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Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide: Everything you Need to KNow

The beauty of designing is that each space is unique--that’s a great prospect for designing a space that expresses your unique style, but it does mean that there isn’t one “right” answer that applies to every scenario. That’s why it’s key to look at your specific space and determine what size rug works for you before you look at designs and color palettes. The size and shape of your rug are highly dependent on the size of your balcony, patio, porch, deck, or other outdoor space.

  1. Learn About Common rug Sizes for Pergolas

    8x8 Pergolas
  2. 10x10 Pergolas
  3. 16x16 Pergolas
  4. 16x20 Pergolas
  5. 20x20 Pergolas

  6. Learn about Rug Sizes for Balconies

  7. Balcony Rug Sizes

  8. Learn about Common Rug Sizes for Patios

  9. Patio Table Rugs
  10. 7x7 Patio
  11. 14x14 Patio
  12. 12x14 Patio
  13. 18x20 Patio

Outdoor Rugs - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug Sizes for an Outdoor Living Area

Keep in mind that when you’re shopping for an outdoor rug for your outdoor living area, you can find multi-purpose rugs that can easily be interchanged with indoor and outdoor spaces. That just goes to show how versatile outdoor rugs are and how much potential they carry. To help you design your space to reflect your personality, style, and needs, check out this guide for how to choose the right size outdoor rug for your outdoor living areas.

Square Outdoor Rug- Outdoor Rug Guide

What Are the Average Sizes of Outdoor Rugs?

When it comes to outdoor rugs, there are some sizes that are more commonly used than others. Here's a list of sizes to look at:

  • Small spaces: 2x3, 3x5, and 4x6 rug
  • Medium spaces: 5x8, 6x9, or an 8x10 rug
  • Large Spaces: 9x12, 10x14, and 12x15 rugs

Pergola Rugs - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Rug Sizes for an Outdoor Pergola?

Pergolas are becoming more popular in backyards--and why not? They’re great at establishing a separate area for socializing and gathering while providing shade and style. When you’re looking to furnish and dress up your pergola, you may be concerned about filling the space properly. If you start off with a rug as your foundation, you can establish the scale of the space and ensure everything will be visually balanced.

The most tried and true way to measure for a pergola rug is to leave about 18” of space around the borders of the rug--just empty space so that your rug will fit into the space without overwhelming it. That applies many different sized pergolas/outdoor spaces and is best when you center the rug in the middle of that space. However, there are other layouts to choose from, and the specific size of your rug will depend specifically on the size of the pergola.

What is The Best Outdoor Rug Size for a 8’ x 8’ Pergola?

In smaller pergolas, you have to be intentional with not overwhelming the space with rugs and furniture that are too big. Consider three common layouts for pergolas: placing the furniture fully on top of the rug, partially atop the rug, or setting the chairs just off the outskirts of the rug.

With these three layouts, your rug sizes could range from:

  • Smaller sizes: 5x5, 4x6, or 3x5 rug
  • Medium sizes: 6x6 square or round rug
Pergola Guide - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

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Pergola Guide - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide


What is The Best Rug Size for a 16’ x 16’ Pergola?

Continuing with the scaling to 16x16 pergolas remember those three layouts: accentuating, partial layering, and fully grounded. To ground your entire area, use larger rugs rug and place the furniture on top of the rug. A good rule of thumb for these are:

  • Fully grounded: 14x14 round/square
  • Partial layering: Sizes ranging from 10x10 to 12x12
  • Accentuating: Look at sizes like 9x9 or 8x10


What is The Best Outdoor Rug Size for a 10’ x 10’ Pergola

Consider those three layouts: fully grounded, partial layering, and accenting. With a 10x10 pergola, your rugs can range anywhere from an 8x8 to a 4x6 rug.

  • Square or round 8x8 rug is ideal for laying the furniture fully atop the rug
  • 5x7 is perfect for partial layering
  • 4x6 fits naturally in front of the furniture
Outdoor Pergolas - Patio Rug Sizing Guide
Rug Sizes for Round Tables - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide



Much of the philosophy connected to rug sizes in 16x20 pergolas applies here as well. Since it is a symmetrical space, consider using the largest sizes possible and then layer your seats, side tables, and other accents with the front legs on the edge of the rug or the rug sitting entirely in front of the seats.

  • Fully Grounded: 12x15 rugs will complete the ensemble of a 20x20 pergola
  • Layered: 10x14 rugs work well even round/square 12x12 rugs for symmetry


What is The Correct Rug Size for a 16’ x 20’ Pergola?

With a rectangular pergola like a 16x20, you have options that stray away from the square and round shapes recommended above. Those are still good choices, and square rugs in particular can be relevant if you have your rug pushed closer to one side than the other.

  • Fully Grounded: 12x15 rugs are the largest size commonly available, and they fit wonderfully in pergolas of this size so that it balances out the larger space.
  • Layered: Go down to a 10x14 or 9x12 rug

Since you have a larger area to work in, you have a lot of options with the furniture you choose and how layers (or doesn’t layer) with the rug

Outdoor Pergolas - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

Balcony Rugs - Rug Sizes For Outdoor Rugs

What Size Rug is Best for a Balcony?

Fortunately, the rules of setting up a balcony are very similar to that of pergolas: leave about 18” around the perimeter of the space and that will give the rug room to shine.

  • Balcony Sizes of 4x6-5x7: 3x5 area rug is the perfect balance
  • Larger Balconies: look at common options like 4x6 and 5x7 rugs

As long as you follow the 18” guidelines, you’ll be able to create a balanced balcony.

Patio Rugs- Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Rug Sizes for a Patio?

Like your other outdoor spaces, the size of your rug depends on the size of your patio, what furniture you have in there, and how you want to layer the rug and furniture. There are some guidelines that will help you measure out a rug that will look balanced in your specific space, though!

Patio Table Rug - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

Hosting Larger Patio Parties

When you're hosting larger groups in on your patio you'll want a table and space that can accommodate the groups while still maintaining aesthetics. Therefore here's some suggestions for larger family gatherings:

  • Tables for 6: often placed on 8x10 rugs
  • Tables for 8: often placed on 9x12 rugs
  • Tables for 10+: sit on a 10x14 or 9x13 rug

Once again, measure out your space and leave two feet for the chairs and at least 12 inches around the rug’s edges so it’s not pressing against the walls.



There are certain rules that apply to placing a rug beneath a table. The rug needs to be large enough to ground the table and the chairs, but not too large to consume the room. The rule to follow is to leave about two or three feet of excess rug on each side/end of the table so that there’s plenty of room to push the chairs in and out. Not only will this allow the chairs to stay on the rug at all times, but it will also help balance out the overall size of the table and the room.

In general, here are some examples of different table sizes and rugs that often work with them:

  • Round or square tables that fit four people: 8x8 rug
  • If your round/square table fits more than four: 10x10 or 12x12 rug to maintain the extra 2 feet around the table itself

When it comes to rectangular or oval tables, you’ll likely use rectangular rugs.

Patio Table Rugs- Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide
Patio Rugs - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide



If you’re setting up a table in this 14x14 patio, follow the specific guidelines that apply to setting up a table. Otherwise, your rug can range anywhere from a 12x12 down to about a 5x7.

  • Fully grounded: 12x12 rug works well
  • Layered: 10x10, 9x12, 8x10 rug fits the bill
  • Accentuated: 5x7 or 6x9 rug will do the trick



This size patio will likely be used for a smaller social area or morning coffee spot. Leave about a foot of space around the rug to show off the natural flooring and not suffocate the space.

  • For smaller spaces: 5x5 rug will fit nicely
  • Layered: 3x5 or 2x4 depending on how you layer it with furniture
Patio Rugs - Outdoor Patio Rug Sizing Guide
Outdoor Rugs - Patio Rug Sizing Guide



With a space this large, you have options as to whether you’ll use one large rug to fill the entire space or if you’ll create separate seating areas in the room and use a smaller rug to establish each area.

  • Fully grounded: 12x15 rug in the middle of the area
  • Layered: 9x12 rug, an 8x10, or something else

To create a smaller, more intimate area, set up your furniture and then decide how much you want the rug to overlap with the furniture.



Once again, if you’re using a dining room table in the space, look back at the details of setting up an outdoor table. If you’re creating a sitting area, keep a foot of extra space around the rug and decide if you want your furniture to be fully atop the rug, overlapping with just the front legs, or right along the sides of the rug.

  • Fully grounded: 10x12 rug
  • Layered: 8x10 to 6x9 depending on how you choose to layer things
Outdoor Rugs - Patio Rug Sizing Guide
Covered Patio - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

What size rug should I choose for a 4-piece patio furniture set?

The size for your 4 piece patio furniture set does depend on how large your patio is. The rug should be to scale with the furniture and the space itself so that nothing looks too large or too small in comparison to one another. With this in mind, lay out your patio set with enough room between the chairs, coffee table, and other accents so that there’s room to walk through the set. Then, choose a rug that either extends past the backs of the chairs, just at their backs, or under the front legs/in front of the seats.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Rug Sizes for an Outdoor Loveseat

Outdoor loveseats are great for furnishing small spaces and making them cozy and welcoming. When it comes to choosing a rug for that space, look at the size of the loveseat itself and determine if you want the rug in front of the seats or under the front legs.Small loveseats are typically around 50 inches, so a rug size that pairs well with that would be a bit larger at 5 feet long.

  • Small loveseats: A 5x7 rug or 3x5 rug may be ideal in those scenarios
  • Medium loveseats: Consider a 5x7 rug or a 6x9 rug
  • Full-size loveseats: those same sizes apply, but you may orient them differently so that the length lines up more closely with the length of the loveseat.
Outdoor Patio Rugs - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

Outdoor Patio Rug - Outdoor Rug Sizing Guide

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Rug Sizes

There are so many options out there for outdoor rugs in terms of style, shape, and size. By looking at your space as a whole area and considering how you will layer the rug with your furniture and scale accordingly, you can create a space where each piece is visually balanced. Now, it’s up to you to take these guidelines and apply them to all the different styles, color palettes, and materials out there to create your perfect outdoor space.

Want More Rug Size Info?

What sizes do rugs come in? How do I know what size and shape would look best? Check out our guide to rug sizes for help answering these questions. There, you'll find a rug size comparison chart for each room to help you decorate.


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