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Pool Tables and Rug Aesthetics: Why it matters

When you're building your personal pool hall whether it's in your den or in a large living room space it's always important to build upon the aesthetics of the room decor. Accentuating a large piece of furniture such as the pool table accentuates the decor piece in a way that can be striking and focus the attention where you'd like it most. With that in mind, our team has come up with the best sizes for rugs to fit your pool table, no matter its size.

Modern Pool -  Pool Table Rug Size Guide
Image by Stacey Jemison.

What Is The Standard Rug Size To Put Under a Pool Table?

The standard rug size to put under a pool table is dependent on the size of the table itself. For example, if you have a 7 or 8 foot pool table, then you’ll likely choose a 12x15 foot rug. However, if your table is bigger than that, then you may want to choose a larger size like a 12x18. Ultimately, you should have at least 3 feet of rug on each side and end of the table you’re never halfway off the rug when playing the game.

Modern Pool Table Rugs- Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
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Why Put a Rug Under a Pool Table?

One key reason to add a rug beneath your pool table is to convey your personal style, whether it be vintage, sporty, classy, or something else. However, adding a rug can also add practicality in terms of comfort, plushness, sound dampening, and protection from any stray balls or the legs of the pool table itself.

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Elegant Pool Tables- Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
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How to Choose An Area Rug For Under A Pool Table?

You can see all the practical benefits of adding a rug beneath the pool table, but how do you confidently choose the correct size, pile height, and material? Well, for pile height, you definitely want something low pile or a flat weave rug so there are no tripping hazards. The materials should also be easy to clean, so look at options like synthetic, polypropylene, wool, cotton, and other easy to clean materials. As for size, follow the guidelines above or keep reading for specific recommendations.


How to Put a Rug Under a Pool Table

The biggest aspect of choosing a rug for under the table is sizing it correctly. In general, you want an extra 3 to 4 feet of rug on each side and end of the table. After you get the rug, you will want to make sure it’s safe and not curling up at the ends. To flatten your pool table rug, unroll it and give it a few days to settle. If it still isn’t uncurling, try rolling it the opposite direction, using light heat, or taping down the edges for a while.

Rustic Library- Pool Table  Rug Sizing Guide
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Pool Table- Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
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What Is The Best Rug Size for an 8 Foot Pool Table?

Depending on the size of your room, you can get away with a 10x14 rug, since it gives you an extra 3 feet of rug on the sides and ends of the table. While 3 feet sounds like a lot of space, it’s better to go beyond that if you can and use a 12x15 area rug; after all, it’s better to have too much space as opposed to having two little and stepping off the rug at a crucial moment.

  • 12x15 is ideal for a 8 foot pool table.
  • 10x14 is a viable alternative for a smaller space.


What Is The Best Rug Size for a 7 Foot Pool Table?

When you add a rug beneath your pool table, you want to be sure that you can fully and comfortably stand on the rug whenever you’re taking a shot. That means that with a 7 foot pool table, the best size rug is either a 10x14 or a 12x15 rug. The former option gives you an extra 3.5 feet on each end of the table while the latter gives you 4 full feet of extra space to move around.

  • 10x14 or 12x15 rug comfortably suits this pool table well.
Sunset Pool Table Nights - Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
Image by Debra Millet
Game Room - Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide


How To Choose a Rug Size for a 4 X 8 Pool Table?

Once again, you want to have between 3 and 4 feet of extra rug on each side of the pool table so it’s easy to stay on the rug. There are several sizes to choose from however these we think the following will suit a 4x8 pool table well.

  • Ideal Rug Sizes: 10x14 or 12x15


What Is The Best Rug Size for a 9 Foot Pool Table?

Continuing on in scaling your pool table and the rug, you can work with a 12x15 rug if you need to, but ideally, you should find a larger rug like a 12x18 or a 13x18 for a 9 foot pool table. Remember, the ideal amount of space to move around on the rug is about 3 or 4 feet on each side, and with an extra large rug, you can have that in spades.

Best 9 Foot Pool Table Rugs:

  • 12x18, 13x18 are the preferred choice.
  • Alternatively the 12x15 rug will work in a smaller room.
Inviting Spaces - Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
Image by Alexandre Zveiger

Classy Gaming Appeal - Pool Table Rug Sizing Guide
Image by Zhudi Feng

What's The Perfect Rug Size To Put Under a Professional 8 Pool Table?

Professional 8 pool tables are slightly bigger than 8 foot pool tables, so you want to take that into consideration when purchasing a rug. Fortunately, it’s the width that’s different, not the length.

  • Best 8 Pool Table Rug Sizes: 12x15, 12x17, 12x18 and 13x18 are excellent choices.

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