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Get Your Dining room Rug Size Right

Designing your dining room requires getting both the right look while fine-tuning its function. How you place the rug has to work with the size of your table, your chairs, and the size of your room. With a few important variables, we created this guide to you help you size your rug.

Dining Room Rug Size

What Is the Standard Size Rug for a Dining Room?

Your dining room rug creates a frame for your dining space, making the area feel welcoming for guests and family dinners. The average dining room is around 14' x 16', and the average dining room rug size is 9' x 12'.

However, the shape and size of your dining table, and the dimensions of your dining room, might call for something different. For example, if you have a round dining room table, you'll want a round rug, and a square rug is often best for a square table.

Sizes of rugs for a dining table and chair set also depend on the dimensions of your furniture. Ideally, you don't want the chair legs falling off the rug when guests scoot their chairs back to stand up.

We've broken down the best approach to picking a size for dining room rugs in any space in this guide. Ready to get started?

8 x 10 dining room rug size

How to Size a Rug for a Dining Room

The two things you'll need to consider when finding the proper rug size for dining room decor include the dimensions of the dining table and the dining room:

  • Table size: The area rug size under dining room tables should be at least 24" larger on all sides. This allows the chairs to move back and leaves space for seated guests.
  • Room size: The best rug size for dining rooms (and any room) should keep at least 12" of space between the rug's edges and the walls.

Start by measuring your dining room table and adding 4' to each dimension. For example, if you need the area rug size under round dining tables, add 4' to the diameter of the rug. Or, if the table is rectangular, add 4' to the width and the length.

Then, check the results against the room size to ensure the rug is at least 2' smaller on each dimension – this keeps the rug 12" away from the wall at all points.

Another approach is to find the largest rug you can fit in the room and pick the table size accordingly. For example, if your room is 10' x 12', you could fit an 8' x 10' rug in the space. From there, you'll decide what size table to use for an 8' x 10' rug by subtracting 4' from each dimension, which leaves you with a dining table that's 4' x 6' or smaller.

round rug dining room rug size

What Size Rug Goes Under a Round or Oval Dining Room Table?

Round and oval dining room tables are popular in modern homes. Here's how to find the right size rug for these tables:

  • What size rug under round dining table: No matter the size of your round dining room table, add 4' to the diameter of the table to find the right size for the rug. You can also use this measurement to find the right size for a square rug, which works well in square rooms.
  • What size rug under oval dining table: Add 4' to the width and length of your oval table to find the right rectangular rug size. You can add 4' to either the width or length of a round rug under an oval table, depending on your available square footage.

Round and oval dining room tables can make your dining area appear more spacious, and they work well in open-plan homes. The right area rug size under a round dining table can enhance this visual effect.

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How to Size an Area Rug for a Small Dining Room?

For a small dining area, you'll need to consider the room size instead of measuring the table to determine what size rug to use under the dining table and chairs.

Subtract 2' from the length and width of the space to find the typical dining room rug size for your area.

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Round rug for small dining room

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6 person dining table rug size

How Do You Size an Area Rug for Large Tables?

Large dining room tables seat eight or more guests and call for bigger rugs. For example, in most cases, a 72" round table would call for a 12' x 12' area rug, and an 84" x 42" dining room table would call for a 12' x 9' dining room rug.

If your dining room is not large enough to accommodate a rug of this size, you might consider an alternative, like those we discuss in the next section.

What Size Rug Should I Choose for a Dining Room Table With Six Chairs?

The right rug size for a 6-person dining room table will depend on the shape and size of your table, with 4' added to each dimension, as explained above. Here are some standard measurements to get you started:

  • What size rug under a six-person table: An 8' x 10' area rug would work for a standard six-person oval or rectangular dining table.
  • What size rug under a six-person round table: A 10' x 10' area rug would work for a standard 60" six-person round dining room table.

To compare, the right rug size for a dining table for four would usually be 8' x 8', whether the table is round or square.

Large Dining Room Rug Size

Rug Size Guide for Dining Room

What's the Alternative To Using an Area Rug Under a Dining Room Table?

When your dining room isn't large enough to hold the proper rug size, wall-to-wall protection with a vinyl floor mat is a great option. Vinyl floor mats come in various styles and colors, and they're incredibly durable.

Use vinyl floor mats to protect your dining room floor from the wear and tear of moving dining chairs in and out. This is ideal if you can't fit the rug you'd need or if your dining room sees a lot of spills and messes.


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