaces around 13’ x 13’ or larger. Usually, the King bed is positioned centered, against one wall to make the best use of the space.

The right area rug size for King beds depends on the size of your room and the look you have in mind. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you determine what’s best for your space.

In this guide, we’ll help you determine what size rug to get for a King bed in any space, with styling that’s as full of life as you are. Keep reading to figure out what size rug should go under a King bed in your bedroom.

Queen Size Rug Sizes

What size rug should you get for a basic King-sized bed?

Let’s say that the basic King-sized bed is 76” x 80” and it’s placed against one wall, centered in a medium-sized 11’ x 14’ bedroom.

The best rug size for a King bed with these basic measurements would likely be around 9’ x 12’. This rug size will leave about 1’ of space between the walls and the edges of the rug, covering almost the entire floor.

While the back two legs of the bed frame would not sit on the area rug, it would provide a soft spot to touch down in the morning on all three sides of the bed.

King Bed Rug Size

How to size a rug for a bedroom with nightstands and a King-sized bed?

So, what size rug goes under a King bed with nightstands? If your bed has nightstands flanking on either side, you can choose to position them on the area rug or off of it.

Positioning the nightstands on the rug means that the back two legs of the bedframe will sit on the rug as well. This grounds the furniture in a single, defined space and requires a King bed area rug size of at least 10’ x 14’. This approach has a luxurious appeal, making a large room feel even bigger, but you’ll usually need a room that’s at least 12’ x 16’ to make it work.

For smaller rooms, you’ll position the nightstands and the back legs of the bed off of the area rug. (Note: See the examples above and below this section for ideas.)

How to arrange and size runner rugs for a King-sized bed?

Runners are an excellent option for spaces in which you’d like to maintain a light and airy appeal. They’re also more cost-effective, as they’ll pad the sides of your bed without needing to go underneath it.

For a 76” x 80” King bed with the nightstands positioned off the rugs, you’ll want runners that are around 2’ x 6’ in length. And if you’d like to place the nightstands on the rugs, you’ll want 2’ x 9’ runners.

You might also place a 4’ x 6’ runner at the foot of the bed for extra padding in the bedroom. With the third rug, the runners will imitate a larger rug size under a King bed.

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Runner Rug Size for King Bed

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Round rug for king size bed

How should you size your rugs for small bedrooms with King-sized beds?

A King size bed can fit in a room as small as 10’ x 12’ if you’re clever with your interior design. And if you’re wondering what size rug under a King bed would fit in a 10’ x 12’ bedroom, you do have options.

Sizing rugs for small bedrooms with King-sized beds simply requires considering the room dimensions. As a rule, you always want about 1’ of space between the edge of your rug and the walls.

So, in a 10’ x 12’ bedroom, you could have a rug as large as 8’ x 10’. That’ll provide coverage on all sides with an elegant look, and it won’t crowd the space.

How should you add a round rug to a bedroom with a King-sized bed?

Round rugs have a certain appeal in the bedroom – they’re fun, relaxed, and playful, and they can make your space feel more personal. But what size area rug under King beds will work for a round shape?

If you guessed that it’d have to be pretty big, you’d be right. A 12’ round rug is an ideal size for under a King bed, and it’ll give you some placement options. If you have a longer room, try centering the round rug underneath the bed, with the top edge ending by the front of your nightstands.

If you have a wider bedroom, try positioning the round rug to the left or right of the bed, padding one side of it. This layout looks excellent when accented with cushions, creating a seating area.

Large King Sized Bedroom Rug Size

How should you size your rugs for large bedrooms with King-sized beds?

King beds are sometimes found in spacious bedrooms around 16’ x 18’ or larger. Deciding what size rug for under a King bed in a room of this size isn’t difficult – you have wiggle room with more square footage.

You might opt for a rug that’s around 12’ x 14’, with enough space to hold the bed and both nightstands, while still padding much of the room. Alternately, you could size up to 14’ x 16’ or down to something as small as two 2’ x 9’ runners, depending on the look you’re going for.

In larger bedrooms, you might consider a California King, Texas King, or Alaskan King if you’d like a bigger mattress size.

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