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What’s the Best Rug Size for a Queen Bed?

The bedroom is a highly personal space – it expresses your character and gives you a place of respite after long days. And adding an area rug to your bedroom is a quick way to make it feel cozier and more relaxing, with soft textures and styling that reflects your unique tastes.

First - How are Queen Beds normally situated in a bedroom?

If you curl up in a Queen bed, with 60” x 80” of space to cradle you at night, you’ll want to find the bed rug size for queen bed design. Queen beds fit best in rooms that are at least 9.5’ x 10’, but they can work well in much larger spaces as well.

Most queen beds will be centered in the room against one wall, but some may be positioned more to one side. The latter option leaves a wide open area on one side of the bedroom, which can work well with a sitting area or fireplace.

The best rug size for queen beds depends on the dimensions of your room and the layout you have in mind. In this guide, we’ll cover queen bed area rug sizes for all different types of bedrooms so that you can find the best fit for your space.

Queen Size Rug Sizes

What size rug should you get for a basic queen-sized bed?

Since most queen-sized beds are 60” x 80”, let's assume that a basic bed is in a 10’ x 12’ room, centered against the back wall.

The best size rug for queen beds like this is an 8’ x 10' size. With this size, you’ll have around 1’ of space between the edges of the rug and the walls, which many designers consider the minimum.

The back to legs of the queen bed will sit off the rug, which will lay beneath the bottom three-quarters of the bed. The rug will extend on all three sides of the bed, offering a soft, warm surface to walk on when you wake up.

Queen Size Runner Rug

How to arrange and size runner rugs for a queen sized bed?

Sometimes you’ll prefer a lighter look, with less square footage covered by area rugs. Deciding what size rug to get for queen beds without crowding the room is simple if you use standard runner sizing.

Flank your bed with 2’ x 6’ runners, positioned with the nightstands off the rugs to make a smaller room appear more spacious. Alternately, you might use 2’ x 9’ runners and place the nightstands on the rug for a slightly more luxurious look.

And if you’d like to pad the foot of the bed, the right area rug size for queen beds set up like this is usually 4’ x 6’. You’ll use this rug in addition to the two runners, so there’s a rug on all three sides of teh bed. This will provide almost as much coverage as a larger rug, while being more cost-effective with a lighter vibe.

How should you add a round rug to a bedroom with a queen sized bed?

Fans of soft edges and quirky decor often enjoy a round rug in the bedroom. Round rugs create a cozy, lighthearted appeal, and they can help you express your personality through design. But what size rug under queen beds is best for this look?

The best round rug size under queen beds is 8’, and it’s ideal for bedrooms that are at least 10’ x 12’. If the bedroom is longer, you can position the rug with the top edge centered under the bed, with the surface extending past the foot of the bed and to either side.

For wider rooms, consider placing the rug to one side of the bed, with one-third of the surface beneath the bed. This positioning works well with throw pillows or another cozy seating option on the rug.

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Round rug for queen size bed

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How should you size your rugs for small bedrooms with queen-sized beds?

Queen beds often work well in smaller bedrooms, offering a luxurious sleeping surface without the space demands of a king size. A small bedroom for a queen sized bed would be about 9.5’ x 10’ in most cases. So, what size rug should go under a queen bed in a 9.5’ x 10’ room?

Smaller rooms don’t often leave room for large area rugs, and you’ll want to keep at least 1’ between the edges of the rug and the walls. A 9.5’ x 10’ room will be roughly square, so you might try an 8’ x 8’ area rug, centered under the bed with the back two legs off the surface.

For those with more space available, let’s look at what size area rug under queen beds is ideal for a slightly larger room. If your room is 10’ x 12’ (still relatively small in terms of today’s houses), you might try an 8’ x 10’ rug instead. Or you could try positioning runners on either side of the bed to save money and avoid overcrowding your space.

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